Soul Love Program Series -- All The Details

When you participate in the Soul Love Program Series, here's just a small reminder of what that can mean in your life…


In the Ecstatic Authenticity and Activating Soul Love Phase:

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You'll get in touch with and awaken the true and genuine you… the you that is magnetically attractive and so totally lovable…. the you that attracts the men or women who are truly a "fit" for you. (Or the you that will re-attract the beloved you already have!)

As the feminine, you'll know how to awaken and step into your magnetic radiance. You'll know how to draw a man in and share your desires as a woman. You'll know when to truly open up. You'll know how to stay in your feminine safely…. and deeply receive the masculine.

As the masculine, you'll know when to stand tall and strong in your mojo and when to wrap your arms around her. You'll have a lot more than a clue about what's going to put a smile on her face… aaaaaand… You'll know when to safely open your heart in intimacy… when to soften into love.

By really knowing who you are, by loving who you are, and by being Ecstatically Authentic - instead of twisting yourself into a pretzel, trying to become who you think you need to be in order to attract a relationship - or trying to keep a relationship by selling yourself out or settling for something other than your heart's desire - you'll actually become available to love and be loved.

You'll enjoy being you… You'll feel naturally confident in entirely new ways and you'll finally be willing to be seen in your perfection and imperfection… and loved for all that you are.


In the Ecstatic Intimacy and Loving Soul-to-Soul Phase

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Once you have that ability to stand truly as who you are…

… to attract the right kind of person for you - someone who honors you … sees you… someone who is truly able to step into a new level of connection with you…

…or experience that with your beloved now.

No matter where you are in the dating or relating process, you're going to discover what true intimacy is and its power to bring you closer and deeper in your relating.

Or, should you realize this is not be the one, you'll move through that transition - whether it be after a few dates or a few decades of marriage - with respect, honor and grace… and even true love. 

You'll discover the sacred sensual dance of feeling, communicating, and sharing together in a way that bonds your souls and deepens your connection in bed and out.  You'll experience seeing and being seen in a way that you never imagined possible.  The depth of your intimacy will bring out the fullest you and ignite a freedom within relationship that lifts the two of you higher and higher in your soul's potential, independently and together. 

You'll know how to consciously move through and beyond the reactions, conflicts, and saboteurs that naturally occur in our intimate relating and by walking the spiritual path of love, you'll know exactly how to maintain sacred communion in love and romance. 

You and your present or future partner will know how to ignite that soul love connection that takes you to a place of love and ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams…


Step 1:  The Activating Soul Love Program includes:


Embodiment Elements

  • (8) “Activating Soul Love” Embodiment Element Trainings (available in audio and video) including Related Handouts, Tip Sheets, Toolkits
  • (8) Embodiment Practice & Integration Exercise Sets
  • Ecstatic Lover Workbook (included with enrollment, completion is optional)


Soul Love Practice & Integration Community

  • Membership in the Soul Love Practice & Integration Community while enrolled in the Program including on online private, moderated group for sharing and celebrating


Activating Soul Love Retreats

  • Soulful Relating Retreat(Live In-Person or via Recording) + Bring-a-Friend-for-Free
  • Soulful Passion Retreat(Live In-Person or via Recording) + Bring-a-Friend-for-Free


Personal Mentoring & Coaching Support

  • Your questions are answers by Joanna anytime you post them in the Practice and Integration Community
  • 4 times a month 90-Minute Soul Love Online Group Coaching Sessions where you get personal and direct support from Joanna as well as community feedback.
  • 8 Soul Love Self-Reflection Entries reviewed by Joanna
  • Additional Private Mentoring Sessions may be purchased based on availability.  (When included these can be recorded for your archives)


