Self Love

Every. Single. Time. I say, as so many wise sages have said before me, “you can’t love another until you love yourself.” I hear the groans. It’s true. We don’t want to hear that. But our resistance to that very ancient truth is what keeps us separated from love.  What keeps us longing for love and hoping that finally someone will accept us just as we are.


But they can’t. They can’t possibly accept you just as you are. Until you do. The truth is they probably do accept you as you are, but you can’t feel it. You can’t experience it because it doesn’t fit with the “reality” that you hold in your head. The fear “I’m not enough.” or “I’m too much.” or “I’m not worth it.” or “If they really knew me, they’d never stay.” Leave you wanting, wondering, more importantly distrusting, and unavailable. 


This failure to embrace ourselves just as we are means that love - genuine romantic soulful love - can’t happen. But…


When it does. When you realize that your imperfections are your magic. When you know that not having it all together, is ok, truly ok. When your willingness to be seen in your beauty and your mess or with your incredible strength and your deep tenderness. This is when you finally create a space for partnership to blossom. 


“The love within you determines the love between you.” ~Joanna Shakti


Embrace the courage it takes to explore the places you do love... and don’t love…


And know, you’re in beautiful company as you do...


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YOU are sacred.  You are a sacred vessel of light. You are a sacred being of love. And, I am most grateful that I have the opportunity to serve you.…

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The brilliance of you… There is nothing more valuable than you.  Now that might sound self-centered and arrogant and I invite you to hear me out.

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You… unadorned… unfiltered… unihibited… simple…genuine…true… this is what we want.  This genuine and authentic you is the most attractive, sexy, generous thing you could bring to

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Authenticity or Perfection: What do You Choose?

You can’t have both. Which do you choose? Trying to choose both is a path fraught with depression, failure, and unhappiness. Let’s look at both paths… One path drives you first to continuously scan for this moment’s definition of perfect and it’s always changing. The other? It’s easy to love you and easy to be loved by you because there’s no pretense… no hiding… no maneuvering… no game playing. Need I say more?

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For the masculine men, we’ll get right to the point… and then I’ll tell you the story behind it.  

I’ll get to prince charming in a minute, but first…

What is imperfection meant you were real?

What is imperfection meant you were healthy?

What imperfection meant

Sexual Self-Expression

Sexual Self-Expression

What is sexual self expression?  It’s much more than you think.  (And, sometimes we all disconnect from it… including me.)

For women… it’s a creative expression.  It’s a feeling expression.  It’s an alive and vital expression.  It’s a sensual expression. It’s a feminine expression.  It’s a pleasurable expression.  It’s a powerful expression.  It’s a surrendered and uncontrolled

Love Yourself First

Have you ever heard the phrase “you have to love yourself first before you can love another?”  I can’t tell you how many times I heard it… how many people said it to me directly, before it really started to sink in. I’ve learned in the 25+ years since I first heard that phrase, that when it comes to not just love, but happiness and success too, there is nothing truer.  A good life… true