Together we're weaving a web of love.

Make the world a better place by personally praising those who make a difference in your life.

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Praise verb /prāz/

To acknowledge and appreciate a specific quality in someone that you admire

"Praise is one of the strongest forms of love."

~ Catherine Ponder, The Prospering Power of Love

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The Benefits of the Praise Project

  • See the best (instead of the worst) in everyone
  • Change the course of someone's day (and potentially their life) 
  • Be The Source... of what humans crave most (Being seen)
  • Remember - even if you’re isolated - you are not alone
  • Experience true intimacy through authentic praise
  • Learn the art of… “Giving Love Becomes Receiving Love”
  • Strengthen your love muscle by practicing true praise
  • Become a great ‘praise-er’ (therefore a great ‘love-er’)
  • Change a generation. #PraiseItForward
  • Put a smile on your face and LOTs of other faces
  • Get antidote for loneliness: when you're truly connecting, loneliness fades
  • Up level your love life when you claim your “Praise Project” rewards.
  • Use your heart to create a Global Web of Love
  • Smile more, laugh more, and simply feel good!
  • Make someone’s day (you never know how much they might be hurting.)
  • Experience the Joy of watching someone feel “seen”

When you join The Praise Project™ 2020 Challenge, you will receive:

  • A downloadable "Quick Start Guide: How to Praise Someone " where you'll learn the ins and outs of how to praise someone with 30+ Praise Phrases and 10 Ways to Praise
  • Your Personal Challenge Guide & Resource Page that leads you to up to $600 in Soul Love gifts just for you, provided by Ecstatic Intimacy, the host of The Praise Project 2020
  • Exact details on how to #PraiseItForward
  • 12 Daily Reminders with Praise Prompts and suggestions for each day
  • A Warm Heart, Lots of Connections and a Whole Lotta Love
group of hands coming together to form a heart sape

Soul Love Gifts

Those who complete the Challenge by praising 1 person a day for 12 days receive the following:

  • The Praise Project “Certified Soul Love Praise-er” Certificate via email 
  • Access to the "Men and Women are Different" Training: A Sneak Peek into Male-Female Relationship Dynamics

Extra credit:

As a participant in the Praise Project, you are part of creating an even bigger, wider, web of love around the world, every time they complete one of the advanced Extra Credit “Praise Practices”.  They'll truly up level your praising skills while making a big difference in the lives of many – especially those who are feeling lonely, sad, or even doubting their own value or worth right now.

Extra Credit includes:

  • Your choice of, 10 Keys to Creating a Successful Soul Love Partnership, 30+ Dating and Relating Secrets for Feminine Women, or 30+ Dating and Relating Secrets for Masculine Men
  • The Ecstatic Intimacy GuideI Deserve Praise Too! How to Celebrate You!'
  • The "What is Ecstatic Authenticity?" Audio Training that explains why so many relationships are painful and why being genuinely you is essential for a happy relationship.

PLUS... When you complete all 3 Extra Credit Practices you'll get your choice of the Power Praiser Rewards below!

Power Prais-ers:

When you praise one person a day for 12 days AND complete the 3 Extra Credit “Praise Practices”, you'll get to choose one of the 4 Ecstatic Intimacy "Power Praise-er" Rewards listed here!

Choose from one of the following:

  • Soulful Passion Retreat Registration (May be offered online or in person) $497 value (see note *1)
  • This 2+ day powerful and transformative weekend, filled with conscious men and women (single and partnered will radically transform your relationship with love, intimacy and ecstasy. You’ll discover exactly how to create a soulful relationship that’s on fire with love and ecstasy and you’ll see, hear, feel and know how to keep those fires burning over the years of loving!   

  • Soulful Relating Retreat Registration (May be offered online or in person) $497 (see note *2)
  • This 2+ day event is the kind of retreat where people say, “Wow, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” It opens their eyes to the power and possibility of love and intimacy as well as masculine-feminine attraction. It reignites hope and gives you the wisdom and practice you need to find and (re-)connect with your soulmate so you can create a soul partnership.

  • Private one-on-one Igniting Soul Love Session with Joanna Shakti, the Soul Love Mentor (offered via phone or Zoom) (see note *3)
  • During your Igniting Soul Love Session, held via phone or zoom, together you and Joanna will get clear on what has really been holding you back from true intimacy and pinpoint the #1 thing keeping you from Soul Love and soulful passion. You’ll complete the session knowing the absolute best next steps you can take on your personal path of Soul Love that take you from struggling, frustrated or lonely… to ecstatically in love.  

  • "Igniting Divine Union" 3-Part Video Training Series (For those of you that are shy or prefer the DIY options.) $247 (see note *4)
  • Imagine trusting love... Imagine being so connected you can't tell where one person ends and the other begins... Imagine a love so strong it never ends. This is what's possible on the soulful path of love. When you call in your soulmate... when you create soul partnership... You are creating the space for a love and a partnership that thrives in bed and out - and everywhere in between. The Igniting Divine Union 3-Part Video Training Series explains this Path of Soul Love and 3 Essential Elements of Soulful Partnerships. (Training 1: The Power of your Magnetic Attraction, Training #2: Turning Conflict into Communion, Training #3: Reuniting the Sacred Masculine and Feminine in Divine Union).

Gift values increase the more you praise, the more you love... Consistency counts!

You must be 18 or over to enter the Praise Project 2020 Challenge.

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Praise Project 2020

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Please know that some Rewards are limited. They will be given on a first come, first serve basis to those who complete the challenge first. If some rewards are no longer available, you’ll be able to select from the remaining rewards. 

Total Rewards Available 

All rewards will be given by Ecstatic Intimacy. Ecstatic Intimacy reserves the right to adjust quantities of gifts available, as well as substitute, add, or remove gifts, at it sole discretion. 

*1 - 55 total Soulful Passion Retreat Registrations to be awarded in 2020 and 2021.

*2 – 40 total Soulful Relating Retreat Registrations to be awarded in 2021. 

*3 – 30 private Igniting Soul Love Sessions to be given in 2020. 

*4– 500 “Igniting Divine Union?” 3-Part Video Training Series. 

*Dates and quantities subject to change

Joanna Shakti

About The Praise Project 2020

The Praise Project™ and the Praise Project 2020 Challenge are brought to you by Ecstatic Intimacy, founded by Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor. Joanna Shakti inspires anyone who hungers for deeper love and ecstatic joy to find and build soulmate partnerships where the love runs deep and the passion stays hot. You might call her a Dating Coach, a Relationship Coach, an Intimacy Coach, a Tantra Teacher or a Spiritual Guide. She’s all of that and so much more as she guides men, women, singles and couples to walk the soulful path of love creating relationships that are an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.