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It’s summer lovin’ time … Days are longer… more time for play… more time for love. Are you feeling it? Or maybe…

… you’re frustrated and tired of rejection, or the friend-zone.

… you’re ready to find your “one,” but you don’t know where to look.

… you wonder, “Why does love have to be so hard, or hurt so much?”

If that’s you…

Your mind and emotions take you on a downward spiral of fear, self-doubt… and even self-sabotage. But the thing is… I know it doesn’t have to be that way…

Love can be happy… and hot!

Treasure HuntSpeaking of hot…

July, August and September are RIPE months for love and fun – in fact, these months can be the best part of your entire year… full of romance, laughter, and awesome lovemaking.

… and I want you to have the love… the deep soul-love… you desire!

How would you like my PERSONAL support to ignite deep love and heated passion… where it’s hotter inside than out this summer?


The “Soul Love” Treasure Hunt

I’ll be taking 10 committed singles or couples on an adventure to discover and chart their personal course to Soul Love!

… which means finding, and keeping, a relationship

where the love runs deep and the passion stays hot!

(Every treasure hunt needs a treasure map, right?!) 

In your private, 1:1 Soul Love Treasure Hunt Session, I will focus my love and intimacy “brain” entirely on your love life and what it needs. In particular, we will… 

    • Uncover hidden obstacles to enjoying connection and chemistry in your relationship (especially if you’ve been struggling for a long time). Get totally clear.
    • Get serious about what’s been holding you back from true romance (or what puts you in the friend zone) and how to bust through those limitations.
    • Look at the most relevant and critical strategies for you to attract the best partner for you (or re-attract the one you have).
    • Set your course to Soul Love so you can enjoy even more fun, love, and lovemaking this summer!

Treasure Hunt EntryThis is a rare opportunity for 10 highly-motivated men and women who are ready to attract and enjoy love on an entirely new level… to get the GIFT of my undivided attention and focus (yep, you get me — no coach team members.)

An introductory Breakthrough session is valued at $497, and I normally offer them for an investment of $197.

Here’s what’s best about these Treasure Hunt Sessions…  They are complimentary. No charge. Nada.

You do need to be a serious, committed man or woman who is ready and willing to take new action. (No offense, but if your romantic life is more of a part-time or take-it-or-leave-it “hobby,” this session isn’t for you.)

These sessions are available for singles, couples, or even one partner in a relationship…

I’ll be picking 10 individuals or couples who feel the most-ready to find, create and share deep soul-to-soul love.

Apply now… These sessions will be taking place between July 19th and 29th – that’s it.

So let’s get diggin’ and uncover the most confident, powerful, and passionate lover in you now


Joanna Shakti - Sacred Intimacy Mentor





Then, here’s exactly what you need to do…


  1. Click the “Enter Now” button below to access the Soul Love Treasure Hunt entry form
  2. Fill in your details on the entry form
  3. Watch your inbox… I’ll be making selections soon and I’ll be emailing links to schedule to those selected.

* For new clients only

It is my honor, privilege and immense joy to support heart-centered men and women like you… to move beyond the challenges of love and passion and create a relationship that’s a full expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.


In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti
heart virtue circle

“I’m all about virtues and when you can present sexual healing in a virtuous professional environment… it’s very difficult to do…  I told Joanna after the workshop, this is the single most powerful 3 days I’ve ever seen in a workshop…and I do some pretty powerful workshops myself…”

Greg Moores Creator of the Heart Virtues Program January 5, 2017

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