Walking the Path of Soul Love

The Journey Happens in 3 Phases...

Where Heart & Sex Unite and Spirit Leads

- Joanna Shakti -

The Soul Love Journey 

Each phase of the journey prepares you for the next, by inviting you to dive deeply, step-by-step, into the extraordinary power of love.

Ecstatic Authenticity Image

Ecstatic Authenticity

It all starts here. Ecstatic Authenticity means it feels soooooo good to be you, that you never want to be anything but you. You'll never settle or sell yourself out for anybody or anything ever again.

The Path of Soul Love starts with who you are being and your willingness to be fully seen exactly as you are...

Ecstatic Intimacy Image

Ecstatic Intimacy

Which means it feels sooooo good to share yourself… To be seen by another and see another so fully that your connection goes deeper and deeper into realms of intimacy you’ve never imagined.

The Path of Soul Love continues by focusing on relating soul-to-soul and your willingness to vulnerably navigate the ups and downs of soul partnership.

Ecstatic Ecstasy

Which means the union of your bodies, hearts and souls drive you wild with pleasure and they burn so hot that they melt away anything that obscures your oneness with love.

The Path of Soul Love deepens with naked hearts and naked bodies taking you to the sacred realms of ecstasy and beyond. 

Phase 1: Embodying Ecstatic Authenticity through Activating Soul Love

Open to singles and couples, during this eye-opening, awakening and highly interactive experience, you will discover how to be genuinely YOU in love and relationship… which means you’ll not only know your needs, wants, boundaries, and desires when it comes to love, sex and intimacy… you’ll know how to confidently express them in a way that empowers both you and your date, partner or spouse.

The 8 Requirements Necessary to Prepare for a Soul Love Partnership*  

(*Igniting Soul Love Session required)

#1 Be Sexy and Attractive Identify your authentic sexual essence (the essential key to polarity—spark and chemistry). You’ll see all the ways you are out of alignment with your sexual essence and discover what it takes to close that “gap” so that you become magnetically attractive and captivating to your one.  

#3 Discover Your Inner Guidance System Learn how to uncover the hidden internal barriers and limited consciousness that blocks, sabotages and even destroys love… sometimes as it barely gets started. Reclaim trust and confidence in you. .

#5 Understand the Opposite Sex Dive deeply into over 50 key communication, needs, and sexuality differences between men and women; Learn the “needs” model that explains every upset you’ve ever had (or ever will have) and enjoy much more harmony and connection.

#7 Set the Stage for Partnership Create a personalized conscious beginning ritual to set a solid relationship foundation. Consciously complete past relationships, even if they've been over for decades. These rituals give your present (or future) relationship the very best chance to last.

#2 Become Radically Self Aware Understand your needs, wants, desires, turn-ons and boundaries as you explore the 7-Layer Diamond of Sacred You and climb to the highest levels of self-honor.  

4 #Honor the REAL You Self-abandonment is the number one destroyer of relationships. When you learn to genuinely honor, respect and love you in all moments, only then will YOU be totally attractive.  

#6 Create the Best Environment for Love Love grows. only in the right environment. So many “think” they have space for love and are shocked to find out the opposite is actually true. Know exactly how to create the right environment, inside and out, for love to unfold and stay strong.

#8 Discover the Ecstasy of Sacred Sensuality Fully engage with the deepest of connections, pleasures, intimacies, and joys. Know the most powerful tools to ignite ecstasy in loving as you awaken your senses to the scents, curves, lines, eyes, and pleasure-filled sounds,of your beloved.

The Soulful Relating Retreat Where Soul Love and Soul Partnership Ignite

The entire Soulful Relating weekend is designed to wake up the ecstatically authentic you — the most romantic, intimate, and passionate you — so you can ignite and experience the deepest love and truest passion.

The Soulful Passion Retreat Where Soul Love & Soul Sex Meet

This powerful and transformative weekend filled with other conscious men and women, like you, will radically transform your relationship with love and sexuality. You’ll walk away not only with a more open heart for intimate loving, but you’ll also know how to ignite the chemistry, attraction and passion that set a relationship on fire with love and ecstasy while keeping those fires burning over the years of loving!

Whether you are dating, engaged, partnered, or married for decades, Activating Soul Love sets (or resets) the critical, and mostly overlooked foundation for deep intimate relating. 

The strength of your relationship with another depends directly on the strength of your relationship with you.

- Joanna Shakti -

"Everything can change in a heartbeat..."

Step Forward

Phase 2: Experiencing Ecstatic Intimacy through Loving Soul-to-Soul

During this transformative advanced deepening, discover and experience what it means to be truly connected on a soul-to-soul level and to enjoy deep intimacy with another. Whether dating or relating, you’ll recognize and practice the presence and the commitment it takes to attract and maintain soul-to-soul love.

8 Critical Practices all Soul Love Partners Use to Maintain and Deepen their Relationship*

(*Activating Soul Love required)

#1 Uniting with the Shadow & Igniting the Light The powerful reflective mirror of your (potential) partner serves both two souls This intensive element brings you into genuine relationship with your greatness, your inner unconscious, and your illusory limitations integrating them into your ecstatically authentic self in life, love. and lovemaking. 

#3 Expressing You Soul-Fully When you are full, happy, inspired, and pleasured, you become phenomenally attractive not just in love, but in life and business too. Claim the source of your deepest power and know how to ignite and embody your passion and share it fully with a lover and the world.  

#5 Embracing Sacred Conflict Conflict is one of the great gifts of sacred relating and you’ll learn to embrace it, in a way that opens your heart and brings you both closer every time, if you’re willing. See what it means to “Fight Conscious Style” so that conflict in love becomes a blessing and not a curse. .