Additional Benefits, Toolkits, and Support

  • Treasure Map (for women) or Owner’s Manual (for men) and the associated Training; Where you’ll outline your Sexual Essence Maps, Your Needs Model, Your Sexual Blueprint, Transition Rituals, Moments of Intimacy, Self-Care Plan or Purpose Statement
  • Access to other supportive trainings, meditations, and tools as needed via the Ecstatic Intimacy Member Center
  • Soul Love Barriers Assessment
  • Conscious Dating and Relating Toolkit
  • Conscious Beginnings and Endings Toolkit
  • 2 Women’s Only Trainings / 2 Men’s Only Trainings


Additional Bonuses

  • BONUS #1: Kick-start Training: Ecstatic Authenticity: What is it? Why does it matter? …and 3 Keys to Getting There
  • BONUS #2:21-Days to Awakening Sacred You Program 
  • BONUS #3:  35% off Program registration for Activating Soul Love or the Activating Soul Love and Loving Soul-to-Soul Combo registration for a current or future romantic partner. (Valid while enrolled in Activating Soul Love)


Timeline: Activating Soul Love is designed to be completed in 4 months and you have up to 6-months to complete it.

Individual: $4000 Paid in Full | 3 payments of $1440 | 6 payments of $735



Step 2:  The Loving Soul-to-Soul Program includes:


Embodiment Elements

  • (8) “Loving Soul-to-Soul” Embodiment Element Trainings (available in audio and video) including Related Handouts, Tip Sheets, Toolkits
  • (8) Embodiment Practice & Integration Exercise Sets


Soul Love Practice & Integration Community

  • Continued Membership in the Soul Love Practice & Integration Community


Loving Soul-to-Soul Retreats (can be attended live or watched on recording)

  • Sacred Relating Retreat (Live In-Person or via Recording)
  • Sacred Sexuality Retreat (Live In-Person or via Recording)


Personal Mentoring and Coaching Support from Joanna

  • Your questions are answers by Joanna anytime you post them in the Practice and Integration Group
  • Continued participation in the 4 times a month 90-Minute Soul Love Online Group Coaching Sessions where you get personal and direct support from Joanna as well as community feedback.
  • 8 Soul Love Self-Reflection Entries reviewed by Joanna
  • Additional Private Mentoring Sessions may be purchased based on availability.  (When included these can be recorded for your archives)


Additional Benefits, Toolkits and Support

  • Continued access to supportive trainings, meditations and tools as needed via the Ecstatic Intimacy Member Center
  • Flirting, Courting & Body Language Training
  • Self-Commitment / Self-Marriage Toolkit



  • BONUS #1: Kick-start Training:Creating Your Soul Love Relationship Vision
  • BONUS #2: 21-Days to Tantric Loving Program
  • BONUS #3: 35% off Program registration for Activating Soul Love or the Activating Soul Love and Loving Soul-to-Soul Combo registration for a current or future romantic partner. (Valid while enrolled in Loving Soul to Soul)


Timeline: Loving Soul-to-Soul is designed to be completed in 4 months and you have up to 6-months to complete it.

Individual: $4000 Paid in Full | 3 payments of $1440 | 6 payments of $735


Activating Soul Love and Loving Soul-to-Soul Combination

Individual:  $6800 Paid in Full (saves $1200) |

3 Payments of $2380 | 6 Payments of $1225 | 12 Payments of $630


Couples:  $10200 Paid in Full (50% off for 2nd Person)

3 payments of $3570 | 6 Payments of $1835 | 12 payments of $935



The following Momentum Bonuses are also available with Activating Soul Love and Loving Soul-to-Soul Enrollment:

Momentum bonuses are available when you enroll at the time you are invited into the Program Series.

Activating Soul Love Momentum Bonus: Private 1-on-1 Soul Love Personal Visioning Session with Joanna (Value $650)

Loving Soul-to-Soul Momentum Bonus: Private 1-on-1 Soul Love Relationship Visioning Session with Joanna (Value $650)


The following Paid-In-Full Bonus is also available: Private Coaching Session with Joanna (Value $650)

Note:  These bonuses apply to each person when a couple enrolls.


