Soulful Passion Retreat

Where Soul Love & Soul Sex Meet

(If you are looking for the Conscious Sexuality Retreat – you are in the right place!  We’re making a name change.)


Hello Passionate Soulful Seekers of Love and Intimacy…

Ever thought sex and love should have been better than this?

Singles and Couples… Ask yourself… 

Have you ever…

  • Longed for more intimacy?
  • Wanted to spice up your lovemaking?
  • Lost interest in sex? Felt like it was a chore?
  • Watched love fade or passion fizzle?
  • Had sex when you really didn’t want to?
  • (Women)… Felt like he’s “just not there”?
  • (Men)… Wished she was just more into it?
  • Felt “repressed” in sexual expression?  Or been with a partner who was?
  • “Chased” orgasms and wondered why it wasn’t working?
  • Wanted to be a better lover?
  • Fought about sex?  about affection?  about intimacy?
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If any of these descriptions sound like your love and sex life… you’re not alone.


Couples, if you’re saying… “But wait!  Our relationship is good… we just want it to be even better.”  AWESOME!  The Soulful Passion Retreat will support you too.


Whether you’re looking for your soulmate…  or  you’re married to him/her…

Whether your love and intimate life feels great…  or it’s needing a romantic restart


Let’s get you on your way to ecstatic living, loving and lovemaking right away!

Hormones & Honeymoons

Here’s the thing… too many men and women have been programmed to have lousy sex lives… which leads to unhappy love lives.   When the hormones and honeymoon wear off… or the kids arrive…  the topics of sex and intimacy can turn from pleasure to pain.

That’s why so many eventually give up.

  • It’s why so many haven’t made love in years.
  • It’s why so many feel less than confident when it comes to bedroom skills.
  • It’s why it’s one of the top things couples fight about.
  • It’s why singles worry about “first time sex” with a new partner.
  • It’s why orgasms can be elusive or sex is over before you know it.
  • It’s why too many relationships end up in breakup or divorce.
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Worse Yet…

We don’t talk about it!  OMG!  This hugely important part of life goes undiscussed… until we explode in hurt or frustration.  And, that doesn’t usually change a thing.   With a little less steam or after crying some good tears, we go back to life as usual… but our hearts are a little less connected and our sexuality is a little more shutdown.


Then we wonder why we’re not happy and energized about life or love.

Singles… a quick note… 

NOW is the time to discover your full sexual expression and confidence. You want to bring this wisdom, skill and experience to your next relationship rather than fumbling through your “first time sex” and hoping he/she will want to learn with you. (Plus, when you know how to be a great lover in bed and out… you’ll attract a very different and much better fitting partner!)


Become the best lover and partner you can be now!

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I was Unhappy & Non-Orgasmic

To say I grew up confused about sex and love is an understatement to say the least.


I eventually married my “Prince Charming”… He loved my body… I loved his… and my orgasms eluded us.  Sex got less and less frequent.


We divorced and I kept trying relationship after relationship… with an occasional mind-blowing orgasm… but I never found that spark—the connection and passion I hungered for.

On the most frustrating days, I asked:

“Why do I keep meeting all the sexually repressed men?”


Years later, I finally understood why I couldn’t find a relationship where clear communication, true partnership, real intimacy, and passionate sex were the “norm”.


I discovered the ancient practices of Sacred Loving… and life, love and sex were never the same again.

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I went on to become an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator so I could help singles and couples like you, who have struggled with love and sex, find their confidence… their pleasure potential… and then create a relationship where the love runs deep and the passion gets hotter!


And that’s why… after 8 years of keeping this retreat exclusive to my program and private clients, I decided to open it up to the public again.  So…

You’re invited to the…

Soulful Passion Weekend Retreat

Where Soul Love & Soul Sex Meet… How to have Deep Intimacy & Ecstatic Pleasure

LIVE in Denver, CO – Nov 1-3, 2019

This powerful and transformative weekend filled with other conscious men and women, like you, will radically transform your relationship with love and sexuality.


You’ll walk away not only with a more open heart for intimate loving, but you’ll also know how to ignite the chemistry, attraction and passion that set a relationship on fire with love and ecstasy while keeping those fires burning over the years of loving!


