Ecstatic Intimacy®: Stage 2

Spiritual Love -- Reveal yourself intimately and ignite true connection.

Walking The Path of Love™

Authentic Relating creates Ecstatic Intimacy. Here's just a bit of what that could look like in your life…

Once you have that ability to stand truly as who you are…

As a single, you'll attract the right kind of person for you -- someone who honors you … sees you… someone who is truly able to step into a new level of connection with you…

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…or, in a partnership, you'll begin experiencing that kind of seeing, honoring and connecting with your beloved now.

No matter where you are on the dating or relating journey (authentic relating), you'll discover what true intimacy is and experience its power to bring you closer and deeper in all your relationships.

If on the journey you happen to realize that a relationship is calling for a transition - whether it be friend, business, or love relationship, you'll move through that transition with respect, honor and grace… even true love, whether it be after a few dates, a few years of friendship, or a few decades of marriage.

You'll discover the sacred sensual dance of feeling, communicating, and sharing together in a way that bonds your souls and deepens your connection in bed and out. You'll experience seeing and being seen in a way that you never imagined possible. The depth of your intimacy will bring out the fullest you and ignite a freedom within relationship that lifts the two of you higher and higher in your soul's potential, independently and together. 

You'll know how to consciously move through and beyond the reactions, conflicts, and saboteurs that naturally occur in our intimate relating and by walking the soulful spiritual path of conscious love, you'll know exactly how to maintain sacred communion and authentic communication in love and romance, despite the inevitable upsets.

You and your present or future partner will know how to ignite that soul love connection that takes you to a place of love and ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams…


Spiritual Love: To be seen by Another and see Another fully

    • Women: (If you're single, you're actively magnetizing him to you.) He sees and loves you for who you truly are. You're getting the intimacy, attention, and affection you've always wanted.


    • Men: (If you're single, you're actively seeking her.) She's digging your touch, your words, and even your tongue… and her orgasms are starting to show it.


    • Women: As the feminine, you'll know when to truly open up… you'll know how to stay in your feminine and feel safe… AND fully receive the masculine.


    • Men: As the masculine, you'll know when to stand tall and strong in your mojo and when to wrap your arms around her… You'll have much more than a "clue" what will put a smile on her face… aaaand… you'll know when to safely open your heart into intimacy… when to soften into love.


    • You are best friends AND passionate lovers… and you stay madly in love.


    • You have a truly connected partnership where you share heartfelt moments of joy and know that love can last through the ups and the downs of life…forever.


8 Critical Practices all Soul Love Partners Use to Maintain and Deepen their Relationship*

(*Activating Soul Love required)

#1 Uniting with the Shadow & Igniting the Light

The powerful reflective mirror of your (potential) partner serves both of your souls This brings you into genuine relationship with your greatness and also into relationship with your inner unconscious, your illusory limitations. Uniting conscious and unconscious you can sustain real love.

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#2 Pleasuring You in Bed and Out

Discover how to awaken deep pleasure in your body… not just through sexual loving but through the full engagement with your authentic life. THEN, and only then, can a partner expand and enhance that pleasure with you.

#3 Expressing You Soul-Fully

When you are full, happy, inspired, and pleasured, you become phenomenally attractive not just in love, but in life and business, too. Claim the source of your deepest power and know how to ignite and embody your passion and share it fully with a lover and the world.

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#4 Communicating from Sacred Intimacy

Move beyond previous "intimacy comfort zones." Discover the power of transparency, vulnerability, emotionality, and curiosity to communicate in a way that invites both people into the fullest experience of sacred love, where the power of the love goes beyond words.

#5 Embracing Sacred Conflict

Conflict is one of the great gifts of sacred relating and you'll learn to embrace it, in a way that opens your heart and brings you both closer every time. If you're willing. See what it means to "Fight Conscious Style" so that conflict in love becomes a blessing and not a curse.

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#6 Navigating Reactions, Stories & Saboteurs

Learn how to transform the most common "relationship saboteurs" into "relationship strengths" while dissolving unconscious reaction patterns so you spend less and less time in upset and disconnection and much more time in divine loving union.

