Ecstatic Intimacy For Singles

The Path to Love

You think you're ready. You want to be ready. You want to find your soulmate. You're tired of lonely nights and weekends. You want to feel the intimate pleasures of body to body union.

And, you're single again. Maybe you're in the wash-rinse-repeat cycle of date, fall-in-love, disappointment, breakup, do it all again. Maybe you're one of the strong powerful women, like I was, who continuously lamented, "where are all the strong men who will actually meet me?" Or, maybe you're the man who feels like the nice guy who finishes last.

It doesn't matter which way relationship challenges show up for you, heartache and loneliness suck. I cried many a tear, blamed many men for being inadequate partners, and kept trying, and trying, and trying. And, it never seemed to work.


Until I realized, it was never them It was me. When I turned my attention inward to how I was showing up for, and in, love, that's when everything changed. That moment, is breathtakingly powerful. You finally bring soul love and then you get soul love in return. You're finally on the path of love.

This is my prayer for you...

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Why am I Single? The 3 Biggest Reasons Singles are Still Single (or Single Again)

Here's a bit of reality, both single men and single women want to know how to attract and enjoy hot and happy, deep and soulful, love. The problem isn't so much the love but the relating that goes with it…

You were never taught how to attract and create a conscious relationship, an enlightened relationship, or a soulful relationship. That's why you've tried and seemingly failed.  And why you're likely to settle.

Relating starts the minute you first read the profile, the moment you catch a glimpse of them across the room…

So what do you do when your values and visions conflict… on the first date (especially when the chemistry is running high)?

The success of any date, any relationship, depends wholly on how YOU are showing up and how YOU are relating to the other person, and yourself.

It's unfortunate, It's not until most have struggled or even failed… over and over again, that they get up the courage to look for the common denominator. Themselves.


The 3 Unrecognized Reasons Why Singles Stay Single. 


1. You think you won't be lonely in a relationship.

You go through a lot of unnecessary heartbreak when you're not comfortable being lonely. When you seek love from a feeling of loneliness, not wanting to spend another Saturday night or Sunday morning alone, is where the settling begins. Tolerating things that aren't really ok with you and entertaining "good enough" for now. But it always breaks down in the end. And the loneliness remains. In or out of "the relationship."


2. You don't know what makes you magnetically attractive

YOU make you magnetically attractive. Two very particular parts of you. First, you're perfectly imperfect messy humanness makes you magnetically attractive. (Your pretending, proving and striving make you less attractive.) We fall in love with humanness not perfection. Second, the authentic alignment of the masculine and feminine within you ignites real chemistry. Marry the authentic real you with your authentic masculine or feminine expression and now you've got an attractive force that won't stop.


3. Your fears and doubts have the best of you

As you believe, so it is. Thoughts like "I'm not good enough, all the good ones are gone, love doesn't last, men just want sex, women are too _____ (fill in the blank), it won't happen for me, what if something is wrong with me" -- ensure you can't find true love. If you've made vows like "I'll never let that happen again…" you're nearly guaranteed to sabotage yourself… and you won't know why it's happening. And simply affirming what you want (positive statements) is not the answer it has been touted to be. Then you find yourself asking again, "Why am I still single?"

The Biggest Mistake Singles Make

Not working on relationships skills until you meet someone.   

I hear this over and over again from single men and single women, "I'll take an intimacy retreat, I'll attend a relationship workshop when I meet my soulmate. We'll do it together and it will be awesome."

Wrong. It doesn't work that way

It's been proven over and over again, the reason you are not finding your soulmate, the reason the one you're into isn't into you, the reason you keep getting disappointed and breaking up, has nothing to do with the men or women you are dating.

It has everything to do with you. And, right now, this sits in your blindspot. You cannot see what's in the way of your soul mate relationship. If you could, you wouldn't be single right now.

This is not the time to wait until you find a partner to become a soul mate lover. Become a soul mate lover and then, and only then, you'll find Your One.

The Path to Love Experience


Are you open?

Is your heart really available for love? Most often we believe, "I'm completely over my past relationships. I totally believe love is possible. I'm not afraid. I'm loving, I don't judge anyone. I am absolutely showing up ready, open, and available." Then we are shocked to find out how not true that is.


