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Sacred Love

What do you imagine when you imagine sacred love?  What if I said sacred intimacy or sacred sex?  What images come to mind?  What thoughts come to mind?  What feelings arise in your body?

When I share the idea with couples and singles, some immediately say “Yes! Please!” while others turn their nose up, thinking “No… I’ll keep my everyday normal relationship.  I’m happy with my raw fun sex life… Or they’ll say “I don’t want to get all serious about love and sex.  Can’t we just have fun?!”

They miss the point.  Sacred doesn’t mean you can’t have what you have now.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have raw sex.  What it means is that you can have more.  When you bring a “sacred” approach to your relationship (or dating) it opens up entirely new dimensions of love and lovemaking… entirely new experiences of authenticity and intimacy.

The third definition of sacred in the Merriem-Webster dictionary is…


“Highly valued and important:  deserving great respect and reverence” 


Why would we not want that in relationship?

Well, here are some of the reasons I’ve seen…

I don’t want that much responsibility

I don’t care that much.

I’d rather have fun.

That’s too serious.

But the sacred is real.  Sacred means honoring something we respect… honoring something that matters.


And, isn’t it interesting that we want love and relationship…

we want them to last…

we want passionate sex to come with them…

but we don’t hold them sacred.


In other words, we don’t honor love… we don’t respect our relationship… we don’t treasure it as something deeply valuable.

We don’t give love and intimacy the respect they deserve.   And along with that, our partners don’t often get the respect and reverence that they deserve.

No wonder we have so many failed marriages… so many wash-rinse-and-repeat cycles of breaking up and starting over.


What would happen if you started holding love, relationship, intimacy and sex as sacred?


How would you treat it differently?

Did you know that in the Sanskrit language, the language of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, the term for vagina is “yoni” which means sacred space.  Women, what would it be like if your vagina because a sacred space to be honored, cherished and respected?  Men, what would it be like if you approached a woman’s sexual center with such reverence?  What if it was a high honor that you got to visit it… or possibly enter it?

Men, it is a high honor.

Women, it’s time for you to honor you too.

I wonder how a woman might open more.  I wonder how she might trust more.  I wonder how she might surrender more deeply into pleasure.

I invite you to start approaching love, sex and intimacy as if they were sacred.  

It doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole lot of fun in a sacred place!  You can!  I know!

And, I wonder if love might just get more powerful… I wonder if sex might get more passionate…

I wonder if you hold love as sacred if that might just attract an amazing partner into your life…

I wonder if it might rekindle a shaky relationship…

Try it and let me know…

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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  1. Larrena Applegate on May 21, 2021 at 10:53 am

    Tell me more. I have found my soulmate after 47 years. We are excited for our long awaited journey together.

    • Joanna Shakti on May 21, 2021 at 1:16 pm

      We’re so excited for you! Given you’ve waited 47 years to find each other… the most important thing is to set a solid foundation underneath you… to ensure you both truly know how to navigate the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of soulmate love. There is a common imagination that soulmate love is all roses and fairytales. It is that AND it is also designed to evolve each of your souls, which means that challenge will occur. It’s meant to. Our soulmates are our deepest beloved and our master button pusher. So knowing and feeling how to navigate that consciously is key. Turning challenge into connection and conflict into communion is essential to the strong lasting foundation of sacred soul love. Have you looked at the Ecstatic Intimacy Jumpstart Kit or an Igniting Soul Love Session?

  2. Joseph on February 7, 2022 at 1:33 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this. I was told this weekend by my partner that I don’t hold anything Sacred, that I give all of myself to too many people.

    I am 50 years old and my Paramour, Goddess, Soul Mate is a highly intelligent, beautiful inside and out 41 year old.

    I listened, I heard what she said in it struck a note inside of me.

    I very much enjoyed what I heard here. I have shared this with her as well and Pray she reads it and agrees with it as I did.

  3. Jim Vining on September 30, 2023 at 3:20 pm

    I have for decades been intrigued by the possibility of sacred sex, only coming close to it on occasion. At best, one time, I at least enjoyed cosmic sex, which was amazing & wonderful. But perhaps there was not enough dialogue prior to or after to keep it alive or take it higher still. & I haven’t found it since.
    This concept of the vagina being a holy place to enter with reverence has me rekindling that desire to find my way to that path.

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