Soulful Relating Virtual Retreat

Where Soul Love & Soul Partnerships Ignite || February 26 - 28, 2021

Hello Soulful Seekers of Love & Intimacy…

Singles and Couples… Ever experienced this?


  • Men, you can’t seem to make women happy, no matter what you do: Sometimes you just want to give up.
  • Women, you feel like you had to stay in control and keep it together to not look weak or needy: At the same time you wonder, “Where are all the strong men?” … and find it hard to trust.
  • Singles, you feel as if you’re wasting your time dating people who really aren’t right for you:  You keep hoping… thinking it’s just a matter of time.
  • Couples, you wonder what happened to the love and passion: You might even fear you’ll never get it back… 
  • Men, you feel like the nice guy who finishes last and never gets the girl: If you’re supposed to be kind and sensitive… why does she get frustrated or turned off?!
  • Women, you feel like he’s not (or wasn’t) really there or he just “doesn’t get it”: You wish men would show up and be present.  You wish you could depend on them so you could finally relax a little and not have to handle it all.
  • You’re tired of watching the chemistry fizzle and the love fade… and ending up in the friend zone: Nice girls and nice guys… intimidating women and sensitive men… lost the “spark”.
  • You’ve fought about sex? About affection? About intimacy? You’ve fought about it… over and over and over again…
  • You fall asleep lonely…
Masculine Feminine workshop

If any of these descriptions sound familiar… you’re not alone.


Let’s get you on your way to authentic living, loving and lovemaking.


Whether you’re looking for your soulmate…  or you’re married to him/her…

Whether your love and intimate life feels great…  or it needs a romantic restart

“The Soulful Relating retreat is a fabulous experience in self-discovery and how one shows up in a relationship. I am truly blessed to have been able to participate. I feel I am more cognitive of my masculine energy and can begin to change the way I show up to be more in line with who I am.” ~ Robert

You are invited to the…


Soulful Relating Virtual Retreat

Where Soul Love and Soul Partnerships Ignite…
How to have Deep Intimacy and Ecstatic Love


Retreat Weekend
February 26-28, 2021

The Unfortunate Truth about Your Romantic Roadmap

Here’s the thing… If you’re like most men and women, you weren’t given a roadmap to love… and the “map” you made up in your head is filled with wrong turns, dead ends, and one way streets.  Your map has probably taken you to places you never intended to visit in relationship.

That’s exactly why love hurts… 

  • It’s why men play small.
  • It’s why women play tough (and small).
  • It’s why men think assertive is a bad word and women think soft is weak.
  • It’s why you might think alone is better.
  • It’s why couples fight. (Do you realize the two of you are following different maps and they’re both inaccurate?)
  • It’s why men and women don’t understand each other.  (You actually need two maps and two dictionaries.)
  • It’s why singles worry about first dates, first kisses, and first time sex.
  • It’s why love can fade before you know it…  and you wonder, “What in the world happened?”
  • It’s why too many relationships end up in breakup or divorce.
AdobeStock Equal isn't Same in Conscious Relating 1

Worse Yet…


Men in our culture have been both rewarded and criticized for being sensitive, soft, and emotional.  

Yes… soft and sensitive are great qualities in a man, as long as he never trades off his authentic presence, potency, and purpose in order to be that way. 

You’re left feeling confused and frustrated… like you can’t win.


At the same time, women learned to be strong, powerful, and never show vulnerability.

These are also fantastic qualities, but when they are rules and “shoulds” rather than authentic personal truths, they leave many women exhausted, lonely, and longing…

The problem is we’ve made equal mean same, and that kind of equality kills passion. 

You’ll discover a whole different way of relating at the…


Soulful Relating Virtual Retreat

Where Soul Love and Soul Partnerships Ignite… How to have Deep Intimacy and Ecstatic Love 


Retreat Weekend
February 26-28, 2021

I’ve Made HUGE Mistakes in Love and I’ve Found a Better Way…

20 years ago, my marriage to “Prince Charming” ended in divorce.  After that I went through relationship after relationship after relationship.  They were all good in some ways, they just never had the deep love and passion I craved

I often asked, “Where are all the strong men?”

On the most frustrating days, I asked,

“Why do I keep meeting all the sexually repressed men?”  

Years later, I finally got it.

It was never them.  It was me.

I realized the very same thing that was the source of my strength, independence and success was also destroying my relationships.

I was climbing the corporate ladder. I was tough, smart, and strong.  It made me great friends and colleagues with men, but romantically unattractive…

I thought I was being exactly what men wanted.