Here’s what you can expect from this powerful, safe, fully-clothed and respectable Soulful Passion weekend event…

“I almost didn’t come to the workshop and Joanna spoke the perfect words to move me to be here this weekend. Joanna and her support team prepare a safe and intentional space for opening into the topic of sexuality that moved me to feel freer and more open than I ever have in my life. In 7 months of recovering from a divorce this workshop has been more valuable to me than therapy and various other support systems I have reached out for. I feel confident that I can fly forward on my path.” ~ G.

“The conscious sexuality retreat was nothing short of transformational – for myself, in my marriage, and in the ripple effect of love that will spread to the world with all of us living as our authentic selves. The honoring and understanding of the divine masculine and supporting conscious men is so needed in our homes, communities, and country. Learning how men and women can thrive together in conscious sexuality is a conversation that is so necessary but not normally had.  Come and have this experience, leave and join the ripple effect spreading love and life to the world.” ~ C.

On the Evening of Day 1 and Day 2:
Release Your Limits to Pleasure and Ecstasy
Your “Conscious Sexuality” Intensive Retreat begins with experiences and exercises designed to remove the blocks and barriers to sexual connection, intimacy and ecstasy that might exist within you.  You’ll clear out beliefs, habits, fears, and judgments that have limited you from fully connecting with your sexual expression. We’ll look at body and self-image perceptions that hold you back from fully loving and being loved.  You’ll be able to remove societal, religious and “life-experience” conditioning that unconsciously limits both your pleasure and your partner’s pleasure.

Leaving all that behind, you’ll be able to take your intimate life to the edges of ecstasy and beyond.

Day 2:  Evening:
Releasing the Sexual Wounding Between the Masculine and Feminine
In this powerful evening experience, together the men and women will create a sacred space of witnessing, honoring and healing the mistrust, misunderstanding, and disrespect of the masculine and feminine in love and intimacy.  This experience leaves those in attendance in awe of the healing power available to us when we come together and unite in conscious community.  Leave feeling witnessed, honored and cleansed.

Day 3:
Igniting the Passion
Finally, on day three we’ll explore things like types of orgasms, important sexual anatomy, sexual differences, men’s and women’s needs, turn-ons, desire, and the sexual dance of the divine masculine and feminine with all of its ravishing ecstasy.

We’ll create a space for learning, questions, conversations, and honesty between men and women as they share with each other what truly creates the most ecstatic sexual experiences for each other.

The entire Soulful Passion weekend retreat is designed to wake up the most romantic, intimate, and passionate lover in you, so you can share and receive the deepest pleasures of intimate and sexual union.

“I had no idea what to expect in a whole retreat about this topic that I’m not accustomed to talking about. I decided to jump in and do it. It BEYOND met my expectations in the sharing and witnessing the shifts that took place in myself and so many of the participants. Joanna is a master facilitator and brings out everyone’s needs and, in her compassion, gently guides their process and openings 100% if they are willing to be brave. I’m confident this experience will benefit me in the months and years to come.” ~ D.

“At 69 and single, I was contemplating giving up my sexual life when I heard of this workshop. The information I gained here from Joanna and the other participants has proved to be a lifesaver already. I’m excited to employ my new discoveries.” ~ J.

At the end of the weekend you can expect to leave with…

  • Much more confidence in bed and out to create passion, intimacy and ecstasy for you and your partner
  • The wisdom to know what ignites desire and what douses the flames of passion.
  • The freedom to talk about sex in a way that feels good… and makes your loving even better. (Not talking about sex is a sure-fire way to have lousy sex.)
  • Practical insights into what actually makes love and lovemaking great for the opposite sex (I find most men and women have this completely wrong!)
  • The know-how to stop making the mistakes that happen way too often during foreplay, lovemaking and even the morning after!
  • Re-ignited interest and desire for physical intimate loving that keeps passion burning over the long-term.
  • An uninhibited, authentic, fun and connected approach to sex, sensuality and love!
  • The secrets to unite heart and sex for the most intimate, passionate and fulfilling lovemaking ever.
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Here’s what that could look like in your life… 

  • You live, love and make love with passionate ecstasy.
  • You enjoy the love, affection, intimacy and sex you truly desire…
  • You feel confident as a powerful lover and partner…
  • You frequently enjoy “best ever’s”
  • Love grows deeper and deeper over the years…
  • You have more energy, creativity, and prosperity than you’ve ever had before…
  • You enjoy more regular and more powerful orgasms for you and your partner…
  • You’re happier, healthier and more in love than you ever imagined.

