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Your Score

You received your Masculine-Feminine score in email. Simply compare your score to the scale below to see if you have more masculine energy, feminine energy, or neutral energy.

What your Masculine-Feminine Energy score really indicates is whether your authentically predominant sexual essence energy is more directed, focused, assertive, and results oriented -- which is more Yang or masculine in energy. Or, if your predominant sexual essence energy is more flowing, receptive, collaborative and vulnerable -- which is more Yin or feminine in nature.  For some, you will find that you fall into the middle range with a more neutral or balance sexual essence energy.  Let's explore more deeply.  Simply compare the score in your email to the scale here.


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0-12 Masculine

13-17 Neutral

18 - 30 Feminine 


(If you have yet taken the Masculine Feminine Energy Test, take it here.)


What Your Sexual Essence Score Means

First, if you're like thousands who have taken our Masculine Feminine Energy Test, you may be completely shocked by the results. The majority are. Why? Because our society has conditioned and rewarded us for neutral energy. In many cases, our very systematic structures have been established in ways that truly neutralize and neuter our essential energy.

In looking at your score, it's also important to know that although male beings most commonly have predominant masculine energy and female beings most commonly have predominant feminine energy, it is sometimes authentically reversed. Additionally, a smaller percentage of people have a authentically neutral sexual essence. For those that find themselves outside the male-female ends of the gender spectrum, either masculine or feminine energy may be your more predominate energy. Further, your energies also have nothing to do with who your are attracted to, nor the type of relationship you are drawn to. These are simply energies that exist and express in all of us, regardless of gender, sex or orientation.

It's important to know that your score indicates something much more authentic and natural for you, even though you might not be living that way right now. As a matter of fact, for many men and women, their primary energy is exactly opposite of how they typically live their life. I will mention one exception to this. It is quite common for those who are authentically predominantly masculine, especially straight men, to show up more masculine at work and less so, or even opposite - more yin, at home or in their romantic lives.

Self Reflection

Now understanding that Yang masculine energy is the focused, decisive, penetrating, doing, make-things-happen, get-shit-done energy in the universe. And, that Yin feminine energy is the more open, creative, expressive, allowing, even surrendered energy in the universe, reflect on your life, where do you spend more of your time? Regardless of what your score indicates above, in reflecting on your life and how you typically live it, have you been embodying more masculine or feminine energy?  Or have you tried to stay more neutral?

If you scored Masculine on the quiz, is your day-to-day life energy more masculine or more feminine?

If you scored Feminine on the quiz, do you spend more of your time throughout the day living in masculine or feminine energy?

There is no right or wrong. It's simply important to notice if you are living in alignment with your authentic energy. If you're not, it will likely explain many, many of the challenges you face in life and love.

To continue going deeper, when exploring your authentic masculine and feminine energy expression, you need to look beyond the conditioning and expectations you may have experienced. Looking more closely, that means that your score may indicate an energy very different from how you have actually been living your life. That's why this test is so important.

It's frustrating, exhausting and painful - whether we're conscious of it or not - to live incongruently with our authentic nature. It's also why so many struggle with attraction and lasting chemistry in relationship. Those who dive deeply onto the Path of Soul Love discover that quite often they way they show up in the world is exactly opposite of their true authentic energy.

It's very common for more predominantly feminine beings to show up in live with more Yang or masculine energy. These are commonly the smart, successful, strong women who find strong men attractive yet strong to have a solid lasting happy relationship. It is also common for more masculine beings to show up in relationship with softer more Yin, or feminine energy. When those beings are of the male gender, they are commonly referred to the 'Nice guy' or the 'Sensitive New Age Guy' but they all too often end up in the friend zone. What's also interesting about these men is that is super common for them to be much more masculine in their professional worlds, while they shift into a more passive, or feminine energy, in their romantic relationships.

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