Preparing for Love

AdobeStock 134877729If you are asking yourself, “Where do I meet great single men or single women?”  If you’re wondering, “why do I keep meeting people I’m not attracted to?” If you’re frequently turning down dating opportunities because something just doesn’t feel right? There might be a better question to ask. There might be a reason dating hasn’t been easy.

Asking, “Am I ready for love?” and honestly answering yourself, could change everything as you get back into dating, or try to improve your dating odds. Answering and evaluating your readiness for love with pure raw honest truth, just might make all the difference in the world between meeting your soul mate -- your soulmate -- and creating a relationship that thrives through the decades or having another less-than-satifying relationship that ends up leaving you single again just a few months from now. We’re talking quality here. We’re not talking about finding someone that is better-than-nothing but we are talking about finding someone who truly fits you, meets you, inspires you… and eventually unites with you - two souls in union.

In working with thousands of people, I hear time and time again, “I’m ready. It’s just not working.”

If it’s not working, if you’re not meeting -- and going out with -- some awesome people on great dates.  Something is off.  Attraction - who you attract into your world and who you actually go out with more than once - has everything to do with what’s happening within you. 

It may seem circumstantial. I keep meeting women who are already taken. I keep meeting unavailable men. I live in a small town and everyone is already in relationship. I’m too that… or too this. Or maybe you’re starting to wonder and consider, “maybe I’m one of those people not destined for love.”

You are destined for love. You just need to prepare for love. You have to be ready to receive it. Your heart needs to be open. Your walls of protection need to be down. You need to be free of resentments carried from the past. You need to have space in your calendar and your closet and so much more.  When you’re prepared for love, the chances of “successful” dating go up exponentially.

Preparing for love, actually even if you’re already in a relationship, couldn’t be a more valuable process for any man or woman to go through. 

“Your past doesn’t determine your future unless you’re carrying it with you into this moment.” ~Joanna Shakti  

So you might begin with our 10-Point Checkup.

Learn what it takes to open your heart fully… even if it’s been hurt before.

Many have walked this path before you with great success and happy hearts… 

Read on, dear one… 


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