Loving Soul to Soul Program

Reveal yourself intimately and ignite true connection

Soul Love Program Series


Step 2: Your Soul Love journey expands with the…

Loving Soul-to-Soul Program

Reveal yourself intimately and ignite true connection

Once again, open to both singles and couples, during this deepening and transformative advanced program, you’ll discover and experience what it means to be truly connected on a soul-to-soul level and enjoy deep intimacy with another. Whether dating or relating, you’ll recognize and practice the skills, presence, and commitment it takes to attract and maintain soul-to-soul love.


Loving Soul to Soul LogoOn your journey, you’ll recognize the inherent necessity of heart-centered Ecstatic Intimacy™ as a gateway into the true ecstasy possible with the union of body, heart and soul in physical loving. You’ll awaken deeper into the heart of the divine masculine and feminine within you, aligning with your authentic sexual nature so that you not only ignite the spark of chemistry and passion, you know how to keep it alive.


With a focus on intimate relating, from the first glimpse across the room, to long- term intimacy, passion, and connection, this program will invite you to embody the sacred partner and lover in you and experience the realms sacred polarity, sacred communication, sacred pleasure and passion, and even sacred conflict so that you can attract (or re-attract) and create (or re-create) a relationship based on soulful intimate love.

Loving Soul to SoulWhen you love soul-to-soul… and create Ecstatic Intimacy…

Here’s just a little bit of what that could look like in your life…


Now that you have the ability to stand truly as who you are… to attract the right kind of person for you… who’s going to honor you… who sees you… and who is genuinely be able to step into a new level of connection with you

  • Couple in Soul LoveWomen: (If you’re single, you’re actively magnetizing him to you.) He sees and loves you for who you truly are. You’re getting the intimacy, attention, and affection you’ve always wanted.


  • Men: (If you’re single, you’re actively seeking her.) She’s digging your touch, your words, and even your tongue… and her orgasms are starting to show it.


  • Women:  As the feminine, you’ll know when to truly open up… you’ll know how to stay in your feminine and feel safe… AND fully receive the masculine.


  • Men:  As the masculine, you’ll know when to stand tall and strong in your mojo and when to wrap your arms around her You’ll have much more than a “clue” what will put a smile on her face…  aaaand…  You’ll know when to safely open your heart into intimacy when to soften into love…


  • You are best friends AND passionate lovers… and you stay madly in love.


  • You have a truly connected partnership where you share heartfelt moments of joy and know that love can last through the ups and the downs of life…forever.

That means the two of you (your newly found beloved or the one you’ve shared your life with for years) together create the soul level connection that takes the two of you to a place that you’ve never even imagined before.

Then, as you’re sharing that deep soulful intimacy… your heart is open… you’re being valued, cherished and respected… you’ll discover how to open up into the divine union of body, heart, and soul in the Loving in Ecstatic Union Program.  

Are you feeling a stir… of excitement… or even fear… in your body, heart or soul? Then…

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Igniting Soul Love Session where you and I, Joanna Shakti, meet privately 1-1, over the phone (or Skype if needed) to (re)ignite your love life!  We’ll get clear on your true heart’s desire when it comes to love.  We’ll identify exactly where you’re stuck or challenged.  Then, together we’ll outline the very best next steps for you to take on your journey of Soul Love™.