It happens the same way for men… it just looks different.

Prince Charming in Conscious Relating
She doesn't want the bad boy

Men, She Doesn’t Actually Want the ‘Bad Boy’

I’ll come right out and say it—women don’t want the “bad boy.”

Women want a man that they can trust and rely on, a man who knows who he is

and what he stands for… who also has an open heart.

(Women are truly done with emotionally unavailable men.)

Women, He Wants to be Your Hero

Ladies, I’ll come right out and say it here too – men want to be your hero.

And you don’t let them.   You miss out on the attention, affection and generosity your crave.

If you’re like the millions of professional, successful, attractive women out there struggling in their relationships, you’re probably independent, strong, and totally reliable. 

You might imagine that accepting help, or worse yet asking for help, makes you somehow weak or needy…  You couldn’t be more wrong.

Be her hero

“I was surprised that usually when you do this kind of work, it’s generally all women. There were men in the room too, and everybody was searching to deepen… It was the most loving, amazing environment I think I’ve ever been to and I have done a lot of personal growth work over the years. I can tell you that Joanna is a brilliant facilitator…  I deepened my trust, not only in myself, but other people. So that was a big surprise. I didn’t know that was all going to happen in one weekend… It felt like I had done years of letting go, years of letting go, and a new opening and a space for a new possibility.” ~ Renee Beth

Are You Watching the Signs?  Or, Ignoring Them (and Wishing you Hadn’t)?

Men and women have different maps to love and we pretend we don’t. John Gray was right. We speak different languages.

Relationship journeys can lead to ecstasy or they can lead to agony and defeat, depending on which route you take.

Have you seen “Wrong Way. Go Back” signs along the way?  Did you follow the signs or ignore them?

If your route is filled with potholes, speed bumps, traffic circles, and detours…  it’s really hard to find love in the first place… and even harder to make it last. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  That’s why men, women attend the… 

Soulful Relating Virtual Retreat

Where Soul Love and Soul Partnerships Ignite… How to have Deep Intimacy and Ecstatic Love 


Retreat Weekend
February 26-28, 2021

You’ll finish the weekend with a more open heart for intimate loving… and you’ll know how to ignite chemistry, attraction and passion in kisses, conversations, and lovemaking. 


“I went to this workshop and I went in with no expectations really, but also, I had this idea, “it may be nothing new because I’ve been on this path of diving into the feminine and self-awareness and awakening for a long time.” So, I had a little bit of concern… maybe I’ll just get bored and this is just too basic for me, but I did remain open. And from the start I could feel how Joanna created this beautiful and powerful sacred space and there was also a good balance of the masculine and feminine in the room. For me, I went through profound experiences of releasing old baggage that I had in front of my heart…” ~ Franca

“Another takeaway, which I believe is probably the deepest takeaway from this class and how it benefited me was that I was able to reach a very deep level of vulnerability with myself, and my wife that I had never experienced before. In fact… I was able to release the pain that I’ve been carrying for 40 years in the process.” ~John


Here’s what you can expect from this experiential, eye-opening, and practical weekend event…

On the Evening of Day 1 and the Morning of Day 2:
Leave the “Unenlightened” Baggage Behind
Your “Soulful Relating” Intensive Retreat begins with experiences and exercises designed to remove the blocks and barriers to love, intimacy, and relationship that might exist within you. You’ll clear out beliefs, habits, fears, and judgments that have been limiting you from opening your heart fully to the depths of love. You’ll leave behind “walls of protection” that keep you from accessing and experiencing true romantic intimacy.

Releasing all that, you’ll be able to take your life, love and lovemaking to levels of intimacy you’ve only imagined before.

Day 2 Afternoon:
Ecstatic & Sexy Men & Women
On the afternoon of day two, you’ll get completely clear on your masculine or feminine sexual essences. You’ll literally practice walking, talking, and standing in your true nature. And, along the way, you’ll get plenty of great personalized feedback. The feminine will inspire the masculine to step into its presence, mojo, passion, and confidence. The masculine will help the feminine step into its grace, presence, radiance, and confidence.

Day 3: Getting Intimate
Finally, on day three, we’ll dive deep into the tools, skills, and practices you need to create deep intimacy—emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy—with a romantic partner. We’ll explore the differences between how men and women communicate so that you can learn how to “translate” our different languages. Plus, you’ll learn our shared language of intimacy (and it’s not what you think!) Finally, you’ll put into practice all aspects of conscious and intimate communication so that you know how to connect at the deepest levels of your heart, reduce the number of upsets, move through inevitable challenges more quickly (with less heartache) and know exactly how heartfelt intimacy sets the stage for ecstatic lovemaking.