Here’s More of What Past Participants Have Shared about this Weekend experience…

“Wow.  Conscious Sexuality blew me away… way past my expectations.  It was an incredibly safe space.  I really felt comfortable to open up and ask any question about sex or sexual practices that I ever want to know.  Joanna’s expertise is just amazing and she’s really capable of taking you to a depth of experience that was totally unexpected to me.  What I see possible for me now is being able to drop the façade … be my authentic self, … and attract love into my life.” ~Birgit


“I’ve been married for 12 years and this weekend I had the most incredible sex with this lady, who is actually my wife, but it was like the very first time we ever got together.  It was special. It was intimate. It’s going to be an opportunity to not only change my life but evolve it.  If you’re reading this, you should be part of it. If you’re missing out, you’re missing part of your life!” ~Rick

“The weekend really allowed me to uncover some of the conflicting beliefs I had around sex and masturbation and all these ideas around sexuality. We did process work to help clear some of those out. It was such a beautiful mix between intellectual understanding, awareness, doing processes and really getting some of that emotion out. It really provided a deep space of vulnerability, so people could share in a non-judgmental way and really let go of some of that stuff that gets caught in there around what sex should be.” ~ George


“Wow.  I’m completely blown away.  The wisdom and expertise that was given during this workshop was absolutely bar none.  It was fantastic, and the space held all throughout weekend, was incredible.  So incredible in fact, I was able to release some very very longstanding (we’re talking all the way back to when I was 15 years old) emotional, and even physical issues, that were really plaguing me in the area of sexuality. So, if you are even questioning, or even a little bit nervous about it, don’t be because the information you are going to get here is going to literally change your life forever.  I cannot stress that enough.  I feel like a completely different person coming out of this workshop. I absolutely recommend this.  You have to come. “ ~ Jess

Soulful Passion Weekend Retreat

Omni Interlocken Hotel

Nov 1 6:30 pm – Nov 3 at 5 pm


Registration Bonus #1:
Private Igniting Soul Love Session with Joanna 

*New Clients Only

These sessions, for singles and couples, are designed to take an honest look at what’s been happening for you in the world of love and sex, to identify the keys blocks and barriers to the love you want, and then to have you step back into your power…  Together you and Joanna will make sure you get crystal clear on the next best steps you can take to create the life, love, and lovemaking that you desire!  (Value $497)

If you’re wondering… is this Soulful Passion Retreat right for me?  This weekend is designed specifically for you if…

  • you’ve ever thought there must be more to love and sex
  • you’re single and you want sex and love to be better in your next relationship
  • you’re in a relationship and it’s time to re-ignite the passion and pleasure in your life
  • you’ve lost some of your interest in sex… or your partner (or past partner) has
  • You hunger for a relationship where you grow and evolve together
  • You’re curious about and drawn to the ideas of Tantra, sacred sensuality, and sacred sexuality… even if you’ve currently lost some of your interest in sex or you’re afraid “sacred” means “passionless”.
  • You thought you had to wait to explore sex and sexuality until you had a partner, or until your current partner would join you.

This weekend is designed for singles, couples, and individuals in relationships whose partners prefer not to participate in trainings and events.

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Spaces are limited. Register now to save your space at this powerful, safe, fully-clothed and respectable retreat… 

Registration:  $997
Early Bird $497


Bonus #2:  Bring a Friend at No Cost*

A friend joins you for free at the Soulful Passion Weekend Retreat! (You don’t need to bring a friend if you don’t want to and you don’t need to know who your friend is right now. You can register him or her later.  I do suggest that you register now to save your spot, so that your attendance is guaranteed!) 

