Singles on the Path of Soul Love

Attract Your “One” in Ecstatic Intimacy

Too many relationships end in heartbreak… too many men and women give up on love.

Singles, does this sound like your love life?

  • You feel as if you’re wasting your time dating people who really aren’t right for you.
  • You’d rather be alone than suffer yet another heartbreak.
  • You’re tired of watching the chemistry fizzle and the love fade… and ending up in the friend zone.
  • Your bed has an empty spot in it, and you fall asleep lonely… wishing you were cuddling or making passionate love.
  • You’re spending another weekend night alone, wondering why you can’t get a date.
  • You’ve lost your confidence in love and wonder if “happily ever after” is even possible.
  • Men, you can’t seem to make women happy, no matter what you do…
  • Women, you wonder “Where are all the great men?” and hunger for a man who will truly meet you.

Here’s the Thing…

Here’s the Thing… Whether you’re Single and Looking or Dating and Wondering if He or She is your “One”… You’ve Got Two Major Problems.

First: The Ugly Truth about Your “Romantic Programming”…


If any of the descriptions above apply to you, then you’re not alone… and it’s not your fault.

In fact, men and women have been programmed to create screwed-up love lives… We have “relationship mindsets” full of false beliefs and faulty relationship blueprints that make for lousy foundations…


Put the love challenges and the unconscious blueprints together and you know why so many give up on love…because it’s easier to stay alone or just be friends and roommates.


Thanks to popular media and culture, the last 50 years have been completely confusing and PAINFUL when it comes to love and relationships.


Men in our culture have been told to be sensitive, soft, and emotional.


Yes those are great qualities in a man, as long as they NEVER replace his presence, potency, and purpose.


Simultaneously, women learned to be strong, powerful, and never show vulnerability or weakness.


Again, these are fantastic qualities, but they leave many women exhausted, lonely, and longing…wondering, “What happened to all the great men?


The truth is, we haven’t been taught how to design and create conscious and enlightened relationships. That’s why we’ve all tried and failed so many times.  That’s why we start settling for less than what we really want love to be.

Second:  No One Offered you a Degree in Romance… Not Even a Class!



There’s a relationship curriculum you never heard about.  You had the textbooks, lectures, and exams for how cells multiply and how to do algebra… and on WWII history… but there are no degrees in relating… not even a class.


Here’s a bit of reality…

Men and women want to know how to attract and enjoy hot and happy love, but the problem isn’t so much the love but the relating that goes with it…


What do you do if you’re single and you keep attracting the ones who don’t quite do it for you…


Or the ones you want are never attracted to you?

How do you handle the inevitable feelings of being rejected, unsupported, or even abandoned while dating?


What do you do when your needs or desires conflict?  (This sounds like a problem only for people in relationship, but it’s also a dating problem, since it can happen on the first date…)


What do you do when your values and visions conflict… on the first date (especially when the chemistry is running high)?


The success of any date, any relationship, depends wholly on how YOU are showing up and how YOU are relating to the other person.


Singles… relating starts the minute you first read the profile, the moment you catch a glimpse of them across the room…


I know you’re doing your darndest to make love work… to find your “one”… to be happy and in love.


It’s truly sad.  It’s not until we’ve struggled or even failed at love … that we wonder why it’s so hard.   Then we wonder whether it’s worth it… and consider giving up…

Don’t give up…Accessing Soul Love

you just need a little education. 


The good news?


If You’re Here, You’re Ready…  

WorkshopsIf what you just read sounds a little too familiar… if you want to find love and create a Soul Love relationship where the love keeps getting deeper and the passion keeps getting hotter then

Register for a…

Igniting Soul Love Session where you and I, Joanna Shakti, meet privately 1-1, over the phone (or Skype if needed) to (re)ignite your love life! We’ll get clear on your true heart’s desire when it comes to love. We’ll identify exactly where you’re stuck or challenged. Then, together we’ll outline the very best next steps for you to take on your journey of Soul Love™.

Michelle F

During the program I discovered a new level of self-love that has been life changing. I knew I needed help learning to ask for help and the program gave me tools and permission to do that. Plus I get to make up my own rules with my sexuality. I began a new relationship towards the end of the program. I used the tools from this program to attract him – someone whom I believe may be the love of my life! Through the self-love I discovered during my 90-days, I also feel more confident to trust and continually grow as an individual and as a romantic partner.

Michelle Fox January 11, 2017

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