The 3 Stages of Spiritual Love

What is a Spiritual Relationship...

The Quest for Divine Union

"When you're willing to cease grasping for the intimacy you seek. When you're willing to wonder, "What have I not seen? What do I not realize?" When you open to that which is beyond your conscious mind, you find a love beyond all realms of previous imaginations."


- Joanna Shakti -

The Path to Soul Love™


The Journey Happens in 3 Stages

Few hearts ever experience the depths of true love, not because they don't seek it, but because few beings are willing, nor have the courage, to know its richness.

This is not the place for the quick fix because quick fixes don't last and easy answers cost you months, years, and sometimes decades of heartache. This path may not start out the way you want it to, but it starts where it started for every successful relationship out there. 

If your soul is calling you to a love beyond what you've known, a love beyond common love, then this path will take you there. Not overnight, but much, much quicker than you might imagine. 

Each phase of the journey prepares you for the next, by inviting you to dive deeply, step-by-step, into the extraordinary power of love.


What is Self Love?

In short, Ecstatic Authenticity.

It all starts here. Ecstatic Authenticity means it feels soooooo good to be you, that you never want to be anything but you. You'll never settle or sell yourself out for anybody or anything ever again.

Stage 1: The Path of Soul Love starts with who you are being and your willingness to be fully seen exactly as you are... who you are being and how you are showing up. 

So the journey begins with you. Most people don't want to hear this. 

All love happens in you. You know it's love because of how it feels in your body. Yet, do you sustain that love after catching a glimpse of it in your heart? Do you open to receive its myriad of depths? Will you allow the pure vulnerability of intimacy? Will you let yourself be known in the secret hidden places within, on the darkest days? 

Until you reveal yourself fully - the good, the bad, and the ugly... until you open to the flow of love - offering it and receiving it in equal measure... until you give your all to it, knowing you could lose it in a breath. Yet you give it all anyway, then you will taste this truest love. You'll open yourself beyond the protections of never wanting to be hurt again, because those walls protect away the very thing you seek.

So we start where you may not want to look: Within. It will grant you access to profound, lasting eternal love and boundless pleasure. 

The journey of spiritual love begins by opening to and activating soul love within you. We could call this Self Love and that's a nebulous hard to understand concept. Let talk about what Self Love is in practice. It starts you knowing it's essential to be so completely and real-ly you, that you begin to feel known, seen, and loved for the truth, the whole truth, of who you are, and not for some facade you thought you had to paint to be loved, in order to stay connected. 

In this phase you'll realize that Ecstatic Authenticity happens in the moment where you give up being who you think you should be, so you can be who you really are. You'll let yourself be seen in the strength and the weakness, the beauty and the mess, the power and the vulnerability. You'll no longer have a desire to twist yourself into a pretzel (become something you think others want), settle or sell yourself out for anybody or anything. 

Then, and only then, do the doors and dimensions of true partnership open. And, when they open, you'll find an intimacy and a love, that takes your breath away.

And please remember this truth…

"The strength, depth, and quality of the relationship you have with yourself determines the strength, depth and quality of any intimate relationship you'll ever have. Always."

 - Joanna Shakti -



What is Spiritual Love?

Succinctly, Ecstatic Intimacy.

The journey continues here. Ecstatic Intimacy means it feels sooooo good to share yourself… To be seen by another and see another so fully that your connection goes deeper and deeper into realms of intimacy you've never imagined..

Stage 2: The Path of Soul Love continues by focusing on relating soul-to-soul and your willingness to vulnerably navigate the ups and downs of soul partnership. You are now consciously relating to the Other.

Once you are being true to you. Once you trust love enough to truly open your heart to the myriad of possibilities and pleasures of love, you'll discover, on every level, the power of the calling for beings to connect, souls to unite, and bodies to dance in passionate ecstasy. 

You'll open your being to attracting and connecting with a soul mate, a soulmate, even if you're already married to yours. (Even if your partner hasn't joined you on the path.) Together your souls will create the deepest and most profound experiences of connection, pleasures, intimacies, and joys available on this human journey. Your hearts will meld and your souls will unite to know a deeper truer love, an authentic passion, and a bond that only grows stronger. 

And, to know these depths of love, as Rumi described it, you'll need to seek and find all the barriers to love within you. Your soul mate will show you where they are. As souls, coming together to love and be loved at a level beyond words, you must also show each other every way you block love, every way you unknowingly barricade your heart, every moment you avoid vulnerability, every time you attempt to escape the intimacy of love.  In other words, they'll be your master button pusher, and in your love, you'll be grateful for it.