Packages of Private Mentoring Sessions with Joanna

Available in packages of 3 sessions for $2000



Past Client Stories:

"This work has literally almost saved my life. I've been searching for so long. I've done and tried many things. The Activating Soul Love Program has helped answer the question I used to ask, "What's wrong with me?" The answers I'm getting in the program are pinpoint correct and very direct. (And there was never anything wrong with me.) You can live in the dark so long and light doesn't come. Then you discover something suddenly and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. That's what happened to me when I started this program. I'd been living like this pretty much my whole life and this has opened up everything for me. I've done a lot of therapy. I've talked a lot and it doesn't fix the problem. And, it takes so long. This puts what I needed right in front of me. I don't have to search any more. It makes the process so much more profound and immediate. I'm so grateful I discovered you. This is salve on my wounds. It just works." ~M.N.


"This group provided me a space to be vulnerable, to be honest, to be supportive and to be supported. There is not a single aspect of this experience that I can point to and identify a specific change in myself as a result. But without a doubt, I have changed. I have evolved. I have grown. And I have come more into my authentic self than I believe I have ever been in my life. Joanna Kennedy created the space and the framework, but the group created the substance, the mirror, the feedback to feel what was authentic and what was facade." ~ Mark


"Joanna [Shakti] is persistence wrapped in silk! Her open, accepting, and loving way of facilitating deep inner work will have you ascending levels of personal knowledge and happiness in every session. Her ability to stay in the moment allows for a magical session that will take you as deep as you are willing to go…" ~ William


"Joanna made a compelling case about the value of tapping into feminine energy and magnetism for my personal life and business, and I am so glad I listened! …I'm shaking off the body armor and feeling closer emotionally to the people around me; totally embracing the strength of feminine energy; and beginning to understand how magnetism works. I loved that there were men present because I appreciated hearing their viewpoints and that everyone else REALLY showed up because that made the experience deep and authentic… The most profound breakthrough for me was learning about the power of magnetism and redefining what being ambitious means. Now I understand that by being truly grounded, loving and authentic and in-line with life's purpose, that you get into a flow and exert a magnetic pull on the world around you. And this allows pretty big, ambitious things to happen! (Running around like a stressed-out nut not required.)" ~ Sandra


"I had no idea what to expect in a whole retreat about this topic that I'm not accustomed to talking about. I decided to jump in and do it. It BEYOND met my expectations in the sharing and witnessing the shifts that took place in myself and so many of the participants. Joanna is a master facilitator and brings out everyone's needs and, in her compassion, gently guides their process and openings 100% if they are willing to be brave. I'm confident this experience will benefit me in the months and years to come." ~ D. on the Activating Soul Love Conscious Sexuality Retreat


"I'm all about virtues and when you can present sexual healing in a virtuous professional environment… it's very difficult to do… I told Joanna after the workshop, this is the single most powerful 3 days I've ever seen in a workshop…and I do some pretty powerful workshops myself…" ~ Greg Montana, Creator of the Heart Virtues Program about the Conscious Sexuality Retreat part of the Activating Soul Love Program


"The conscious sexuality retreat was nothing short of transformational; for myself, in my marriage, and in the ripple effect of love that will spread to the world with all of us living as our authentic selves. The honoring and understanding of the divine masculine and supporting conscious men is so needed in our homes, communities, and country. Learning how men and women can thrive together in conscious sexuality is a conversation that is so necessary but not normally had. Come and have this experience, leave and join the ripple effect spreading love and life to the world." ~ C.


"There was a disconnect between my partner and I. We have the foundation for a great relationship, but life circumstances and individual issues were overruling our lives and our ability to be intimate and connected the way we wanted to be. We were stuck in our stories, habits and excuses. The gap that naturally happens with having kids, and life stressors, was widening and we did not want it tear us apart. I discovered a ton about masculine - feminine qualities and how they actually work and affect the relationship with myself and my partner. I saw how my stories and how I relate to them kept me stuck in a limited reality. I also realized that there are some pretty crazy experiences people have had that help put my life in perspective. It is all relative, but this was powerful for me.  My husband and I are addressing issues more easily, not brushing over them. We are in better and more frequent communication. We are having more sex! I understood how I tend to abandon myself and how that affects me, my relationships and family. It has also helped me to find my voice and start creating healthy boundaries." ~ V.


