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Soul Love Program Series

Terms and Conditions


Soul Love Program Series LogoParticipation in any program in the Soul Love Program Series (including Activating Soul Love, Loving Soul-to-Soul, and Loving in Ecstatic Union) as well as access and usage of the Ecstatic Intimacy Member Center, all offered by Joanna Shakti Kennedy and True Happiness, llc dba Ecstatic Intimacy (hereinafter known as “Ecstatic Intimacy”), is governed by the following Terms and Conditions.

The Ecstatic Intimacy Member Center is hereinafter known as “Center”.  The individual enrolling in the Soul Love Program Series is hereinafter known as “Participant”.  Participant will also be granted access to the Center and is hereinafter also known as “Member”.


Membership and Participation: 


  1. As a Member and Participant, I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my success. It’s my responsibility and choice to show up for the calls, trainings, and retreats and to participate fully in suggested practices offered for Participants and Members.
  2. I pledge a vow of confidentiality around any discussions that will be shared either online or in person with other Members or Participants. I will fully support other Members and Participants, just as they will support me, without judgment as we create a safe place for all to learn and grow.
  3. I understand that all materials included here or distributed as part of my membership and participation are for Members and Participants only and I will not share them with outside parties.
  4. Specifically, I agree to assume the benefits and the risks of all outcomes from my membership and participation. I assume complete responsibility for any and all personal, relationship, financial, career or business decisions, and all outcomes and results issuing from decisions or actions I take. I also agree that Joanna Kennedy, Ecstatic Intimacy, and all Ecstatic Intimacy’s owners, employees, coaches, facilitators, representatives, contractors, and volunteers are held immune from any and all other liability or responsibility.I do not intend to cease medical or psychological treatments and medicines, if any. Understanding that membership, participation, and relating coaching are voluntary, introspective endeavors, I knowingly waive any right I may ever have to hold Joanna Kennedy, Ecstatic Intimacy, or any of Ecstatic Intimacy’s owners, employees, coaches, facilitators, representatives, contractors, and volunteers responsible for my participation in or use of trainings, events, intensives, personal coaching, processes, or techniques, as well as the application of those sessions, events, intensives, personal coaching, processes, or techniques, and any results thereof, offered as part of the Soul Love Program Series and the Center.As a Member and Participant, I understand that Joanna Kennedy, the mentor, coach and facilitator, does not purport to be a physician, psychologist or health professional. I understand that membership, participation, and associated coaching are designed to introduce me to a new way of thinking about my life, my relationships, and myself. I understand that while we all hope that my membership and participation will benefit me, I realize that no guarantees of any kind have been made to me related to the outcomes.
  5. I understand that all teleconference calls, webinars, intensive weekends, and other sessions included in the Soul Love Program Series will be recorded. I hereby authorize and grant to Ecstatic Intimacy, and their agents, assigns, partners and affiliates, unbounded permission without restriction or limitation, the binding ability and authorization to use any or all of the following material for any purpose: my photograph, video recording of me, audio recording of my voice, or my written or verbalized testimonial, if offered.  My consent is not limited by time or geographic boundary and I agree that the aforementioned material may be used in whole or in part, without my inspection or approval, for use in any medium known currently or in the future. I understand that the Ecstatic Intimacy owns all rights in and to any such recording, testimonial or photograph. In addition, I grant my permission to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright and/or trademark the material. I hereby waive all rights to payment or royalties, now and in the future in connection with the use of any such materials, no matter the purpose and regardless of whether a fee is charged or collected by Ecstatic Intimacy for any product and/or service in which the material is used.
  6. I agree to complete all payment terms associated with my registration for and participation in the Soul Love Program Series.  I acknowledge that if I default on any agreed terms, my access as a Member and Participant will be suspended until such time as those payment terms are met.
  7. I acknowledge that no refunds or cancellations are offered on Program Deposits.
  8. I understand that I have a “Complete Satisfaction Guarantee”.  I acknowledge that after I participate fully in the first two training modules of the Activating Soul Love Program and complete all practice assignments and workbook exercises for those two modules, if I am not completely satisfied with the Program and believe it will radically transform my life, then, on or before March 31, 2017, I can request a refund for the unused portion of my paid Program registration or terminate any extended payment arrangements. I know that I’ll get to keep my workbook, and other materials, including my bonuses.
  9. I am at least eighteen (18) years of age. I confirm that no inducement, statement or representations have been made that are not set forth in these Terms and Conditions and that I did not rely on any inducements, statements or representations not set forth herein.