Ecstatic Intimacy For Men

Men, Love Confidently. Love Powerfully. Love Passionately.

It's truly rough being a man today... especially a conscious masculine man. You've been judged, criticized, and even shamed for your masculinity. If you're like many men, you hide a part of yourself in an effort to be what you've been told women want. You try to be the good guy, the nice guy, while also projecting the strong and powerful guy, and the appropriate and respectful guy. 

Maybe you're confident and assertive professionally, but when it comes to women, you'd rather they lead so you make no mistakes. You may feel you've lost touch with what it feels like to be a man.

Feeling separated from your masculine essence leads to broken relationships, fragile masculinity, disappointed women, being in the friend-zone, and an overall feeling of failure. 

Owning your conscious masculinity, claiming your sexuality, letting your heart be seen and felt, and living your purpose is the most important thing you could ever do for anyone... your girlfriend, your wife, your kids, your colleagues, your community. But most importantly for you. 

…living a life of no regrets.

           May the courage of your heart reap rich rewards....

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3 Unconscious Barriers to Love for Men


When our heart leads us to seek loving partnership, the craziest thing happens. We step into dating and relating imagining unending happiness (and lots of good sex). Isn't that how love's supposed to be? Isn't that how men fall in love?

What truly happens is that our choice to step into love means that first, we have to confront our commitment issues, removing all the barriers and obstacles to love.  And, that's not all the fun we anticipated… 

When we commit to our desire to have love in our lives we inevitably see the same experiences repeating themselves. We feel like we keep meeting the same person or having the same fight. We first tend to blame the wife, girlfriend, or date but, at some point, we begin to acknowledge that we are the common denominator.  

As you know, no man is exempt from this experience. 

You were conditioned from a young age to make some (very) major mistakes when it comes to love and intimacy. 

Turning inward we begin to question where we're unconsciously contributing to the struggle. Here are the biggest mistakes men make… 


Barrier #1:  You Sell Out

In trying to be the Nice Guy, you put yourself in the friend zone. She loses respect, because you're not respecting you. When you say what you think she wants to hear, when you put yourself on the back burner and do what she wants you to do so you can avoid the argument… You accomplish the exact opposite of your intention. It creates separation and builds resentment. Which kills love. Yours and hers. 


Barrier #2:  You Want Her to Act Like You

You imagine a sexy hot woman who is totally rational, non-emotional, logical and direct.  

As a result, you spend more time being frustrated and annoyed with the opposite sex than you do celebrating and enjoying them… at least after the honeymoon phase.

Men want less emotional women. Women want more sensitive men. Problem… its women's emotions that make them the wild sexy lovers men crave.  If you want hot, you have to welcome all her emotions. To be successful, you must understand the nearly 20 sexual differences and the nearly 30 different communication patterns.


Barrier #3:  You Surrender the Masculine (Ouch!)

Unconsciously, in an attempt to be respectful and honoring, you neutralize natural chemistry. This leaves you, and thousands of men like you, asking, "How to get out of the friend zone?" Here's the thing, she's turned on by your masculinity, but you mask it. Confused yet? It's actually simple. 

The Truth From Women

Men, in your heart-felt attempts to make a woman happy, you've likely pissed her off, having no idea what mistake you made.

When you've been soft, sensitive, and emotional, you've probably been both rewarded and criticized.

Soft and sensitive are great qualities in a man, as long as you never trade authentic presence, potency, and purpose. Frustrating, right? 

To add to your confusion, women don't want the "bad boy" either. It might seem like they do, but they don't. They may date the "bad boy" but they're settling. They don't imagine they can have a strong powerful man that will actually be there for them while also being there for himself. Hint: It's what a woman's feminine most craves.

We want confident men we can trust and rely on, a man who knows who he is and what he stands for… AND who knows an open heart is an essential part of his strength, character, and sex appeal. 

What is Masculinity - Conscious Masculinity



When you love soul-to-soul it feels so good to share yourself… to be seen by another and see another so that your connection goes deeper and deeper into realms of physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy you've yet to experience. You stop chasing the illusion of "happily ever after" and actually attract and build a relationship based on authentic love, intimacy, and unity.

You are best friends AND passionate lovers. You show up fully… embodying the power of your masculine nature without sacrificing an open heart. And, you know that love can last through the ups and downs of life…forever.


Confidence (Authenticity)

You don't find confidence, you unleash it. Confidence happens - automatically - when you no longer settle, sell yourself out, or abdicate to her whims, trying to earn love. When you know who you are, why you are here, and stand true to that, no matter what… when you know your true worth… confidence becomes a natural and unwavering byproduct.

You stand with purpose and live it in the world.

