Sexual Essence Quiz: Are you Masculine or Feminine?

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Sexual Essence Quiz: Are you Masculine or Feminine?

Would you like sparks of attraction from across the room, hot kisses, and passionate sex?

Who doesn’t?  If you DO… then you absolutely must know your sexual essence

because when you do, and you stay aligned with it, sparks fly. When you don’t, passion fizzles.

No matter orientation or gender, it’s about energy. Simply put, masculine energy attracts feminine energy. Feminine energy attracts masculine energy.

Want to know your sexual essence?  I have a four question Sexual Essence Quiz that will reveal yours…

Sexual AttractionBefore I share the questions… here’s what I want you to imagine.

Imagine as you answer, that you are completely safe.  Imagine that you cannot be judged or rejected. Imagine that you get to have it absolutely your way!

Question 1

Would you prefer your perfect lover to be physically larger than you, or physically smaller than you, or exactly the same size?

Question 2

Would your perfect lover be stronger than you or would you be stronger than your lover?  In other words, would your lover pick you up and move you across the bed, or would you pick your lover up, and move him or her across the bed?  Or, does it equally turn you on to be moved or do the moving?

Sexual Essence Quiz ExampleQuestion 3

Would you prefer to court or be courted? In other words, would you prefer to ask out, pick up, and take to dinner, or would you prefer to be asked out, picked up, and taken to dinner? Or, does it equally turn you on to court and be courted?

Question 4

If you were in a hot, steamy kiss up against the wall, more often than not do you want to be the one facing the wall, giving the kiss, or do you want to be the one against the wall receiving the kiss? Or, does it turn you on equally to be in both positions?

So what do the answers to my Sexual Essence Quiz mean?  

Here’s what all this means. A feminine sexual essence person has a preference for a lover that is larger, who is stronger, who courts, and who puts them up against the wall.

A masculine sexual essence person will prefer a lover who is smaller, who is less strong, that they can move.  A masculine person will want to court and will want to face the wall in that kiss.

For neutral, you’re going to choose equal size, equal strength, courting and being courted, and either position in that up against a wall kiss.

And here’s the thing, if you picked neutral, I’m going to invite you to reconsider… Were your answers what really turns you on, or did you answer what you think you should believe and feel?

The Bottom Line

Opposites attract.

Now that you’ve taken the sexual essence quiz and you know your sexual essence, your job, go live it!

Masculine attracts feminine… feminine attracts masculine… and sparks fly!


Male or female, if sparks aren’t flying, if you’re not attracting the one you want, then it’s time to get in touch with what I call the powerful, sexy and attractive Ecstatically Authentic you!  

If you’re ready, here’s the first step I take men, women, singles and couples through… It’s my “Getting Started” Accessing Soul Love Session.  Check it out here and see if it’s right for you.

In love, light and ecstasy,


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