Congratulations. Your Gift is on it's way to you.

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There is another invitation we'd like you to have in the event you have not had a moment to learn more about the possibilities for creating and/or re-creating love in your life.

An Igniting Soul Love Session is designed for singles, couples, or even one individual in a love relationship. And often provides exactly the insight(s) necessary to move closer to the experience you desire.

In a private, 1-on-1, session with Joanna Shakti, (over the phone or video conference) you get totally clear on what has really been holding you back from true connection and chemistry. You'll explore the barriers that block love, passion, and connection.

More importantly, you'll know the best next step to take so that you can (find and) create a relationship filled with authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.

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P.S. We are sending you a special savings code for your first session.