Congratulations on your desire for Soul Love!


Soul Love on the RiverIf you’re curious how to have true soul-to-soul soulmate love and what a soul partnership really looks like…

If you’re single and you’d like to meet your soulmate… in the very near future…

If you’re partnered and you’d like to take your relationship to next level….

If the thought of sacred sensuality and soul sex excites you (or scares you)…

If you’d like a relationship where the love runs deep, and the passion stays hot…


You’ve started to lose hope

You’ve put up walls of protection around your heart…

You keep meeting the wrong men / women

After months or years in a relationship the love has faded, or the passion has fizzled

You’re a guy, and you feel like you give it your all and it’s never enough

You’re a woman, and you wish you had a strong enough man who you could actually meet you…

The good news is…

You can turn a ho-hum so-so, or even non-existent, love life into something quite extraordinary. I’ve seen singles find their soulmate and fall madly in love and couples reignite the sparks of love. I’ve seen it over and over and over again with the men and women I work with.

If you’re ready for true Soul Love then…


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Paving the Way to Soul Love

How Singles and Couples Find and Create Soul Partnerships



…is the training for you. With over 3 hours of powerful, change-your-life-right-now, training your heart and your love life will never be the same again.  You‘ll know more love than you‘ve ever imagined.

Whether You’re in a Relationship or Looking for One… I’ve Identified Exactly How to Pave the Way to Soul Love™… Where Two Beings Unite Soul-to-Soul, Heart-to-Heart, and Body-to-Body. 


In this eye-opening 3-Part Video Training Series…


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Not only will you learn how to find and build Soul Partnerships, you’ll also discover…

  • The unspoken secret to igniting passionate chemistry in kisses, conversation, and lovemaking.
  • The essential “pre-reqs” for a deeply intimate and passionately loving relationship. (You can start on these now, even if you’re already in a relationship!)
  • Why the opposite sex can drive you crazy and turn you on all at the same time and why that’s important.
  • Why some relationships fizzle into the “friend or roommate zone” and how to prevent it.
  • The devastating impact of hidden (and often-denied) “baggage” from the past and how to recognize it.
  • How to tap into the most ignored and absolutely essential requirement for lasting love. (Not having THIS is the #1 destroyer of any relationship.)


As with all my trainings, you’re sure to experience tons of ah-ha’s and “Oh shoot… I wish I’d known!” moments!

Is this Training Series for You?

Upset Couple in Soul LoveLet me share why I put this training series together for men and women like you.

The truth is I’ve seen too many nice guys finish last.  Guys, who’ve lost some of their “mojo“…  Guys, who feel like they can‘t get it right, no matter what they do.


I’ve seen too many powerful amazing women who can’t find a guy to keep… and don’t know that they’re pushing them away… (or they‘re frustrated with the partner they have.)

Those same women who are ”trying to do it all and be it all.“ They’re exhausted… And often unhappy… and way too critical of men.


Too many men and women live lonely and unfulfilling lives… Even if they’re in a relationship!

It doesn’t have to be that way…


You can manifest your dreams… Love can last… Relationships can be happy… and HOT…


So this training is for you if…

  • You know heart ache just a little bit too well… romantic or otherwise
  • You hold yourself back, even a little, from fully engaging with life, love, or even sex…
  • You’ve watched passion fizzle in relationship….
  • You are a successful strong woman who wonders “Where are all the strong men… the ones who truly show up, who will truly be there?”
  • You’re the great guy who wants to make women happy… and you work your butt off to do it and you feel like it never happens… it’s never enough… for..


Couple - Barriers to LoveThis let’s-get-real and call-it-like-it-is 3-Part Video Training Series, is also for you if …

  • You’ve found yourself single again… and again… and again…
  • You’re having that same old argument again… and again… and again…
  • You‘ve been frustrated with or confused by the opposite sex
  • You try to protect yourself from the pain of love
  • You feel an emptiness and you hunger for real love
  • Orgasms have been elusive
  • You know there‘s more to sex
  • You‘re not getting enough… love or sex or intimacy… or not enough of all three


Sound familiar?

In this series, you will learn critical skills, approaches, and insights about how love really works and how to experience it in your life now.

You‘ll see where you took the wrong turns in the past.  You‘ll see how you‘ve sabotaged your love life.  You‘ll see your mistakes and you‘ll what it takes to do it differently this time.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in this 3-Part Video Training Series…


Paving the Way to Soul Love

How Singles and Couples Find and Create Soul Partnerships


Training #1:  Clearing the Path

“How to Stop Sabotaging Your Heart & Leave the Baggage Behind”

Training #2:  The TRUE in True Love

“How Soulmate Love and Soul Partnerships Ignite and Stay Hot”

Training #3:  Cultivating Conscious Chemistry

“Where Heart and Sex Unite and Passion Sizzles”

In each training, Joanna Shakti will inspire you to new heights of love, while she also honors the heartache you been through, and probably never want to go through again.

