Loving Soul-to-Soul Program Overview

In the Ecstatic Intimacy and Loving Soul-to-Soul Phase

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Once you have that ability to stand truly as who you are…

… to attract the right kind of person for you - someone who honors you … sees you… someone who is truly able to step into a new level of connection with yu…

…or experience that with your beloved now.

No matter where you are in the dating or relating process, you're going to discover what true intimacy is and its power to bring you closer and deeper in your relating.

Or, should you realize this is not be the one, you'll move through that transition - whether it be after a few dates or a few decades of marriage - with respect, honor and grace… and even true love. 

You'll discover the sacred sensual dance of feeling, communicating, and sharing together in a way that bonds your souls and deepens your connection in bed and out.  You'll experience seeing and being seen in a way that you never imagined possible.  The depth of your intimacy will bring out the fullest you and ignite a freedom within relationship that lifts the two of you higher and higher in your soul's potential, independently and together. 

You'll know how to consciously move through and beyond the reactions, conflicts, and saboteurs that naturally occur in our intimate relating and by walking the spiritual path of love, you'll know exactly how to maintain sacred communion in love and romance. 

You and your present or future partner will know how to ignite that soul love connection that takes you to a place of love and ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams…

Embodiment Elements

Embodiment Element #1:  Uniting with the Shadow and Igniting the Light

When we love soul-to-soul our dating and relating shines a direct light on our whole being, the parts we love and the parts we might rather hide.  One of the greatest gifts of soul-to-soul loving is the powerful reflective mirror that our partner, or potential partner, shows us. Then the question becomes whether we’re willing to allow that gift to bring us more deeply into our authentic wholeness.  We kick off the Loving Soul-to-Soul Program with an intensive module that will show you how to come into genuine relationship with your greatness, your inner unconscious, and your illusory limitations so you may learn how to integrate them in a way that enables you to bring your ecstatically authentic self more fully to life, love. and lovemaking.


Embodiment Element #2: Pleasuring you In Bed and Out

In sacred loving and ecstatic intimacy one of the greatest turn-ons and inspirations for our partner, or potential partner, is our joy and pleasure. Yet most of us find ourselves living in a culture that seems to reward us for denying pleasure. In some cases, it even shames us as selfish and self-indulgent.  Yet, our pleasure is a huge gateway to intimate love and ecstasy.  Additionally, too many of us imagine that our partner… or the true love we’re so passionately seeking… will bring us the pleasure we’ve been hungry for in bed and out.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  This module will show you exactly how to awaken deep pleasure in your body… not just through sexual loving but through the full engagement with your authentic life. THEN, and only then, can a partner can expand and enhance that pleasure with us! 


Embodiment Element #3:  Expressing You Soul-Fully

Building on the last module, too many of us hide our genuine calling and inner inspirations. Too often we settle and sell ourselves out in the name of love… and it couldn’t be more destructive.  You will attract, or re-attract, your divine beloved when you commit to fully expressing you.  THEN you will vibrate at a frequency that your beloved can feel… and find!  Plus, as we said above, when you are full, happy, inspired, and pleasured, you become phenomenally attractive in not just love, but in life and business too.  So in this module you claim the source of your deepest power. You’ll know how to ignite and embody your passion and share it fully with a lover and the world… so that you may both experience the deepest of connections, pleasures, joys and intimacies available to you.


Embodiment Element #4: Communicating from Sacred Intimacy

Everything you’ve done thus far in the Activating Soul Love Program and the beginning of the Loving Soul-to-Soul Program… brings you to this moment. This is where you share the Ecstatically Authentic you and truly ignite deep Ecstatic Intimacy.  In this module, you’ll move beyond previous “intimacy comfort zones” so that you can connect heart-to-heart, body-to-body, soul-to-soul with another.  You’ll discover the power of transparency, vulnerability, emotionality, and curiosity so that you can use them to communicate in a way that invites both people into the fullest experience of sacred love, where the power of the love begins to go beyond words.    


