3 Part Training Series

Paving the Way to Soul Love

Welcome to the Training Series

Paving the Way to Soul Love - How Singles and Couples Find and Create Soul Partnerships

Training #1:

Clearing the Path:

"How to Stop Sabotaging Your Heart & Leave the Baggage Behind"

Training #2:
The TRUE in True Love:
"How Soulmate Love and Soul Partnerships Ignite and Stay Hot"

Training #3:
Cultivating Conscious Chemistry:
"Where Heart and Sex Unite and Passion Sizzles"

If this stirred your heart … if you've got more hope… if you're done with the hurt… if you'd like to connect with other conscious men and women… then,

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In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

The Soul Love Mentor


Ecstatic Ecstasy - Where Heart and Sex Unite and Spirit Leads

"We forget the privilege it is to place our hands, our lips, our bodies upon another body. The deepest ecstasy demands your deepest presence, your true reverence to the sacred one before you. Only when you bring your whole heart united with your soul may you enter into divine union with another."


~Joanna Shakti