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Hot & Happy? Friendly & Fizzled?

So Where Do You Fall on the Soulful Lover Scale?


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So you got your Soulful Lover score in your email…

Simply compare your total score to the Soulful Lover Scale below and find out which Soul Love ‘Route’ you’re on.

The Soulful Lover Scale will show you exactly which route you’re currently taking on your personal path of Soul Love.  And, depending on the route you’re currently on, I’ll make some recommendations below that can help you change course and get a new roadmap for love!  

When you’ve chosen the best route, when you’re on the right path… Soul Love, Soul Sex,  and Soul Partnership are magical, ecstatic and amazingly fulfilling.   

Soulful Lover Scale:
Which Route Are You Taking on the Path of Soul Love?

EI quiz results longing

If Your Score Falls Between


Your Current Soul Love Route is:

“Longing for Love”

EI quiz results fizzled

If Your Score Falls Between


Your Current Soul Love Route is:

“Friendly but Fizzled”

EI quiz results friendly

If Your Score Falls Between

107 – 141

Your Current Soul Love Route is:

“Loving & Friendly”

EI quiz results happy

If Your Score Falls Between

142 – 176

Your Current Soul Love Route is:

“Hot & Happy”

So What Does My Soul Love Route Mean for Me?

Hot & Happy

You’re right where you want to be, traveling the ecstatic path of Soul Love.  If you’re partnered, keep deepening the connection of your hearts, bodies, and souls.  If you’re single, be the light you are in the world.  Simply get out there and start mingling. You are bound to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right and create a powerful Soul Partnership!

EI quiz results happy

Loving & Friendly

You’ve got a lot of great relationship skills. Your heart wants to connect, yet, part of you is holding back.  Your whole being – your heart, your mind, your body, your spirit, and your soul aren’t all in alignment yet.  The good news is, you’re not far off course.  With a revised roadmap and some now new soulful insights, you’ll be sailing into the sunset of soul love. 

If you’re partnered, it’s time to talk about what the two of you truly desire and find the path that will take you there together, with the union of your souls.  If you’re single, your attraction factor is definitely turned on, you just need to make some adjustments to amp up the volume of magnetism.

Either way, remember to always love and honor yourself. And, you can always brush up on your relationship skills and learn even more about the opposite sex so you can turn challenges into connections!

EI quiz results friendly

Friendly but Fizzled

The relationship you have, or the relationships you’ve had in the past, probably often included good love and friendship but over time lacked the juiciness, the passion, the butterfly flutters of immense love that seems to go on forever.  Or, maybe you’re hanging out with someone who’s just not as into you as you are into them. Or, worse yet, maybe you’re tolerating things you know don’t actually work for you, but you don’t have the courage to let go and move on.   Any way that you are settling or twisting yourself into a pretzel to get or keep love, will never work.

Singles, if you keep ending up in the friend-zone or couples, if you’ve found yourselves in the roommate zone, it’s definitely a wake up call to do two things.

1) Amp up your Ecstatic Authenticity – that’s the you that you love being – it’s more self-love than you’ve ever imagined.  (And, yes, loving, honoring and respecting you, will get you the romantic love you desire.

2) Ignite your authentic sexual essence, your masculine or feminine energy.  Finding out what your sexual essence is and living true to that energy is a game changer when it comes to magnetic connection and passion.

You have a great opportunity to really learn what makes attraction and chemistry last, what keeps love running and passion stay hot.

EI quiz results fizzled

Longing for Love

You’ve likely struggled with love and relationships, and maybe even sexuality.  You may feel lonely, confused and you might have even lost your faith in love.  You probably feel like you’ve done everything to find your soulmate and to be a good partner in your relationship (past or present), yet you feel empty, unseen, unappreciated and you might even think, “Why doesn’t anyone get how great I am and what a great partner I am / I’d be?”

No matter whether in this moment you are single or partnered, it is absolutely possible to find and enjoy the depths and passions of Soul Partnership.  First, you have to BE a Soul Lover, BE a Soul Partner.  Then the soulmate who can truly meet the authentic brilliant you will feel your frequency vibrating in the universe and find you.  I know that might sound hokey, and, the truth is, it’s all about energy.  The energy you’re giving off (consciously or unconsciously) is the energy that’s being reflected back to you.

It’s time for you to find, uncover and reveal the attractive, sexy, confident you who will no longer settle for less than your soul’s desire.  And when you truly know how amazing you are, when you no longer doubt your own lovability, when you embody your authentic sexual essence and you truly understand what the opposite sex needs and wants…. then you’ll naturally ignite a spark with a soul partner and create a relationship where you fall asleep happy and in love, where your heart skips a beat each time you’re together.

EI quiz results longing

So What Now? 


You can choose a different route. You can get a new roadmap.  


There’s nothing good or bad about your score. There’s nothing good or bad about the route you’re on.

Joanna Shakti

Knowing where you currently are gives you choice.

Ask yourself, “What Soul Love Route do I truly want to be on?  Am I willing to leave my old roadmap behind and get a new one?”


After you answer those questions, if you want to change directions and you’d like that new roadmap… if you’d even like a guide along the way, I’d be truly honored to serve you and your heart (and your partner and your partner’s heart, if you have one.)


If you’re on any route other than the “Hot & Happy” route, let’s meet personally one-on-one (or two-on-one) where we’ll talk about exactly which route you are on and which route you want to be on…


Together, you and I will identify the very best next steps you can take to get you on the ‘Hot & Happy’ route experiencing true soul-to-soul connection on every level – heart, mind, body, spirit and soul.


And, because I’m so committed to having truly happy hearts in the world…

when you register and use Promo Code: HAPPY, you’ll save 50% on this session.

Register here for this powerful private session. Get more details here: Igniting Soul Love Session


I look forward to connecting personally soon!


In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti
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