love is such a powerful force

Love is Such a Powerful Force

Love is such a powerful force that we will fight for it. We will die for it. Even the strongest of us will cry over it. Love holds such power over us that we will chase it and, often simultaneously, put up walls of protection against it. We can crave it and feel so terrified of it that we run away – all at the same time. Sometimes we try to convince ourselves love doesn’t matter. 

Yet, if we’re honest, love – and our relationship to it – drives all things. Because love is such a powerful force, not a day, nor rarely a moment, goes by that our movements aren’t influenced by our inner relationship to love. Feminine beings know this truth especially well, yet it holds true for all. 

On top of our personal relationship to love and the way it influences our closest connections, real love is powerful enough, more than powerful enough, to end the greatest pains, atrocities, and dilemmas humanity currently faces. Said differently, all of the suffering in our world arises because of a lack of love, or more accurately, our disconnection from, and our abandonment, of love. 

Love is the most powerful thing in the universe

We could ask, “What is the most powerful thing in the universe?” but the question would most often have a rhetorical quality to it. If you remember the phrase said by many people in many ways “love makes the world go round” and you consider the enormous number of songs about love you’ll quickly know how deeply the power of love infuses our lives in every moment from every dimension. 

The powerful force of love is simple and complex all at the same time. For now let’s focus on the simplicity while letting its enormous complexity reveal itself organically. 

Here are just a few of the powerful forces of love… 

Love is belonging.

Love is acceptance.

Love is boundaries.

Love is embracing. 

Love is unconditional.

Love is timeless and formless.

Love is eternal.

Love sees. 

Love takes our breath away.

Love brings us to tears of joy…

… and of pain. 

Love makes us vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

Love heals all. 

Love is the source of peace within us, between us, and beyond us.

Love itself is both the most mysterious and the most readily available force in the universe. 

A lack of love brings great harm

For a more complete understanding, let’s look at why love is such a powerful force from a different and opposite perspective. A disconnection from love within any one of us, can cause great pain, even harm, to ourselves, to our families, to our friends, to the world. As it’s been said, “hurt people hurt people.” We could also say that people who lack or can’t access the feeling of love in turn lack the capacity to share love. Said yet another way, our most unconscious actions or unkind words, the ones we might regret most later on, are the ones that arise when we can’t feel the love within us. That pain and hurt in the separation from love is also the power of love, simply expressed backwards. 

The absence of love creates great harm. The presence of love creates great harmony. 

~ Joanna Shakti

It is true that some of our early life experiences might have been truly devoid of expressed love. For those precious souls, they have a deep calling and invitation in this life to discover the real truth of love. Unfortunately, in the face of that calling, too often when someone has felt that kind of lack of love, they can tend to blame others and their life circumstances. Unfortunately, that approach creates a helpless “victim” energy within that leaves the person stranded in a desert of loneliness and pain. 

However, in the face of this hunger for love, if we can find the courage to turn inward, realizing that love doesn’t actually come from others, we will discover love was with us all along. 

We can realize that we mistakenly thought our parents, friends, or beloveds were the source of love. We can learn that love was with us when we were born. It will be with us when we die. It will be with us everyday in between, and even beyond our earthly form. 

Love never leaves. 

It is for us to realize that this is why love is the most powerful force in the universe. 

Love heals all things

Considered from yet another perspective, love is such a powerful force that it can heal our hearts, minds, and bodies. Love can heal a wound, ease a headache, make a boo-boo better, and even cure us. Love will mend a broken heart, not because it brings back a lost loved one or reverses a breakup, but because the love we bring to our aching heart has us realize that the love we thought we lost has not actually left us. 

Love maintains connections across continents, over decades of time not seeing one another, and through the dimensions of the world beyond life and death. It is so powerful that we cannot ever be separated from a loved one. 

Love unites us beyond eternity.

Love will heal our planet. It will end our wars. It will bring justice and equality.

Yet, we, as a humanity, are still learning to love. We have a ways to go in the lessons of love and until then inequality, injustice, violence, wars, abuse and the like remain a part of our lives. 

Martin Luther King knew this truth of love deep in his soul when he said, “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.”

So until we learn the real power of love and accept that love heals all things, until we feel the presence of love surrounding us, we will continue to struggle and suffer. 

What if you approached upsets and hurts with openhearted love? What if you made decisions on what to do and what to buy based on love? What would happen if you made love your first priority? What would happen if you realized your fears arose from an absence of love? 

The truth is there is a deep call for love right here, right now, for all of us. Your being has invited you to discover the power of love within, between, and beyond you – from authentic self love to divine union and everything in between. 

So, if you want to be an ongoing part of healing our humanity, if you want to support our planet’s wellbeing, if you want to be a powerful force of love in the world, you are invited to practice loving with a single question. 

Songs have asked, spiritual guides have asked, poetry has questioned “what would love do?” And, now you too are invited to deepen your understanding of the power of love by asking the question, every moment in your life, “What would love do?”  

Will you have the courage to follow the path of love?

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You too, are invited…

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  1. Brett Benson on December 24, 2023 at 7:47 am

    Oh, this is such a powerful piece for me as I deepen my feel for what it means to Be Love. Thank you, Joanna.

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