Men Rock…

Men you rock!  Whether you are a father with a son or you simply carry that fatherly energy in the world… thank you.  Thank you for all the many gifts you bring to us.

There’s been so much challenge between the sexes… some of it real, some of it projected and unwarranted.  It’s my desire to see that old pain healed so that we can come together in our greatness as men and women and enjoy the incredible experiences we can create together.  I hope that each man and woman finds their journey to forgiveness for the hurts created by the opposite sex.  And, it goes both ways.  We’ve both done our wounding… so first, I put out a prayer — a vision — for healing between us.

As I’ve forgiven, healed and grown, one of the most magical things for me, has been to see men for the incredible gifts that they are… the enormous ways they’ve contributed my life consciously or simply by just being.  Thank you to every man in the world that has seen the greatness in me, admired my beauty, held my head when I cried, or come to my rescue – whether I was along side the road stranded or trying to lift something too heavy or figure out my electronics… for the nails you pounded and the sinks you’ve fixed…the yards you’ve tended… Thank you for scraping the ice from my windows.  Thank you for protecting me from the scary things in the world.  Thank you.

Thank you for the myriad of ways you’ve put a smile on my face and all the times you diligently tried and it didn’t work.  Thank you for all the ways you’ve helped me… helped me see what I couldn’t see, helped me find a solution where I couldn’t … Thank you even for all the times you tried to help and I thought I had to do it myself and I turned away your generosity.

Thank you for wrapping your strong arms around me when I was scared or frustrated with life.  Thank you for the pleasure you’ve so generously brought to my body.

The world wouldn’t be the same without you.  Thank you for the ways you stand for what you believe in.  You bring magic, power and joy to my world.

Women, I invite you to take a look around at the amazing men in your life… your spouse, boyfriend, son, father, co-worker, neighbor…  Whether you know it or not, they’ve spent countless hours striving to make you happy.  They love your happiness.  Please today, stop and consider all the little, not-so-little, and huge things these men have done for you.  Then, stop and think of the countless men with unknown names that have held a door for you, packed your groceries, pumped your gas (many decades back), and so much more.

I invite you women, to find your way and your words, to express your gratitude… and if you’re still hurting from one of the times it didn’t work out the way you or he planned, I invite you to find your forgiveness and know that, in his soul, he didn’t mean to hurt you.

Yes women… you’ve heard me say it before… men want to make you happy and they put their heart and soul into it.  They don’t act like you and they’re not meant to… Are you willing to see their unique greatness… the gifts that only they can bring?   Are you willing to receive their incredible generosity?

I hope so…

Men, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you.

Happy Father’s Day…

Curious if “Masculine” is your primary energy?

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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