#7 Maintaining Sacred Communion in Love and Romance Know how to ignite and maintain sacred Intimacy from moment one. (Couples, “moment one” is right now.) Explore the exact steps, tools, and methods that ensure your intimate connection not just stays healthy and vital over time, but you keep falling in love over and over.

#2 Pleasuring You in Bed and Out This module shows you exactly how to awaken deep pleasure in your body… not just through sexual loving but through the full engagement with your authentic life. THEN, and only then, can a partner can expand and enhance that pleasure with you!  


#4 Communicating from Sacred Intimacy Move beyond previous “intimacy comfort zones.” Discover the power of transparency, vulnerability, emotionality, and curiosity to communicate in a way that invites both people into the fullest experience of sacred love, where the power of the love begins to go beyond words.  

#6 Navigating Reactions, Stories & Saboteurs Learn how to transform the most common “relationship saboteurs” into “relationship strengtheners” while dissolving unconscious reaction patterns so you spend less and less time in upset and disconnection and much more time in divine loving union.  

#8 Walking the Spiritual Path of Relationship Explore the various paths, practices, and sacred parameters of Ecstatic Ecstasy. Understand the speed bumps you may encounter as you combine and integrate all that you’ve learned and experienced to be fully prepared to live the journey of Ecstatic Love.  

The Sacred Relating Retreat Setting the Foundation for Sacred Partnership  

Packed with experiences designed to eliminate the blocks and barriers to Ecstatic Intimacy so that you know how to create and maintain sacred partnership through the ups and downs of love. You’ll prepare yourself to be truly ready to marry another (or be married, if you already are). 

We’ll dive deeper into the more complex differences between men and women so that you’ll be able to reduce the frequency and intensity of misunderstandings, upsets, and outright arguments. You’ll leave inspired and open to loving at the most intimate and ecstatic levels. 

The Sacred Sexuality Retreat Awaken, Heal & Ignite Sexual Energy through Sacred Loving

During this unique and powerful weekend, you'll explore the foundational elements of Sacred Sexuality and how to can combine these awarenesses, practices, and techniques to ignite a fire of love in your heart and a fire of passion in your sexual center.  

Explore the Ways of the Ecstatic Lover and how they create the container and set the stage for deeper and deeper trust, which creates the space to ignite the true depths sacred passion and pleasure.  

With a focus on intimate relating, from the first glimpse across the room, to long- term intimacy, passion, and connection, this will invite you to embody the sacred partner and lover in you and experience the realms sacred polarity, sacred communication, sacred pleasure and passion, and even sacred conflict so that you can attract (or re-attract) and create (or re-create) a relationship based on soulful intimate love.

When the Divine Masculine and Feminine reveal both power and vulnerability souls find their bond.

- Joanna Shakti -

Step 3: Experiencing Ecstatic Ecstasy through Living & Loving in Ecstatic Union

There is no greater spiritual teacher, no deeper calling to intimacy, no more powerful invitation into the realms of Ecstatic Ecstasy™ and beyond than knowing how to embody intimate love and sacred sexuality.  

We are never more exposed to our own authentic and divine nature, as well as the “shadow” we try to hide… than in partnership with another, and we don’t have to take our clothes off for this to be true.  

Yet, when the clothes come off and the bodies unite, we are invited deeper into the most sacred of all love.  

Relationship, for some, becomes a divine path of personal growth and spiritual awakening. This intimate and powerful program for singles and couples walks with you on your own personal spiritual journey of love, supporting you to experience the deepest realms of ecstatic love.

In other words, you will evolve into divine union of body, soul, and spirit where you are driven wild with pleasure and the flames of love burn so hot that they melt away anything that obscures your oneness with love.

Reviews from Our Community 

”It was not a coincidence that I met the love of my life a few weeks before graduating from Joanna’s program. Throughout the training I learned to trust myself, embrace my femininity, and feel more confident around men. During my courtship with Steve I was able to quickly identify the masculine and feminine dynamics in our relationship. Instead of trying to control our flow, I have been able to appreciate how we show up in the world. The program gave me the tools to be my authentic self which Steve says is the number one reason he is attracted to me. The more vulnerable I am, the safer he feels..“  

~ Michelle, Married in 2019

“After learning about Sacred Conflict, I no longer fear getting into an argument with my wife. We’ve had a few good ones since then. But as we come through them, my understanding and love for her deepens and we are bound together even more tightly than before. Thank you, Joanna!” 

- Terry, 2017

"My life is transforming in amazing ways… I just read a book with this dedication quote: “To all those who have dared to look into their fears and find their hearts”. That pretty much sums up working with Joanna! I recommend this to anyone who is ready for some serious getting in touch with the real and powerful guy who might be MIA.”

- Scott, 2013

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"What we can do today is choose to schedule a little time to reconnect with your truth, your heart, your power…"

Take one step forward with a Private "Igniting Soul Love Session" with Joanna where together you will pinpoint the #1 thing keeping you from Soul Love and identify the best next steps you can take on your personal path of Soul Love.

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Open to Singles, Couples and one Individual in a relationship.  

About Joanna & Ecstatic Intimacy

As the founder of Ecstatic Intimacy and the Soul Love Mentor, Joanna Shakti inspires anyone who hungers for deeper love and intimate pleasure to find and build a soulmate partnership where the love runs deep and the passion stays hot. You might call her a Dating Coach, a Relationship Coach, an Intimacy Coach, a Tantra Teacher or a Spiritual Guide. She’s all of that and so much more as she guides men, women, singles and couples to walk the spiritual path of love creating relationships that are an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.