Spiritual Love is Soul Love

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Relationship as a spiritual path. If you’ve intentionally or unintentionally found yourself on a path of awakening or a path of discovering what’s my true nature, then there is no better spiritual teacher than intimate relationship. There is no place we are more exposed, more vulnerable, and more confronted by our own egoic nature than in intimate relating. Romantic love provides the backdrop for awakening.


Spiritual partnership - true soul mate soul love - is a call to awaken. The idea that soulmates are a perfect fit is true but not in the way you think it is. The very definition of soul love is two souls coming together to evolve each other’s souls - our soul and our partner’s soul. But this is uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. It means we have to be willing to go within - see our part in the dance - get humble - be real - and find ourselves - to find each other. In this we find the opening to where spiritual union, divine union, becomes not just possible but lived reality. 

This is where you wake up to the truth about love. The Truth that eludes the majority… yet most seek. The Truth that lets us surrender into the unending joy and the mysterious passionate aliveness of the universe. This is living, loving, and making love in a way that takes our breath away again and again and again.


If soul love is calling you, if the thought of marrying my soulmate speaks deeply in your belly, then you’re in the right place. It’s time to know that you finding your wholeness, your completeness, your sovereignty as a divine being, is where it all begins. And, in your sovereignty, your spiritual partnership with another whole sovereign being, emerges and ultimately expands into infinite union.


You see as spiritual seekers, we seek unity. But unity cannot exist without sovereignty. Soul love - spiritual love - happens through reunion of human and divine within you. Within your beloved. 


“The strength of the two is deepened by the strength of the one.” ~Joanna Shakti


Never changing. Always is. Eternal. Infinite. 


Explore spiritual truths reflected, taught and embodied in the practice of partnered love. 


Walk the path of soul love where truth, love, intimacy, passion, freedom and liberation unite. 

Read on soul seeker to feel the truth of sacred union and spiritual love.


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