Sexual Liberation

Wow… Just thinking of those words brings so many images to mind… bra burning and freelove signs of the 60s, women’s marches, the movie Dirty Dancing, steamy sex scenes from movies, and even some of my most hot liberated personal sexual experiences.  It amazes me what arises in my awareness.  There are so many visual “expectations” of what great sex should look like, and even more telling us what it shouldn’t look like!

So as I write this, the number one thing I desire for you to know is that your sexual liberation is your sexual liberation.  It doesn’t look like mine or your partners or your best friend’s or the ones you seen in the movies.  It’s simply your journey to your freedom and your passion and your ecstasy.

I can guide you to some of the places that might hold you back.  I can share with you where I was stuck.  Ultimately, you and your body know what pleasure feels like… Somewhere deep inside you know what holds you back.  You can be free, if you’re willing to look.


I believe the world will be served by all of us, each of us individually, finding, releasing, and sharing our deepest passions, our most profound love, and richest joy.


If you’ve been following my writing or work for long, you know I believe one of the fundamental elements required for freedom and deep connections… in our heart and in our sex… is honoring and celebrating the opposite sex.  To fully let go into our desire and passion, we have to trust each other (not to mention, ourselves).  There has been so much trauma in the past between the sexes.  It doesn’t have to exist any more.  Are you willing to step into your wholeness as a man or a woman and forgive the wrong-doings of the past, so you can experience the pleasure of love, intimacy and orgasm available to you now?


Are you willing to step into your wholeness and force the past?


Beyond reuniting the awakened and conscious masculine and feminine, we have to reunite with ourselves. To feel the fullest of our orgasmic pleasure in bed and in life or to experience sexual turn-on or turned-on work or hobbies, we have to re-unite with our bodies so we can feel.  We have to be able to feel not just the emotions, but the sensations of pleasure that course through the fibers of our body when we truly unite with ourselves or a partner.   As we talked about last week, we have to be able to trust and surrender with our emotions, our spirits, and our bodies.




And, then of course, there is intimacy.  Our willingness to be open, exposed, vulnerable, authentic, tender, afraid, crazy and out-of-control with passion, or blissfully in love all require us to let down our guard and open ourselves up to connection, to love, to the unknown experiences of ecstasy and joy that might arise.

It’s true we don’t know what’s on the other side when we surrender, when we open… when we allow ourselves to be liberated… liberated from the past, from societies expectations and conditioning, from our own fear of judgement.

When you let go of everything someone else told you that you should or shouldn’t be, you get to find out who you truly are… who you truly are in life, in love, and in bed.

I hope the discovery and liberation is as powerful and transformational for you as it continues to be for me.  It’s not always been easy.  Sometimes it’s been excruiatingly hard.  And, it’s been worth every moment of it.  There’s has never been a regret… only amazement at what’s actually possible.


Here’s to our sexual liberation!


If you are really ready to free your sexual, creative, life force and passionate energy, then join us for one of our upcoming Ignite Nights or another upcoming event.

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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