We’ll create a space for learning, questions, conversations, and honesty between men and women as they share with each other what truly creates the most attractive, intimacy, loving and passionate experiences for each other.

Retreat Discussion

More Specifically, Through Exercises, Practices and Discussions, You Will… 

  • Get out of your Comfort Zones so you can actually access your dreams...  (Your dreams and desires don’t exist in your Comfort Zone.)  Don’t worry, you personally get to choose how often and how far you step outside your zone.
  • Take down the “Walls of Protection” that keep your love stuck inside and other’s love from getting in. (At the same time, you release old ideas that you’re not enough, deserving, or lovable.)
  • Get the opportunity to forgive so you can free up the space in your heart and body to fully experience the love you seek.
  • Learn the real truth about Masculine and Feminine Power.  You’ll see how VERY different they are and why they work best together!
  • Practice… practice… and practice again how to express the Masculine and Feminine in you. You’ll feel it – in your own body – and witness it in others. You’ll know what masculine and feminine presence, movement, voice and attraction look like and sound like.  Which means, you’ll turn up your confidence, power and sexiness.
  • Participate in special Saturday night celebration designed to awaken, heal, and honor the Divine Masculine and Feminine.
  • Discover the in’s and out’s of Intimate Communication, and how men and women do it differently… so you can stop the misunderstandings and turn up the happiness and harmony.
  • Finally, and most importantly, you’ll get permission to be fully you – the most lovable attractive you, so you can finally receive and enjoy the Soul Love you seek.

Joanna Shakti Sexual Differences

The entire Soulful Relating weekend is designed to wake up the ecstatically authentic you — the most romantic, intimate, and passionate you — so you can ignite and experience the deepest love and truest passion.  

At the end of the weekend you can expect to leave with…

  • A profound sense of love in a way that you’ve never experienced before; a sense of love that you can literally feel in your cells.
  • A much deeper trust in love… a renewed trust in YOU when it comes to finding and keeping love… plus a new level of trust in the opposite sex.
  • The wisdom to know what ignites desire and what douses the flames of passion.
  • The practical insights into the differences between men and women, including what actually makes love and lovemaking great for the opposite sex (I find most men and women have this completely wrong!)
  • A deep knowing of the language of intimacy – how to speak it, how to listen to it, how to respond to it.
  • For MenMore presence in the world. You’ll stand taller and stronger. You’ll stand in your truth and command attention, especially from women.
  • For Women:  Your magnetic attractiveness and innate beauty shining… Feeling the confidence to walk into a room and let heads turn (and you feel totally safe).
Romantic Couple - Conscious Relating

Here’s Some More of What Past Participants Have Shared…

“I just experienced an awesome workshop with Joanna…  I could certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their understanding of relationships and their understanding of themselves. Extremely well presented and covered a very wide range of topics.  Joanna managed to cover those topics in sufficient detail and with personal experience so that each topic became a valuable tool to allow us to analyze ourselves. I’m looking forward to a much better relationship with my wife and certainly with myself.~ Heike

Heike Testimonial
anonymous testimonial

“Frankly I’ve been to a lot of workshops and I was thinking this was going to be another typical workshop. I’ll tell you, if there are any thoughts, by all means go. There are a couple of processes that certainly cut to the quick. There aren’t a lot of words, but there are a lot of processes that really drove home a lot of issues that I’ve been dealing with for a long time.  If there is anything I can say, if you’re single, in a relationship, by yourself whatever.  It’s certainly life changing. ~ Patrick

“This has just been the most fantastic weekend.  I had a brilliant time.  I was so scared initially about coming, because as with all women, and people, I have issues which I wanted to hide and didn’t want to go into. I found that Joanna’s gentle and loving ways just brought things to the surface naturally. Everything was so opening. It helped me to just find my center and heal, which is really what this is all about for me. It was such an enjoyable wonderful weekend. I made some more brilliant friends that I know I will have forever.  More to the point, I made friends with myself and now have a real connection that I couldn’t quite get before. There’s something about this work that is so opening, touches so deeply that I really recommend it to anyone who is thinking along the lines of opening into relationship.  It really was wonderful.  Thank you Joanna.  Anyone else, please come and do this for your sake, and for the sake of the planet, and for all of us.” ~ Jan

Jan Testimonial
anonymous testimonial

“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to Joanna… such an empowering workshop.   I know it’s going to immensely impact my relationship with my wife who took the course with me.  It was a wonderful time together. We have lots of things to put together and learn and grow with … with this wonderful information about how men and women think differently, behave differently, see things differently, yet how beautifully we complement each other….“ ~ Chris

Singles… a quick note… 

NOW is the time – before you meet someone amazing – to turn up your confidence, your clarity, your love… and even your sexiness.