"…In 7 months of recovering from a divorce this workshop has been more valuable to me than therapy and various other support systems I have reached out for. I feel confident that I can fly forward on my path." ~ G.


"I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to Joanna for putting on this Conscious Relating workshop which was very moving… such an empowering workshop. I know it's going to immensely impact my relationship with my wife who took the course with me. It was a wonderful time together. We have lots of things to put together and learn and grow with … with this wonderful information about how men and women think differently, behave differently, see things differently, yet how beautifully we complement each other when we are just open to that. My sincere and deepest gratitude to Joanna and this work."
~ Chris


"Few people can claim to be fully congruent with the message that they bring. Yet, Joanna is intimacy! She unzips her heart and shares passionately a soul committed to awakening each person to that primitive something within that knows how to love. Whether you're male or female, Joanna is taking us all to a place deeper within where there is no separation and where the dance of the divine feminine and masculine never stops! Read her books. Attend her workshops. Hire her as your coach. She will get you turned on and tuned in and inspire and empower you to design and live the life of your dreams!" ~ Rev. Kevin Ross, Unity Minister


"It's been a long road to reclaiming myself after a painful marriage and a painful divorce a decade ago. Reclaiming my masculine was an important part of the puzzle that went unaddressed for too long. It's hard for a man to admit that he's lost what it is to be a man. Joanna's brilliant program helped me in two keys areas. Most importantly, I discovered that 'I still got it.' The things that make us men are never truly 'gone'. They only go missing when we neglect them. Secondly, she showed us how to cultivate these parts of ourselves and how to use our masculinity to make our women safe, heard, and satisfied. I feel even more prepared to serve the world… to lead in the world." ~ D.H.


"During the program I discovered a new level of self-love that has been life changing. I knew I needed help learning to ask for help and the program gave me tools and permission to do that. Plus, I get to make up my own rules with my sexuality. I began a new relationship towards the end of the program. I used the tools from this program to attract him - someone whom I believe may be the love of my life! Through the self-love I discovered during my 90-days, I also feel more confident to trust and continually grow as an individual and as a romantic partner." ~M.F.


"… I had many of the images of men and women taught to me through our culture - that we are equal, that it is a sign of weakness to depend on a man, etc. My idea of a desirable man was so distorted…I didn't want machismo, but I also didn't want a squishy wet noodle. What my heart told was 'right' was often at odds with what my mind told me. It was difficult to sort out. Joanna helps put all the man/woman pieces together in a way that makes sense - that maximizes attraction, allows us to be true to our nature, yet does not invalidate us as strong, passionate and purposeful individuals. My feminine is out in the open now in the most amazing way. My walk, talk, what I see, feel and do in regards to men are all different now - and it feels genuine, fun and sexy! I get some awesome feedback from the guys too! I get to claim my feminine. and I'm loving it."~S.S.


"Any seeker of truth, any man who loves women, any man who wants to LOVE LIFE more fully and LIVE LIFE more fully, any soul who wants to connect more completely with his higher self, connect more completely with his work, and connect more completely with his lover/s (and his loved ones) should make the effort to spend time with Joanna. She is a gifted guide, an insightful teacher, and a beautiful friend." ~ M.B.


"Joanna is a deeply connected and wonderful facilitator in helping the feminine and masculine connect. I learned so much about myself and how to better connect, support and appreciate the opposite sex! Her circles are safe and experiential which lends to a deeper connection and space to share and learn about yourself! This was truly life changing and I have skills and knowledge about myself that I had never learned before! Thank you Joanna for holding a light in an area that has been damaged and difficult!!!" ~ K.R.


