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Sexual Ecstasy: The Pathway to the Infinite

Ancient spiritual masters knew sex to be one of the Tantric pathways to the divine, to the infinite, to God. Uniting body-to-body, extending orgasms, and even experiencing the “Oh God’s” of our greatest pleasure can bring our human bodies into a literal state of union with another human and with the divine itself.  I often call it the Ecstatic Ecstasy of living and loving in divine union.

In the west, we associate the word Tantra with bigger and better sexual experiences.  Yet, what Tantra truly is, is a pathway through our soul to our spiritual nature, to God and the infinite.  Tantra, offers us a set of practices designed to bring us into connection with the divine.

Divine Union

Let’s look at sex as one of these paths as we explore a critical common thread between all these routes to our divine essence.  At the end, I’ll share with you how you can have more of this Ecstatic Ecstasy in your life.

I’ll give you the bottom line right up front.


Connecting in any way with our divine nature requires us to slow down and feel…


We cannot know the power of ourselves, nor our infinite potential to create, nor the myriad of possibilities in our lives, nor the depth of our heart, nor our true pleasure potential, nor even real unending joy… without knowing our divine essence.

Sex is one of those pathways to the infinite and we cannot experience our true nature in frenzied movement – in bed or out.  We don’t find the divine in the quickie. We don’t find the divine in getting our to do list done.  We don’t find God in our accomplishments or rewards.  We can’t even find it when someone genuinely says “I love you” if we don’t know the depths of our own divine unconditional love essence.

Slow is the Gateway to Ecstatic Ecstasy

I use the word God to represent the power, the energy, the field that is larger than all of us, yet unites us all in oneness.  As I use it, there is no religious association, yet it does represent a deep connection to the spirit that unites us all.

In the simplest terms, God, the infinite appears in the slowest moments of life.  The divine within and between us becomes apparent only when we slow down… waaaaaaaaaay down.  The infinite is even found in the stillness.  Some of my most profound and explosive sexual pleasure experiences have arisen from absolute stillness.

We find the divine in the stillness of sexual union – which honestly doesn’t even require physical penetration.  It doesn’t require our clothes to come off.  Sure, that can make it even more fun, and the ecstatic pleasure that can arise from circulating sexual energy between two completely clothed bodies is profound and breathtaking.

Similarly to finding god in bed with us in our slow intimate physical loving, we find the infinite in the quiet moments before the dawn or feeling an infant’s soft skin. We find it in nature and experience it in meditation.  We find it in the eyes of our beloved and yes, we find it in sex.

It’s not the Thrust and Pump

As I described above, we access the infinite, the divine, God, in the slowest of sexual movements.  And, you might be thinking, “How do I be still while having sex?! I’ll lose my erection.”  Or maybe you’re thinking, “Where’s the turn on in that?”

What I can tell you is that I’ve been present to many erections rising to attention with only the gaze of the eyes, with only our breath circulating energy between our bodies.  The heat, the passion, the ecstasy arise powerfully, often shockingly intense.  But the ideas of slow and sex are rarely put together in our culture.


I promise you that slowing down ignites our deepest ecstasy. 


As you unite with a lover with your heart and your genitals inspired by your soul, you will find an experience of openness, love, and freedom like you’ve never imagined before. Through this still powerful union with your lover you meet god in every cell of your being.

In this stillness you find that you are never alone.  That you are infinitely and eternally connected to all that is.

Ecstatic Ecstasy is Not in the Technique

You will not find your greatest sexual potential through any technique.  The ecstasy is definitely not in the harder, faster realm.  It’s not created by orgasms (or abstinence, for that matter).  It doesn’t matter if you come many times or if you come together.

What matters is that you meet your lover in the divine ecstasy of presence and love, mixed with passion.  If you want to meet in divine union and ecstatic ecstasy, then slow down, open your heart, feel every sensation, deepen in every breath.

In this you will have the ultimate experience of walking the path of Soul Love.

Want to experience Ecstatic Ecstasy?

The path is paved with a whole lot of intimacy fueled by genuine authenticity.  You must open your heart to it’s infinite potential for intimate love.  To bond in this intimacy, you must bring YOUR soul fully and authentically to the meeting of your souls.

If you’d like to ignite the soul love in you and find and create a soul-to-soul love relationship then schedule a Igniting Soul Love Session with me today.  Register Here

In the meantime, practice slowness.  Practice in bed and out… and discover the ecstasy you never imagined possible.

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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    I never thought about slowing down and it’s something that now I’m considering trying with the man that I love so deeply. Thank you for that insight

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