Now is the time to decide that you’ll never again settle, sell yourself out, or twist yourself into a pretzel to find or keep love.

It doesn’t work if you wait to figure out all this relating “stuff” until after you’ve met your “One”.  That’s too late.  You want to bring this wisdom, skill and experience to your next date… to your next relationship rather than fumbling through those initial conversations, your first time in bed together, and even your first fight.

(Plus, when you show up as a soul partner…  you’ll attract a soul partner!)

Single Woman - Intimacy Retreat

Soulful Relating Virtual Retreat

February 26th  6:00 pm MT – February 28th 5:00 pm MT

All times are Mountain Time, USA. Calculate your local time here.


Registration Bonus #1:
Private Igniting Soul Love Session with Joanna*


Registration Bonus #2:

The 3-Part “Paving the Way to Soul Love” Video Series: How Singles and Couples Find and Create Soul Partnerships

Are you wondering… “Is this right for me?”  This weekend is designed specifically for you if…


  • you tend to feel invisible, lose yourself, sacrifice yourself, or settle for “better than nothing” when it comes to love.
  • you’re single and you want more love and better sex in your next relationship.
  • you’re in a relationship and you know you have to find a way to re-ignite the love and passion.
  • you intend to step into your most powerful and authentic self … feeling confident, attractive and sexy
  • you’ve found yourself in the friend or roommate zone … (again).
  • it’s time to know exactly how to embody the conscious masculine or feminine in bed and out.
  • you thought you had to wait to explore love and intimacy until you had a partner, or until your current partner would join you.
Path of Love - Intimacy Retreat

This weekend is designed for all singles, couples, and individuals in relationships whose partners prefer not to participate in trainings and events.

Spaces are limited. This Retreat HAS sold out in the past. 

Register now to hold your seat at this powerful, safe, fully-clothed and life-altering retreat… 

Registration for Retreat: $997


Special Spread the Love Savings for Virtual Retreat!

Couples $497Singles: $397   


Registration Bonus #1:
Private Igniting Soul Love Session with Joanna*

During your session, you’ll get totally clear on what’s really been holding you back in love and intimacy. You’ll identify your personal path of Soul Love and the best next steps for you to take so you can have a relationship filled with authenticity, intimacy, and ecstasy … so you can enjoy the life, love, and lovemaking that you desire!  (Value $497) . You’ll get an email with all the details you need to immediately schedule your session on my calendar when you register for the Retreat.

*New Clients Only

*Couples Get 1 Session Total to be used for 1 Individual or for 1 Couples Session. A second session can be purchased for $97.


Registration Bonus #2: 

Paving the Way to Soul Love: How Singles and Couples Find and Build Soul Partnerships

3-Part Online Video Series

Training #1: Clearing the Path

Training #2: The TRUE in True Love

Training #3: Cultivating Conscious Chemistry

If your heart… your soul… is hungry for real love and intimate passion… even if the thought scares you.

That’s why I’m here… to shine a light on the power, potential, and ecstatic pleasure of the union of body, heart and soul in love.


With love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

Creating Soul Love Partnerships

“I took part in a retreat recently that changed my life and enhanced me in many good ways. …I came in thinking, “Well, is this a bunch of woo woo people? Is this going to be a bunch of sex stuff going on? Am I going to feel safe? I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.” And I was a little anxious going in, but am so glad that I experienced it. When I got to this hotel, there was this conference room and there were a bunch of people a lot like me, and visiting with them … “Yeah, there are people a lot like me, I feel comfortable here.” …Then when Joanna started facilitating, in the down to earth way that she does, the anxiety that I came in with dropped.   … You got to be in small groups, you got to be in large groups, you got to do some solo work, and the whole thing was just masterfully guided. You are in good hands with Joanna. She’s clearly done her work. I would say if somebody’s on the fence about this, if for some reason you’re feeling ambivalent… the part of you that is curious, in this case, go with it. Because what you’re going to experience is not just a conventional retreat, not just some retreat. This is really cream of the crop stuff. …It is well worth the risk. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose… and you will thank yourself. You just will.” ~ Roger

anonymous testimonial

“Set all expectations and preconceived notions behind, and say yes… dive into to an experience like no other that will transform all relationships with self, others, and life to levels of joy beyond imagination.  No matter where you are in relationship to yourself and others, this works brings you to new levels of ease, joy, and love.  Come from where ever you are, and welcome the embrace of what love itself wants to offer you!”  ~RaNita

P.S. Questions are always welcome.  You can email us at [email protected] or call 303-956-2796.