Embodiment Element #5: Embracing Sacred Conflict (And it’s All Sacred)

Yes… conflict is one of the great gifts of sacred relating.  Every conflict is an invitation for both people to know and embody more of who they truly are, making it possible for you to connect at the deepest divine levels.  In this radically eye-opening module, we’ll show you how to embrace conflict in a way that can open your heart wider and bring each of you closer every time, if you’re willing.  We’ll talk about and show you what it means to “Fight Conscious Style” so that conflict in love becomes a blessing and not a curse, once again taking you into deeper and deeper realms of intimate loving.


Embodiment Element #6:  Navigating Reactions, Stories and Saboteurs

Once again building on the previous module, as you begin truly embracing conflict and challenges as the blessings they truly are, then you’ll have the capacity to see and dissolve common reaction patterns in relationship.  You’ll begin to see on a deeper level how the external stories you tell about relationship, love and your date or partner powerfully reveal your personal path to consistent peace, joy, love and passion.  We’ll dive into the most common “relationship saboteurs” and show you both how to recognize them as well as how to transform them into “relationship strengtheners” so that you spend less and less time in upset, strife and disconnection and much more time in divine loving union.


Embodiment Element #7: Maintaining Sacred Communion in Love & Romance

Whether you’ve been in your relationship for years or you’re in the process of dating to recognize “your one,” you’ll want to know how to ignite and maintain sacred Ecstatic Intimacy from moment one. (Couples, “moment one” is right now.  You get to choose to “choose again” how to create and maintain true connection, intimacy and pleasure in your relationship.)  In this module, we’ll explore the exact steps, tools, and methods you can use to ensure your intimate connection not just stays healthy and vital over time, but where you keep falling in love over and over.


Embodiment Element #8: Walking the Spiritual Path of Relationship

In this final module of the Loving Soul-to-Soul Program you’ll explore exactly what it means to walk that path and what it looks to live and love on the “Spiritual Path of Relationship.” We’ll explore various paths, practices, and sacred parameters that will make your journey one of Ecstatic Ecstasy. You’ll get deeply clear on the path that is calling you forward on this journey of loving and being loved.  Plus, we’ll highlight the road bumps you might encounter along the way so that when you step forward, combining and integrating all that you’ve learned and experienced, you will be fully prepared to live the journey of Ecstatic Love.

Weekend Retreats


Retreat 1:  Sacred Relating Retreat

Evening of Day 1: Release Blocks to Ecstatic Intimacy

Your “Sacred Loving” Intensive Retreat, like almost all of our retreats, begins with experiences and exercises designed to remove the blocks and barriers to Ecstatic Intimacy.  During this retreat we’ll go much deeper than you have in the past, releasing deeper layers of love-blocking and passion-limiting consciousness.  In particular we’ll look at your avoidances and unconscious strategies when it comes to intimate communication and communion with a beloved.


Day 2:  Love Honor & Cherish You

Simply put... Marry you.

The afternoon of our second day culminates in a sacred marriage ceremony where you'll speak your personally written vows to you - vows to love, honor, respect, cherish and care for you, until death do you part.  You are the only one guaranteed to be with you forever... and there is no more important one to love than you.  In this conscious ritual you'll choose to put you first... so you're truly ready to marry another (or be married, if you already are).

  • Learn and communicate your core boundaries so it's easy to honor you
  • Write your own relationship vowsof commitment to you for everlasting love
  • Eliminate "relationship abandonment"for good.
  • Commit to a life of love... a love for you... that awakens the deepest love for others


Day 2 Evening:  The Deeper Dance of Polarity

This special evening event will give you a powerful chance to embody your masculine or feminine sexual essence at brand new levels!  This experience will have you get it in your cells!


Day 3:  Getting Closer… Diving Deeper

On day 3, we’ll explore how to powerfully and confidently find, own and express your desires in bed and out.  Then we’ll dive deeper into the more complex differences between men and women so that you’ll be able to reduce the frequency and intensity of misunderstandings, upsets, and outright arguments.  Finally, we’ll explore how to find and live the “Soul Purpose of Relationship” and then you’ll update your vision of romantic relationship for you and your partner or future partner.  Leave inspired and open to loving at the most intimate and ecstatic levels.   



