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Welcome to the Global Training Series:

Paving the Way to Soul Love – How Singles and Couples Find and Create Soul Partnerships

If you’d like to practice with a group of Conscious Men and Women… Singles and Couples… committed to Soul Love, Soul Sex and Soul Partnership… visit https://ecstaticintimacy.com/conscious-relating-retreat/

Training #1:

Clearing the Path:

“How to Stop Sabotaging Your Heart & Leave the Baggage Behind”

Training #2:

The TRUE in True Love: 

“How Soulmate Love and Soul Partnerships Ignite and Stay Hot”

Training #3:

Cultivating Conscious Chemistry: 

“Where Heart and Sex Unite and Passion Sizzles”

Please share comments and feelings below… I’d love to hear your biggest ah-ha’s and uh-oh’s!


If this stirred your heart … if you’ve got more hope… if you’re done with the hurt… if you’d like to connect with other conscious men and women… then, join me at the Conscious Relating Retreat in September: https://ecstaticintimacy.com/conscious-relating-retreat/


In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

The Soul Love Mentor