P.P.S. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about the Retreat:


Can I attend part of the weekend?
It’s important for you to attend the whole retreat.  Once we start on Friday night, we’ll create a conscious container for everyone to feel comfortable, exploring these important topics of love and intimacy in a conscious and honoring way. Additionally, each topic builds on the previous so you’ll want to be present for the entire event.


What are the starting and ending times each day?

We kick-off the Soulful Relating Virtual Retreat Friday night at 6:00 pm MT / 8 pm ET.  (Zoom Login begins at 5:50 pm MT).  Saturday we’ll start at 9 am MT / 11 am ET and finish at approximately 8:30 pm MT / 10:30 pm ET. (We’ll take lunch and dinner breaks that day.)  Sunday we’ll start at 9 am MT / 11 am ET and finish about 5 pm MT / 7 pm ET.


Where is the Soulful Relating Retreat held? 

This Soulful Passion Retreat will be held virtually online via Zoom Video Conference. You will receive access details after you register.


I am concerned with attending the virtual retreat and being online all weekend? 

I can assure you that these retreats are highly interactive with opportunities to work in pairs and small groups, as you desire.  We also take lots of breaks and have many experiences to keep the energy high.  Past participants who had this concern but decided to attend anyway were shocked at how fast the weekend flew by, how deep their transformation was, and how connected a global online group could become.


Does this virtual retreat really work?  

Our virtual retreats are at least as powerful, if not more powerful, than our in person retreats.  You might wonder how they could be more powerful, and I can’t explain it scientifically, but I’ve seen it consistently over the years.  The hypothesis I hold is that the safety and comfort of being in your own home allows the experiences and the connections to go even deeper.  The virtual events are truly extraordinary.  Here is what past virtual participants have shared:

“Amazing retreat! It was a second go-round for me and it was virtual this time so I wondered how she was going to pull this off and if I would really get any benefit. The weekend was a huge success with 2 important breakthroughs for myself. It was as if we started Friday evening and the next thing I knew it was over. The retreat was full of wonderful people sharing and being vulnerable. Such a great space for growth!!”


“I wasn’t expecting this retreat to be so powerful, but oh man, was it belief-shifting and raw. Would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with inner happiness or in love.”


“I honestly was surprised to feel SO much even through a screen.”


“Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible experience of this retreat. Everyone was so open and supportive. I’ve never had conversations like those…. and I loved every minute… I can’t wait for the next retreat.”


“I honestly would love doing another virtual retreat. I enjoyed learning and hearing that I’m not the only one that has had struggles in relationships in one way or another… It helped to know I am not alone in things I have struggled with and that through this retreat I was able to learn new ways of how I can express my thoughts and feeling on a deeper more intimate level.”


I’m single, is this retreat for me?  or I’m in a relationship, is this retreat for me?
Absolutely – it’s for both singles and couples.  We usually have about 70% singles and 30% couples and that mix provides for wonderful learning, sharing and support.


I’m in a relationship, what if my partner isn’t interested and doesn’t want to participate?
Not to worry – the systems, tools, and ways of being that you will learn will still contribute greatly to your relationship… It only takes one to create change for both.


Will I have to work with other people?  Will I have to share?
No and… this retreat offers a safe environment for everyone to practice the very skills that make a relationship successful.  You don’t have to step outside your comfort zone, but I’ll encourage it because your comfort zone isn’t where the relationship you desire or the change you seek happens.  Of course, you get to choose when, and if, you’d like to share or participant in any exercises.


I haven’t had a relationship in years – is it too late?
It’s never too late to love.  I’ve had people from their 20’s to their 80’s attend my events.  No matter your age, you will learn to step into your authentic self so that you can most easily attract (or re-attract) your “one”.


I’m scared to open my heart again.
I honor you and I’m very sensitive to the pain you may have from previous relationships.  Trust that there will be others who are also feeling that ache.  I will be there to gently guide you… to hold your heart… and maybe even your hand… so you can find yourself opening to trust again.


Will this work for me?
The Soulful Relating Retreat is the kind of retreat where people say, “Wow, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”  It opens their eyes to the power and possibility of love and intimacy.  It reignites hope and gives you the wisdom and practice you need to connect with your soulmate and create a soul partnership.


I have another question you didn’t cover, how do I get an answer?
Questions are normal, please send them to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away!