Sexual Self-Expression

Sexual Self-Expression

What is sexual self-expression?  It’s much more than you think.  (And, sometimes we all disconnect from it… including me.)

For women… it’s a creative expression.  It’s a feeling expression.  It’s an alive and vital expression.  It’s a sensual expression. It’s a feminine expression.  It’s a pleasurable expression.  It’s a powerful expression.  It’s a surrendered and uncontrolled expression.  It’s an expression of you.

For men… It’s a penetrating… generating expression.  It’s a deep expression.  It’s an intense expression.  It’s a focused expression.  It’s a playful expression.  It’s a passionate expression… a driven expression.  It’s a commanding expression and a masculine expression.  It’s both a controlled and uncontrolled expression.  It is you.

Our sexual expression is so much more than sex itself.  Your sexuality is alive and vibrating every moment of everyday whether you are paying attention or not.  You are a sexual being. (Even if you haven’t had sex in years).  You are also a spiritual being and a human being.  Each of these aspects of you defines your experience each day… from the bedroom to the boardroom and everywhere in between.

And… as important as even I know sexual self-expression is… when life gets busy or relationship gets challenging… this critical part of our life force is the first to go… the first to drop of the priority list.  For me, I noticed that recently I’ve been setting it aside to generate results (or as some women will say “to get shit done.”)  And, now I’m tired.

Singles… Stay with me… this is just as important for you as it is for any person in a relationship…

I can let sex (read self-loving and self-pleasuring too) turn into a chore… yet it is an experience that opens up my creativity, allows me to relax, enables me to receive, and manifests my desires.

And, again, it’s not all about the act of sex itself.

Too often I’ve set sexual expression aside in favor of “more important” things and… I couldn’t be making a sillier mistake… Sexual energy is fundamental to everything.  To life.  To love.  To attracting love. To vitality. To creativity.  To productivity.  To happiness.  To inspiration.  To manifesting.

So how do you give it full expression without intercourse or even without a partner?

It’s about letting the sexual energy move through you any time … all the time.

What would it feel like if you moved your hips in a sexy way just once today.  (Yes, men you too.)  What if they could sway or thrust… what if that woke up your energy.  Try it… see if you feel more alive or more tired.  I’m betting in seconds you’ll feel even just a little bit more alive!

What would be like if you spoke out loud (and no one else needs to be listening) a deep sexual desire you haven’t expressed in a while… or maybe ever…  or what if you spoke a fantasy out loud.  Notice how you feel… (Remember… you don’t need anyone else to do this… and it will simply activate your powerful sexual energy.)

What if you told a friend (and it doesn’t have to be a lover) about a great sexual experience we had.  (Yes… it is ok to share.  We have to bring sexuality out from under the covers if we’re going to know it’s fullest benefits.)

What if you put some music on and did a bit of “dirty” dancing… and no it’s not really dirty… but you got my picture.  If you’ve got a partner share it… if you don’t… dance anyway.  Imagine and feel the partner you want there with you… let the sexual energy rise… and you’ll be putting out a powerful manifesting message to the Universe… and the one you want will move closer to you!

Seriously though… you don’t have to have a partner to wake up this part of yourself.  I was exercising on a mini-tramp in front of the tv a few nights back and I threw in a few hips turns and thrusts and oh the work out was more fun and I felt more real and alive!

If you did a few of these things everyday… I wonder what would happen to your life!?!

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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