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Paving the Way to Soul Love: How Singles and Couples Create Soul Partnerships

June 10th  6-9 pm MT / 8-11 pm ET


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Whether You’re in a Relationship or Looking for One… Soul Love Happens When Two Beings Unite Soul-to-Soul, Heart-to-Heart, and Body-to-Body. 

The Paving the Way to Soul Love workshop... 

This 3 hour workshop is broken into 3 segments, here's a little more of what you can expect...

In Segment #1: “Clearing the Path”, you’ll discover…

  • The Top 10 Signs You’ve Got Baggage
  • How to find the hidden saboteurs that devastate your chances of ever having a Soul Partnership.
  • Why singles usually have their timing “wrong” when it comes to Soul Love
  • The essential “pre-reqs” for a deeply intimate, genuinely loving and truly ecstatic relationship(even if you're already in one).

In Segment #2: “The True in True Love”,  we'll reveal…

  • The Myths and the Truths of Soulmate Love.
  • The 3 Primary Destroyers and the 5 Bonds of Love.
  • The ‘How To’s’ of Soul Partnership
  • The most ignored and absolutely essential requirement for lasting love. (Not having THIS is the #1 destroyer of love.)

In Segment #3: “Cultivating Conscious Chemistry”, you'll find out…

  • The truth of Relationship Evolution and why it has neutralized sexual chemistry
  • How the opposite sex can drive you crazy and turn you on all at the same time and why that's important.
  • Why equal marriages usually aren’t the best relationships
  • How Masculine and Feminine energy MUST play together
  • The truth about Soul Sex

Mark your Calendar now for Thurs. June 10th 8 pm ET / 6 pm MT

"You can run from love, but love will chase you down. It wants you. All of you." ~ Joanna Shakti

Meet your Facilitator for the Paving the Way to Soul Love Master Class


The Soul Love Mentor

JoannaKennedy Boulder 0066

Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor and founder of Ecstatic Intimacy®, is smart, sexy, and a little bit spicy. You can’t miss her passion and warm playful style that both entertains and inspires. No other person on the planet possesses the experience, expertise and ability to transform lives in quite the way Joanna does. She, artfully and professionally, mixes male-female dynamics, leadership training, spiritual awakening, engineering, and even Tantra, along with a whole lot of love, to lead singles and couples who hunger for deeper love and more intimate pleasure to find and create soul-to-soul relationships where love runs deep and passion stays hot.