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Brand New Free 3-Part Online Global Training Series for Singles and Couples + “10 Keys to Creating Soul Partnerships” Download

Paving the Way for Soul Love

How Singles and Couple Find and Create Soul Partnerships

Hosted by…

Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor

This 3-Part Live Video Training Series continues with Training #2 on Saturday August 18th!  (Training #1 is available NOW on Replay.)


Training #1:  Clearing the Path

“How to Stop Sabotaging Your Heart & Leave the Baggage Behind”
(Available Now on Replay)


Training #2:  The TRUE in True Love

“How Soulmate Love and Soul Partnerships Ignite and Stay Hot”
(Coming up next on Saturday August 18th)


Training #3:  Cultivating Conscious Chemistry

“Where Heart and Sex Unite and Passion Sizzles”
(Saturday August 25th)


All the trainings happen…

5:00 PM – 6:15 PM Pacific (Los Angeles)

6:00 PM – 7:15 PM Mountain (Denver)

7:00 PM – 8:15 PM Central (Chicago)

8:00 PM – 9:15 PM Eastern (New York)  


(Yes!  Replays are available.

Simply register and we’ll send you the link to the replay page as well as access to the next Training.)


Plus when you register, you’ll have immediate access to download the “10 Keys to Creating a Soul Partnership”.

Whether You’re in a Relationship or Looking for One… I’ve Identified Exactly How to Pave the Way to Soul Love™… Where Two Beings Unite Soul-to-Soul, Heart-to-Heart, and Body-to-Body. 

In this eye-opening Global Training Series, as with all my trainings, you’re sure to experience tons of ah-ha’s and “Oh shoot… I wish I’d known!” moments!   

Not only will you learn how to find and build Soul Partnerships…      “10 Keys to Creating a Soul Partnership.

  • In Training #1, I share all of the Top 10 Signs You’ve Got Baggage (For those of you that remember, I’ll share them David Letterman style 😜)

  • We’ll also talk about how to find the hidden saboteurs that devastate your chances of ever having a Soul Partnership.  

  • I’ll show you the specific steps you need to take to re-open your heart to the ecstasy of loving and being loved.

  • As we continue our training, you’ll learn the essential “pre-reqs” for a deeply intimate and passionately loving relationship. (You can start on these now, even if you’re already in a relationship!)

  • You’ll see why the opposite sex can drive you crazy and turn you on all at the same time and why that’s important. 

  • You’ll discover the unspoken secret to igniting passionate chemistry in kisses, conversation and lovemaking.

  • You’ll know exactly why some relationships fizzle into the “friend or roommate zone” and how to prevent it. 

  • Finally, you’ll recognize how to tap into the most ignored and absolutely essential requirement for lasting love. (Not having THIS is the #1 destroyer of any relationship.)

If you’re struggling in any way in your romantic life… or if your love life, or lack thereof, isn’t putting a smile on your face right now, this training is for you. Save your seat now.


Also, this is an online video event, so join me for this rare chance to see me LIVE.

Training #2 starts in… 

Important: I have never hosted a full training series of this kind before and I don’t know when I will again. What I can say is that everytime I any kind of training — my unique way of looking at love, intimacy and ecstasy on a soul level — ignites radical shifts in the love lives of men, women, singles and couples around the globe. Make sure you don’t miss it. Click below to register now.

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