Retreat 2:  Sacred Sexuality Retreat

Singles, rest assured, once again, this is a perfect weekend retreat for you.  You don’t want to wait until you’ve met your beloved to step into the greatest lover you can be. Bring you awaken and ecstatic lover to your future partner… from moment one.  The weekend is absolutely designed to singles and couples to have optimal experiences!


Evening Day 1 & Day 2:  Awakening, Healing & Igniting Sexual Energy

We'll explore the foundational elements of Sacred Sexuality and how you can combine these awareness’s, practices and techniques to ignite both a fire of love in your heart and a fire of passion in your sexuality.  Here's just some of what we'll explore...

  • Explore, in great depth, the Sacred Energy System within and between us so that you can amplify and expand pleasure within you and a partner. Individual and paired exercises will help you find and feel the energy within you and learn how to circulate it within your own body as well as between you and a partner.
  • Learn and practice conscious breathing techniques to deepen emotional and heart connection while also increasing pleasure and lengthening orgasms.
  • Learn and practice the Sacred Touch Techniques and combine them with your personal energy in a way that melts away barriers to love, connects you more deeply with a partner, and intensifies pleasure.
  • Explore the Ways of the Ecstatic Lover and how they create the container and set the stage for deeper and deeper trust... which creates the space for true sacred passion and pleasure.
  • Discover and practice the essential expressions of the divine masculine and feminine and find out how important their presence is in ecstatic lovemaking.
  • Witness and learn the art of creating sacred space that allows your sexual loving to take you beyond past pleasure boundaries and into new realms of ecstasy.
  • Discover the keys and techniques that will expand your Orgasmic Potential so that both you and a partner can enjoy deeper, more frequent, and more powerful orgasms.


Special Saturday Evening:   Practice Tantric Sexual Awakening Ritual

We will begin the evening with a demonstration of a Tantric healing and awakening ritual so that you can see firsthand how you might create this powerful experience for you and your current or future partner.

Then couples and singles (who chose to participate in the exercise) will have a chance to begin putting into practice everything you learned throughout the day.   With light clothing, you'll integrate and use the Ways of the Ecstatic Lover skills you practiced separately throughout the day.  Each person will get a chance to both give and receive during the ritual.  

Joanna and her team will be there to support you... guiding and answering your questions so that you leave with the skills to confidently use and share what you've learned.

Note to Singles:  You will always choose whether you would like to participate in each exercise.  We will make every attempt to have a gender balance of men and women and you will choose to pair with other singles during the various exercises as well as the Saturday evening practice.

Note to Couples:  You will be able to do all of the exercises with your partner.

Note to Livestream Participants:  The evening demonstration will be livestreamed.  The practice session will not be.


Day 3:  The Art & Pleasure of Sexual Loving

We'll spend another full day together exploring all aspects of sacred sexuality from kissing to sensuality to foreplay and to the dance of sexual positions.  Here's some more of what we'll explore...

  • Watch a demo and discovery the ecstasy of the lips when you learn the energetic expressions of the mouth and important kissing techniques that will drive your kissing partner wild.
  • Practice sacred sensuality techniques to raise anticipation, amplify sexual energy and send tingles up the spine!
  • Orgasmic Potential Part II - where men you'll learn specific breath, muscle, and presence techniques you can practice at home to extend and intensify your orgasms... and even ignite multiple orgasms.  Women - you'll discover new ways to increase your orgasmic potential while learning the divine nature of female ejaculation and how some women access this blessed experience.
  • See a clothed demonstration of 6 essential Tantric lovemaking positions and how all five can be experienced without ever separating the two bodies to maximize intimacy, connection and pleasure.
  • Experience the healing nature of a Tantric Puja designed to honor, celebration, heal and empower the divine masculine and feminine in each of us so that you return home more open to loving and being loved, more alive, more seen, more honored and witnessed than you may have experienced in decades.