Masculine and Feminine Energy

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Simply put. Masculine energy attracts feminine energy. Feminine energy attracts masculine energy. The magnetic pull between these two sexual essence energies creates that compelling draw you feel across the room. 


It’s what has you take that deep breath in while your heart races… hoping for that kiss against the wall. Even more importantly the pairing of authentic masculine and feminine energy sets the foundation for trust - trust that lets the heart know it’s truly ok to open… that let’s the body know it’s safe to surrender in passion. 


Yet, when it comes to dating and relationships, after self-love and self-abandonment challenges, masculine-feminine polarity challenges are the second biggest reasons relationships lose their luster or never actually manifest themselves in the first place. It’s the lack of spark, the lack of “oh, wow… who is that?!!” And, the loss of that magic over time because we neutralize our energies. Unknowingly. We try to become the same and that does not make for happy… nor hot… relating.


Although not all women are feminine by nature, truly feminine women often believe their sexual essence energy is actually masculine. They believe it’s more powerful. They believe it’s what keeps them respected. They believe that feminine is weak, and even pathetic. It’s why they’ve been told they intimidate men.  And, they think it’s what the masculine energy men they’re attracted to actually want.  They couldn’t be more wrong.


On the flip side, again, not all men have a primary masculine energy, but most actually do. Yet, in the last several decades, masculinity has been deemed toxic.  And, that’s simply not true. At all. Feminine souls long for you true masculine partnership. 


Too many men have turned themselves into the nice guy, trying to be sensitive, compassionate, even emotional.  And, all of that is great. As, long as they haven’t sold out their masculine souls to be that way. And, we see it all the time in our programs and events, many many men have sold out their souls, trying to be the good guy. And, they’re left lonely… very lonely. And quite misunderstood.


Find out whether your primary sexual essence is masculine or feminine. 


“Masculine souls crave the receptivity of the Feminine, while Feminine souls actually crave the certainty of the Masculine.”  ~ Joanna Shakti


Learn what creates genuine chemistry.


See how men and women communicate differently and what ends an upset for each.  It’s quite different and it will likely surprise you...


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