Joanna reveals the path that will heal your heart, clear out the sabotaging baggage, and have you know how deeply loveable you are.

You’ll see, hear, feel and know how to attract (or re-attract) your soulmate and ignite the divine union of love.

Paving the Way to Soul Love Training #1

In Training #1: “Clearing the Path”, You’ll Discover…

 The Top 10 Signs You’ve Got Baggage

How to find the hidden saboteurs that devastate your chances of ever having a Soul Partnership.

The specific steps you need to take to re-open your heart to the ecstasy of loving and being loved.

How a Conscious Ending Ritual completes any relationship from the past

✓ Why singles usually have their timing “wrong” when it comes to Soul Love

The essential “pre-reqs” for a deeply intimate, genuinely loving and truly ecstatic relationship(even if you’re already in one).

✓ The exact roadmap to Soul Love that hundreds of men and women have followed to find Ecstatic Intimacy and Soul Love.

Paving the Way to Soul Love - Training #2In Training #2: “The True in True Love”, Joanna will Reveal…


The Myths and the Truths of Soulmate Love.

✓ The 3 Primary Destroyers and the 5 Bonds of Love.

✓ How relationships have evolved and why your Soul must now participate if you desire happy lasting love.

✓ The ‘How To’s’ of Soul Partnership

✓ The most ignored and absolutely essential requirement for lasting love. (Not having THIS is the #1 destroyer of love.)

Paving the Way to Soul Love - Training #3In Training #3: “Cultivating Conscious Chemistry”, You’ll Find Out…


✓ Why too many relationships have no spark

✓ The truth of Relationship Evolution and why it has neutralized sexual chemistry

✓ How the opposite sex can drive you crazy and turn you on all at the same time and why that’s important.

✓ How to prevent the “friend and roommate zone” syndrome

✓ Why equal marriages usually aren’t the best relationships

✓ How Masculine and Feminine energy MUST play together

✓ The Secrets of a Woman’s Orgasm

✓ The truth about Soul Sex

Here’s What This Training Can Mean in Your Life…


  • The Friend-Zone fades into a distant memory… because you‘re experiencing passion and chemistry in ways you never imagined possible.
  • Heartache and walls of protection dissolve and you open your heart to enjoy the true ecstasy of loving and being loved. 
  • You’re igniting passion in kisses, conversation, and lovemaking.
  • The opposite sex is no longer the misunderstood enemy… you‘re enjoying more harmony and happiness playing together than ever before. 
  • You stop settling, selling yourself out or twisting yourself into a pretzel to get or keep love because you know how worthy of love you are and NOW you can (re)attract a partner who is truly a fit for your soul. 
  • You feel more confident than ever before. You let yourself dive into love – body, heart, mind, and soul with wild abandon – and enjoy all its pleasures.

 Soul Love - Happy Couple

If you want the truest love, the deepest intimacy, and the hottest passion…


Then tend to your heart right now.

This 3-Part Training Series doesn’t just show you the roadmap to Soul Love, it shows you how to pave the way.  It shows you had to avoid the wrong-turns, detours, and potholes along the route.

With nearly 3 and 1/2 hours of training PACKED with wisdom, insights, and actionable steps, you will open the door to love right immediately.

Whether you’re in a relationship and hoping to improve it …

Or you’re single and looking for Mr. or Mrs. Soulmate… 

This training will show you exactly what you need to do to have the love your heart longs for, the passion your body desires. 


As the Soul Love Mentor, I want the pain to end for you… 

I want you to not just have hope but to know that you can have the love life you desire…  So, I’m keeping the price of this transformative training super low.

It’s just $97.  That’s it.  You can start watching within minutes.

You can binge watch all 3 trainings today… or spread them out over the coming week.

Follow your heart… listen to your soul.

1000’s of men and women have radically transformed their love lives working with me.


Is it your time to finally have the soulmate soul love and soul sex you are meant to have?


Then take a moment and give your body, heart, and soul the roadmap to Soul Love in your life.

I look forward to sharing this training with you…

Here’s to Soul Love and Soul Partnership in your life…


In love, light, and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

Joanna ShaktiP.S.  Singles now is the time… BEFORE you have your next date.  When you open your heart to soul love, you will attract an entirely different person.  (That means no longer attracting the wrong kinds of women or men for you.  It also puts a stop to “the ones I’m attracted to aren’t attracted to me” syndrome.

P.P.S. Couples, how much longer do you want to wait on love?  How many more upsets do you want to endure?  How many more nights do you want to spend lonely with your partner lying inches away?  It can change.  There is hope.  But it won’t change if you don’t do something different now