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The Path of Soul Love ignites deep, authentic, intimate and passionate love... Read on for the love and dating success stories from these Soul Love Program Series grads.

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John & Cindy

"Three months after meeting, we attended the Loving Soul to Soul weekend together. Working through the program with Joanna's support has enabled us to go even deeper into our relationship. During our time and distance apart, we reflected on the work we've done with Joanna. John surprised me in Houston with a ring he found from his mission trip in Africa. We are now set to be married in 2019."

Iris & David

"June 17 will mark our 32nd wedding anniversary.  We will celebrate differently this year!  It will be an ecstatic celebration! Before when I spoke of our long-standing marriage, I would say it feels more like being married 5 or 6 times to 5 or 6 different people.  People change, grow, ebb and flow so much over time that I never felt like we were  married to the same person all that time.   I count myself lucky to have had a partner that ebbed when I flowed, that was strong when I was weak…  I would say we had a good marriage and that we would go the distance.  We were somewhat happy - yes, content-yes, comfortable-yes, ecstatic -NO! In a bizarre twist of life, my son’s life partner invited me to join her for a weekend seminar in Denver, Co.  It was a stretch for me to go, outside my comfort zone.  I hadn’t spent that much time with her, we had had some issues with them going through a break up, I have been adverse to vulnerability in my life and I equated intimacy with sex so I was a bit up tight about what might be brought up in this weekend seminar.  I thank the universe that I pushed past all that and made the trip. Meeting Joanna that weekend changed me, my life, my marriage and my relationship with all those I love.  I felt pulled to work with Joanna not even knowing the depths her work would take me. I was only working with Joanna for about a month when my husband decided he too was interested in finding out more about the program.  One call with Joanna and his eyes were opened to new possibilities for himself and for us! We just passed our one-year anniversary with this program and I can’t begin to explain the impact.  The ripples that cause giant waves of enlightenment including stronger connection and deeper intimacy.  The shared laughter, the open trust, the deep wounds healed, the soft touches, the mindful transitions, the joy, the peace, the excitement, the love, the ECSTACY. This work is so powerful.  No matter your status, single, married, coupled, breaking up… if you have the opportunity to do this work, grab it!  It will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine."

David & Iris Pattillo
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Michelle and Steve

" It was not a coincidence that I met the love of my life a few weeks before graduating from Joanna's program. Throughout the training I learned to trust myself, embrace my femininity, and feel more confident around men.

During my courtship with Steve I was able to quickly identify the masculine and feminine dynamics in our relationship. Instead of trying to control our flow, I have been able to appreciate how we show up in the world. The program gave me the tools to be my authentic self which Steve says is the number one reason he is attracted to me. The more vulnerable I am, the safer he feels.

Another one of the many tools we use is the hug to relax. All it takes is this one magical hug to bring us back when we get disconnected from one another. We are recently engaged to be married and I am more confident than ever that this will be a lifetime of love, commitment and beautiful conversations."

Birgit & Dave are happily husband and wife!!

"I used to go to singles events and other events with the expectation, "Tonight I could meet the one!" And every time I came home disappointed. I felt very lonely, and at times even unworthy.

Joanna's work caused a shift in me. I was loving myself and I could fully step into the amazing person I am.

One evening I went out dancing just for myself. I didn't look around, and I didn't care who else was there. I just wanted to have a good time. That was the evening I met Dave." ~Birgit, past grad

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Stacey & Lysle are Falling in Love

"The journey I have been on with Joanna's programs has brought so much love into my life.  I have opened up to seeing the love I already had around me, to loving myself, and to receiving a love that I have never felt so deeply in my whole life.  Knowing myself has allowed me to share my desires, dreams, and expanded my expectation to attract and experience profound deep love with a wonderful man. I never knew this was possible."

Update: Stacey & Lysle are now married!

Terry & Emily Embrace Sacred Conflict in their Marriage

"After learning about Sacred Conflict, I no longer fear getting into an argument with my wife. We've had a few good ones since then. But as we come through them, my understanding and love for her deepens and we are bound together even more tightly than before. Thank you, Joanna!"

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Amanda & Justin are Married and Adopting

"Justin and I had our first date on Valentine's day 3 years ago. I knew this guy was different from the start- he actually asked me insightful curious questions about myself, and told me his honest thoughts and feelings on the date. Near the end, he actually said, "well, this was fantastic. I would really like to see you again."

Wow, he was not playing games or trying to hide. And I was no longer trying to lead or make it too easy for him. I was leaning back a bit and speaking every word while connected to my heart. It made all the difference! 10 months later, he surprised me at one of my group events with a marriage proposal. He spoke and even *sang* to me and had arranged to catch it all on video. I was blown away.

Now, we just celebrated 3 years together and we are embarking on the journey of adoption! We feel we have so much love for each other and plenty left over to share with a new little human. Our old patterns have been replaced with true love, actual real forgiveness when needed, and deep respect/appreciation of our different skills but shared vision and values. Plus, he just cracks me up!!"

Robin & Brad

"Brad and I had met for a meet and greet through Fitness Singles at Panera Bread almost two years ago. We shared and compared. It was evident to us that we had interests in common and had also learned that we had common friends......small world. We live nearby each other and began spending much time together. Our relationship moved quickly, and with Covid 19 confronting us and offering up new decisions, Brad and I have had opportunities to grow in our ability to discuss differences and to problem solve through conflicts. My participation in the Activating Soul Love program with Ecstatic Intimacy taught me how to approach conflict with intention and grace and to first and foremost, take care of me. By communicating my emotions and desires, I no longer abandon myself, therefore encouraging an authentic and loving me. We continue to share joyful experiences and to grow together as well as independently. I am grateful..."

Robin Motisi & Brad
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Mike & Lisa are Inseparable

"Lisa and I found each last summer after being in the same social club for over 20 years. Now you cannot separate us. We just spent an amazing weekend skiing in Relationship Paradise. Our hardest times now are when we are apart and the future looks very promising for us. All this was made possible by hard work, fearlessness, and fantastic coaching and programs skillfully run by spiritually guided teachers. Joanna Shakti has been an important link in my growth process. I would not be here without her. I cannot tell it was an easy process, but I knew that at the beginning. All I can tell you is to keep the faith!! I now anticipate a lifetime of weekends in Relationship Paradise."

Inea and Andres

"I am 44 years old and worked hard at finding my ideal soul mate, I didn't want to give up." Joanna's workshop was a very important piece of this puzzle. She fully supported me and I learned and practiced the feeling place of the mate I was looking for. The best words to describe it was the feeling of home, natural and open with someone. Most importantly being myself 100% to be truly happy. I was finally introduced to him and coincidentally he was living in my building! I was living there for 3 years and we never met before. We are married and very very happy. We bring out the best in each other! Thank you for your amazing work Joanna. I definitely recommend the workshop finding true love and yourself. Joanna will help you tune in to your true desires allowing the most natural process to unfold."

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