In this confidence you trust yourself and when you trust yourself, she will trust you. You now know exactly what to do to win (and keep) her heart in a way that inspires her happiness.


Being a Better Lover

Your idea of a better lover is not her idea of a better lover. It's not about technique, it's not about how many orgasms she has. It's about presence. The feminine craves presence. Her orgasms require it. In presence she has your riveted attention which means you know exactly what to do. 

As a masterful lover you awaken her unending pleasure, opening the two of you to the edges of ecstasy and beyond. As you enter her -  heart, mind, body and soul - she feels safe to surrender into her deepest pleasure. Together you lie limbs entangled, open in love. 

It is your presence that makes you her expert lover.


Present, Potent, and Powerful

When you re-discover your masculinity you ignite a fire within - from the boardroom to the bedroom and everywhere in between. You feel your depth, your intensity, your power and share it with the world… and the woman who takes your breath away.

When you reclaim you, your masculine heart and sexuality, you are no longer knocked back by a woman's intensity, power or emotions. They no longer repel you. As a matter of fact, they ignite more of your power. 

When you stand tall, knowing who you are, and then open your heart… a woman falls in love. 

It's been a long road to reclaiming myself after a painful marriage and a painful divorce a decade ago. Reclaiming my masculine was an important part of the puzzle that went unaddressed for too long. It's hard for a man to admit that he's lost what it is to be a man. Joanna's brilliant program helped me in two keys areas. Most importantly, I discovered that 'I still got it.' The things that make us men are never truly 'gone'. They only go missing when we neglect them. Secondly, she showed us how to cultivate these parts of ourselves and how to use our masculinity to make our women safe, heard, and satisfied. I feel even more prepared to serve the world… to lead in the world."

~ D.

"I've made plenty of attempts at personal growth …hoping to figure out what has made me unhappy …, why I choose the women that I do …. Can't honestly say that I made much progress… My one-on-one work with Joanna, which complements the group work, has been nothing short of extraordinary. My life is transforming in amazing ways… I just read a book with this dedication quote: "To all those who have dared to look into their fears and find their hearts". That pretty much sums up working with Joanna! I recommend this to anyone who is ready for some serious getting in touch with the real and powerful guy who might be MIA."

~ S.

After the demise of one particularly painful (and illuminating) romantic relationship, I set out to heal and to find my 'authentic self.'  When Joanna suggested that I join her group, I was resistant, but I knew her reputation as a highly competent, and respected practitioner, so I took a leap of faith, and joined… 

... a fire was ignited in me, which brought me back to my awareness of what I can only describe as my often denied personal power.I found a level of confidence that I had only projected on other men, an authentic self that supports that confidence and shines out into the world, and (as an added bonus) the ability to be the lover that I have always wanted to be!  Who knew??

~ T.

"I was very frustrated in dealing with women and relationships in general. Women (just as men) can be an interesting challenge. It all starts with clearing negative energy... I feel much more aware, bold and honest with myself to move forward with some great tools. If I were to decide to enter into another relationship, as the current man I now am, I now feel very powerful and bold, yet sensitive, brave, compassionate, attractive and trustworthy. My purpose motivates me and my mission has taken on a new light. I now have the courage and confidence to chase all my dreams, instead of in the past, just chasing women. If the right woman shall appear in my future, I know I can add value to the relationship with honesty and respect..."

~ D.

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I know by your presence here, you have a courageous heart. Thank you for your courage to explore true love. 

While the first step is never easy,  it is the one that counts most. Acknowledge your willingness to explore what is possible for you and your relationships. Acknowledge your desire to learn, to "get it." 

Acknowledge being right here, right now.

It is my honor to work with such courageous men willing to risk more than is comfortable... Men willing to tap into and acknowledge a part of themselves that may not have yet recovered from a lifetime of self-perceived failures, brave men committed to Soul Love, where love runs deep and passion stays hot.

While it is not the easiest choice you'll make, I will still ask if you'd like us to connect. 

And if not, I'll continue to hold space for all the happiness and pleasure you deserve until we meet again. 

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Ecstatic Ecstasy - Where Heart and Sex Unite and Spirit Leads

She treasures the unending moments when he opens her beyond open… where all separation, all lies, all struggles melt into love. Bliss, ecstasy, and joy open them together into divine oneness. He offers her his fullness, his presence. He sees her. He feels her. He meets her in the passionate depths and throes of all existence. As the physical movement fades they lay, limbs entangled, as they revel in the ravishing and lie open in love. 

His strength and his tenderness, his penetration and his embrace, his caresses and his lust, his power and his openness bring all passion, all sensation, all bliss, all ecstasy to life. She gives herself in pleasure to him.