Your Soul Mate Does Exist

Soulmates. Your soul mate is looking for you. You have a soul contract. You didn't miss out. You haven't wasted time. You had to go through what you went through so you could see your personal barriers to love - now it's time to take them down and open the door so true love can walk right in without effort.


Romantic Programming

We've been told to put others first; we've been told what a good man does or what a great woman doesn't do. It's really all a lie. The most important thing you can do is remove all the conditioning, the shoulds, the shouldn't's, the rules, the strategies, and figure out who you truly are and be THAT. Tall order, yes. Doable, absolutely.


Authentic Masculinity Meets Powerful Femininity

The reason so many dating encounters end up in a friend zone or end with ghosting isn't at all what you think. It has everything to do with the masculine energy and feminine energy dance. Oh, and the societal conditioning. We've now been conditioned to think men and women are equal in the courting dynamics. I'm here to say no to that. At least in most cases. Masculine attracts feminine. Feminine attracts masculine. And, we've been encouraged to neuter our sexual essence.

"...REALLY I found out that I am not "happily single", I have just been too hurt to try again. Too hurt to even stand in my feminine energies. … Somewhere along the line- after my divorce of 9 years, I decided it was safer to stand in my masculine energies and just take care of myself. I am not sure this was conscious or unconscious decision … Your workshop really woke me up to the life long stereo types that I have held about how "bad" men are.... So now I am working to change my beliefs and be more feminine, and be OK with being feminine and asking for help, and standing in my power as a woman … Thank you for all your help..."

"I am so thankful for the Soul Love Program & for the ways I am changing as a person. I can see how doing this work is preparing me to have the ecstatic, authentic, intimate relationship I have longed for my whole life. I am excited to see what the future brings as I continue to walk this path."

"...I discovered a new level of self-love that has been life changing. I knew I needed help learning to ask for help and the program gave me tools and permission to do that. Plus I get to make up my own rules with my sexuality. I began a new relationship towards the end of the program.  I used the tools from this program to attract him - someone whom I believe may be the love of my life! ..."

"...a depth of experience that was totally unexpected to me. We really dove into it. What I see possible for me now is just being able to drop the façade that I put on that has gotten in the way of being in a relationship..."

"... I had made myself super happy being single to a point of being averse to ever being in a relationship ( out of fear) and I believe that if it hadn't been for that first coaching call with Joanna I would still be living in that way. I feel that there has been miracle after miracle for me during this process and even through the bad times. I see love and grace in all that happens to me..."

What's your Sexual Essence?

Spiritual Singles

Authentic Dating

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Conscious Dating

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Not Hearing I Love You

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The 10 Qualities She Craves

Preparing for Love

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3 Ways to Soul Love

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Blessings & Challenges

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What Is A Soulmate?

Something deeper is at work. Truly if you are here on this page, your soul is calling in your soulmate. Your being is ready - maybe not ready for the relationship just yet, but more than ready to drop the blocks and façades. 

I'll always tell you the tough truths so you can let go of what doesn't serve you and be the powerfully attractive person you really are. Because someone is waiting for you to open your heart. Waiting at this very moment. 

Acknowledge the courage of being right here, right now.

The Journey


Soulful Passion Retreat


Soulful Relating Retreat


Igniting Soul Love Session



His strength and his tenderness, his penetration and his embrace, his caresses and his lust, his power and his openness bring all passion, all sensation, all bliss, all ecstasy to life. I give myself in pleasure to him.

I know my wholeness, my fullness, my succulent beauty. I revel in it. I honor it. I nurture and embrace the radiance, beauty, love, sensuality and sexuality that shine through this body… surrendering it fully open. My radiance and light nourish him.

I see him. I honor him. I appreciate and care for him in all my loving expressions. I share the fullness of my being with him. Nothing is withheld… nothing. He knows my fullness.

Our bond grows deeper in soul, in Truth, in love... peeling away our own layers of untruth. My feminine draws up his masculine that deepens my feminine. His masculine stands erect guiding us through unknown ecstatic adventure. All love exists and ...