#7 Maintaining Sacred Communion in Love and Romance

Know how to ignite and maintain sacred Intimacy from moment one. (Couples, "moment one" is right now.) Explore the exact steps, tools, and methods that ensure your intimate connection not just stays healthy and vital over time, but keeps you falling in love over and over.

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#8 Walking the Spiritual Path of Relationship

Explore the various paths, practices, and sacred parameters of Ecstatic Ecstasy. Understand the speed bumps you may encounter as you combine and integrate spiritual love in your heart, mind, body, spirit, and soul - day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

Few hearts know the sacred depths of love. True love demands a courageousness of spirit, mind, heart and body. - Joanna Shakti -

Stage 2: Experiencing Ecstatic Intimacy through Loving Soul-to-Soul™

The Sacred Relating Retreat Setting the Foundation for Sacred Partnership*  

Packed with experiences designed to eliminate the blocks and barriers to Ecstatic Intimacy so that you know how to create and maintain sacred partnership through the ups and downs of love. You'll prepare yourself to be truly ready to marry another (or be married, if you already are).

We'll dive deeper into the more complex differences between men and women so that you'll be able to reduce the frequency and intensity of misunderstandings, upsets, and outright arguments. You'll leave inspired and open to loving at the most intimate and ecstatic levels.

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The Sacred Sexuality Retreat Awaken, Heal & Ignite Sexual Energy through Sacred Loving*

During this unique and powerful weekend, you'll explore the foundational elements of Sacred Sexuality and how to can combine these awarenesses, practices, and techniques to ignite a fire of love in your heart and a fire of passion in your sexual center.

Explore the Ways of the Ecstatic Lover and how they create the container and set the stage for deeper and deeper trust, which creates the space to ignite the true depths of sacred passion and pleasure.


(*Activating Soul Love required)

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With a focus on intimacy and authentic relating, from the first glimpse across the room, to long-term intimacy, passion, and connection, this will invite you to embody the sacred partner and lover in you and experience the realms of sacred polarity, sacred communication, sacred pleasure and passion, and even sacred conflict so that you can attract (or re-attract) and create (or re-create) a relationship based on soulful intimate love.

"The material presented in both Activating Soul Love and Loving Soul-to-Soul are straightforward, each module builds on the next, and each module is highly usable. But the real gems are found in listening to the people you are journeying with, paying attention to what's underneath each of the lessons. Bring yourself and your desire and you will gain alot." 

~ D.

"...I have been feeling like a different person, lighter, happier, much more open, positive, and loving, more grounded, more zen. The mind chatter has diminished considerably and I feel more aligned mind-body-soul. I'm more comfortable in my own skin and more confident."

~ I.

"This work has brought me peace and contentment."

~ J.

"... very impactful. Learning to love yourself (and at very least, treat yourself as you do others) is key. I keep coming back to a saying that goes something like "you cannot be loved by someone until you love yourself". This has really helped me to grow and allow things to happen."

~ S.

"If you are serious about changing your relationship and your overall experience around love and life… It will transform you and your relationship for the better."

~ S.

"This has changed my life. I realize I can be myself and in doing that it serves everyone. The best thing is definitely Joanna's divine presence. She can help people move through tough things in a way that is incredible and hard to even believe."

~ A.

Together you create the soul level connection that takes the two of you to a place that you've never even imagined...

Then, as you're sharing that deep soulful intimacy… your heart is open… you're being valued, cherished and respected… you'll discover how to open up into the divine union of body, heart, and soul.

We call that "Ecstatic Ecstasy" and we create that in the Living in Ecstatic Union phase.

It All Starts Here...

"What we can do today is choose to schedule a little time to reconnect with your truth, your heart, your power…"

Take one step forward with a Private "Igniting Soul Love Session" with Joanna where together you will pinpoint the #1 thing keeping you from Soul Love and identify the best next steps you can take on your personal path of Soul Love.

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