Virtual Satsang

An Open Conversation about Love in the Company of Truth

Online Virtual Satsang  |  Coming Soon  |  Singles & Couples


Satsang meaning? What is a Satsang? It's not a workshop, it's not a webinar, it's not a class, but it is a time to talk, to share, to connect, and to be supported in the company of other like-minded conscious people.

So you are invited to join me online via Zoom for an evening of love, inspiration, support and connection with men, women, singles and couples from around the world.

Love is universal, yet so many struggle, and it's been harder than ever recently. And, that's why I felt so called to create this special and very unique evening. Please join me for…


Satsang: An Open Conversation about Love in the Company of Truth

The Sanskrit word Satsang means "in the company of truth"

So again, what does that really mean? It's means we'll come together and simply find out what happens.

You can share if you want. Sometimes it's good just to be heard.

You can receive mentoring from Joanna Shakti if you want.

We might do a meditation.

We might do some releasing of the old…

And, some intention setting for the new.

Who knows! Seriously.  That's part of the surprise and the magic of Satsang. We don't plan it.  It just unfolds in the moment from the energy of those participating.


April 22, 2021

8:30 PM ET (New York)

7:30 PM CT (Chicago)

6:30 PM MT (Denver)

5:30 PM PT (Los Angeles)

We'll be together about 2 hours 

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Hosted & Facilitated by Joanna Shakti

The Soul Love Mentor 


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