* Bring-a-friend bonus available to first time registrants only.

I hope to see you there…

I know the challenges of love and sex can be painful, VERY painful…

I know you can feel shutdown, frustrated, embarrassed, lonely when it comes to intimacy.

I know it’s easy to blame your incomplete and unfulfilling sex life on your partner or past partners…

The good news… feelings change, challenges end, and when you stop thinking it’s their fault… 

… you get empowered and that’s when real change happens.


If your heart… your soul… is hungry for real love and intimate passion… even if the thought scares you.  (It scared me.  Most of us aren’t fond of the unknown… and the realm of conscious and sacred sexuality is a big unknown for most of us.)


That’s why I’m here… to shine a light on the old shadows and show you how to ignite ecstatic pleasure… 

Join me in Denver and together we’ll ignite YOUR body, heart and soul.

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Questions are always welcome. Email me at [email protected] or call 303-956-2796.

See you soon!


With love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

“Every adult of every age should take this leap of faith and learning. The freedom to question the rules of sexuality and how we relate to our own bodies is life altering.” ~ C.

“I’m 21 and this workshop opened a whole new world to me. Highly recommend this to young men.” ~S.

“Eye-opening, life-changing, best way to spend a weekend with like minded people.” ~ S.

P.S. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about the Soulful Passion Retreat:


I’m confused about the name of the retreat.  Did the name change?

The Soulful Passion retreat used to be called the Conscious Sexuality Retreat.  The content and transformation that happens over the weekend has not changed.  The name is simply different.


Is there any nudity?
No. The Soulful Passion Retreat weekend is designed to be a safe, sacred, and honoring space for men and women to release anything that limits their genuine sexual expression and ignite more love and passion in their lives.


Can I attend part of the weekend?
I’m afraid not.  Once we start on Friday night, we’ll create a conscious container for everyone to feel comfortable exploring this important topic of sexuality in a conscious and honoring way.


What are the starting and ending times each day?

We kick-off the Soulful Passion Retreat Friday night at 6:30.  (Registration opens at 6 pm).  Saturday we’ll start and 9 am and finish about 9:30 pm. (We’ll take lunch and dinner breaks that day.)  Sunday we’ll start at 9 am and finish about 5.


Where is the Soulful Passion Retreat held?  If I live locally do I need to stay at the hotel?

The Retreat will be held at the Denver Airport Marriott Hotel at Gateway Park.  We have a special discounted rate if you’d like to stay and if you live locally you can stay and home and commute each day if you would like.  If you’re traveling in from out of town, there is a free hotel shuttle to transfer you from the airport to the hotel quickly.


I’m single, is this retreat for me?  or I’m in a relationship, is this retreat for me?
Absolutely – it’s for both singles and couples.  We usually have about 70% single and 30% couples and that mix provides for wonderful learning, sharing and support.


I’m in a relationship, what if my partner isn’t interested and doesn’t want to participate?
Not to worry – the system, tools, and ways of being that you will learn will still contribute greatly to your relationship… It only takes one to start a change for both.


Will I have to work with other people?  Will I have to share?
No and… this retreat offers a safe environment for everyone to practice the very skills that make a relationship successful.  You don’t have to step outside your comfort zone, but I’ll encourage it, because your comfort zone isn’t where the change you want happens.  You can choose to share with the group if you’d like and you always get to choose your partner for any exercises.


I’m scared to open my heart again.
I honor you and I’m very sensitive to the pain you may have from previous relationships.  Trust that there will be others who are also feeling that ache.  I will be there to hold your hand… and your heart… so you can find yourself opening to trust again.


Will this work for me?
The Soulful Passion Retreat is the kind of retreat where people say, “Wow, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” It’s the kind of retreat that men and women alike lament, “I wish I’d learned this when I was younger!”  This weekend will re-open your eyes to the real power and possibility of love and intimacy.  The retreat is designed so that you can leave behind the unconscious patterns that have sabotaged you and your partner in the past and yes, you will discover how to be an awesome lover.


I have another question you didn’t cover; how do I get an answer?
Questions are normal, please send them to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away!