"I've made plenty of attempts at personal growth …hoping to figure out what has made me unhappy …, why I choose the women that I do …. Can't honestly say that I made much progress… My one-on-one work with Joanna, which complements the group work, has been nothing short of extraordinary. My life is transforming in amazing ways… I just read a book with this dedication quote: "To all those who have dared to look into their fears and find their hearts". That pretty much sums up working with Joanna! I recommend this to anyone who is ready for some serious getting in touch with the real and powerful guy who might be MIA." ~ S.S.


"I was not living authentically-I was so masculine. This program not only helped me let go of judgments on femininity, but also helped me recognize and bring out my true nature. I learned more about the importance of self- care so that I can give more to others… I have noticed a difference when I am around men now that my feminine energy shines so much brighter. I feel more beautiful and powerful and have had people tell me they have noticed the change!" ~ S.


"Working with Joanna has been a great blessing in my life. I had been going through the turmoil of the dissolution of my 28-year marriage. The decision to make the financial outlay in a time of uncertainty was difficult, however, I am very grateful that I decided I was worth the investment. My situation had left me feeling depleted, unworthy, confused and unsure of how I would be able to move forward in my life independently, and as a solid role model for my two sons. Joanna's expansive knowledge, intuitive nature and incredibly loving heart have guided me along the path of stepping into my feminine power and acknowledging myself worth. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience forgiveness, self- knowledge, and new confidence as a result of our time together. I found the Sacred Circle particularly effective for discovering and releasing deeply buried or unacknowledged situations. I now feel more authentically who I am, and more confident that I am capable of creating the future of my desires. In fact, my life has been showing up quite wonderfully lately." ~ S.


"I was very frustrated in dealing with women and relationships in general. Women (just as men) can be an interesting challenge. It all starts with clearing negative energy and some key areas that were holding me down and blocking any chance of growth. Then, by gaining the education and tools to move forward, this allowed me to see some signs of "good" light. I feel much more aware, bold and honest with myself to move forward with some great tools. If I were to decide to enter into another relationship, as the current man I now am, I now feel very powerful and bold, yet sensitive, brave, compassionate, attractive and trustworthy. My purpose motivates me and my mission has taken on a new light. I now have the courage and confidence to chase all my dreams, instead of in the past, just chasing women. If the right woman shall appear in my future, I know I can add value to the relationship with honesty and respect. Joanna is one of the finest relationship coaches I know and I truly appreciate the opportunity to have spent time with her and the knowledge she shared with me and the group." ~D.H.


"My journey through the Activating Soul Love Program has changed my life at work, with my birth family, my uncommitted lover, my adult son, and my friends. The impact of me embracing my feminine energy and learning to trust it has opened up space for all of them to be more authentically themselves. I truly can say that I am lovable now and I am proud of the way I show up in the world. I had been advised at work 6 months ago that I needed to work on my soft skills and delivery to co- workers. I was causing conflict at work, especially with men because I was coming across as bossy. As I worked through the Activating Soul Love program, I focused on the feminine qualities of surrender, vulnerability and receiving. The more feminine I became, the more masculine my boss and male co-workers became. The frustration I had over them being indecisive and not leading our team became a surrender to the universe of the way they wanted it to be. It was no longer a problem I needed to fix. And somehow it got fixed. We are all working very cohesively now. We are all showing up more authentically and sharing our talents and admiration with each other. It is also visible in 2 other teams we work closely with. The competitiveness among the women has evolved into support and encouragement. This program has a ripple effect on the world around me. And I am so happy." ~ C.


"…I'd learned that it is possible to feel safe with strangers who are taking the same soulful journey with me. I was able to release pent up emotion that I'd thought was resolved with the guidance of Joanna's sentence stems guiding our hearts. I learned to receive love and to guide and support those who needed my love. The retreat opened me up in a way that cannot be expressed fully through words but through heart and soul. Emotions - energy in motion. Hugely impactful." ~R.