In true soul mate fashion, soulmate fashion, when you face challenges, when the inevitable misunderstandings and outright conflicts happen, they'll become a source of connection.  (Note: the fairy tales of "happily ever after" and "we never fight" are an illusion that will keep you from real love.)  Conflict, hurts, disappointments -- met with inner strength, with trust, with love, with consciousness -- will become the glue that bonds you, if you let it. Your challenges will become connections, your conflicts will turn into communion. This is where real love flourishes and  intimate relationships become soul partnerships. 

"Although it seems quite the opposite, conflict -- sacred conflict -- takes you deeper and deeper into united love. Bonds your beings in sacred communion."

- Joanna Shakti -



What is Divine Union?

You've arrived. Ecstatic Ecstasy.

Your journey culminates here. Ecstatic Ecstasy means the union of your bodies, hearts and souls drive you wild with pleasure and melts away anything that obscures your oneness with love.

Stage 3: The Path of Soul Love deepens with naked hearts and naked bodies taking you to the sacred realms of ecstasy and beyond. United. Two as One.

The first two stages prepared you for this one. We learn to embody true authenticity and real intimacy so that we can actually unite in ecstasy. This step is where most want to start, and what so many try to teach, but that's a setup for frustration and failure. When you build the foundation, when you walk on solid ground, ecstasy is actually your birthright. Authenticity - being you, all of you - and Intimacy - being seen as the whole wonderful and not-so-wonderful you - are not optional. They are requirements, pre-requisites. And, when you're living those, well, ecstasy simply happens. Autonomy becomes unity. 

Here you'll begin to experience the divine forces of sacred love, sacred sensuality, and sacred sexuality all merging to create phenomenal experiences of life that most never dream of, let alone live. Embodied spiritual connection. 

As the fires in your hearts' burn brighter it removes anything that obscures your oneness, your union. 

You'll find a world where love leads, where love doesn't begin or end. You merge into the ecstatic joy, the unending pleasure of a life fully lived from the inside out. It's a life of best-evers well beyond sex and the bedroom, and yet that too. 

"In Ecstatic Ecstasy you experience life, love, and lovemaking that takes your breath away, over and over and over again."

- Joanna Shakti -


Walking the Spiritual Relationship Path. (Roadmap)

There is no greater spiritual teacher, no stronger call to personal growth and self-development, than walking the soulful and spiritual path of relationship. There is an invitation here, a deep calling here, to embody intimate conscious love and sacred sexuality. 

We are never more exposed to our own authentic and divine nature, as well as the "shadow" we try to hide, than in soul partnership with another, and we don't have to take our clothes off for this to be true. Yet, when the clothes come off and the bodies unite, we are invited deeper into the most sacred of all loving.   

Relationship, for some, becomes a divine path of personal growth and spiritual awakening. This intimate and powerful path, designed for singles and couples of all expressions, walks with you, step-by-step, on your own uniquely personal spiritual journey of love, supporting you to experience the deepest realms of ecstatic love.

This path is not for the faint of heart. It's not for those looking to simply escape the pain of a lonely heart. It's for the fierce seekers of Truth. Those whose hearts are dedicated - often beyond any conscious choice - to a love that transcends all things and unites you as one.

progression one
progression two
progression three

Being ->

Self ->

Wholeness ->

Loving your Soul ->

Self Love ->

Willing to Be Seen ->

Union of Light & Shadow ->

Spiritual Awakening ->

Sacred You ->

Self-acceptance, Self-Honor, Worthy, Lovable, Deserving ->

Relating ->

Other ->

Partnership ->

Loving soul-to-soul ->

Romantic Love ->

Being Seen ->

Union of Self & Other ->

Spiritual Relationship ->

Sacred Other ->

Respecting, Admiring, Honoring, Cherishing ->

-> Uniting

-> One

-> Unity

-> Souls in Union

-> Divine Unconditional Love

-> Mutual Seeing

-> Union of Human & Divine

-> Spiritual Actualization

-> Sacred All

-> Reverence, Devotion, Treasuring, Oneness

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"Everything can change in a heartbeat..."


"Joanna is a master teacher and is clearly a person of integrity.  It is wonderful to work with her."


."One hopeful, happier, and healing.. authentic man.....PRICELESS!" 


"Joanna - you have inspired me to be me, to be free of the ties that bind and love myself!


"Set all expectations and preconceived notions behind, and say yes... dive into an experience like no other that will transform all relationships with self, others, and life to levels of joy beyond imagination.  No matter where you are in relationship to yourself and others, this work brings you to new levels of ease, joy, and love.  Come from whereever you are, and welcome the embrace of what love itself wants to offer you!"


"Any seeker of truth, any man who loves women, any man who wants to LOVE LIFE more fully and LIVE LIFE more fully, any soul who wants to connect more completely with his higher self, connect more completely with his work, and connect more completely with his lover/s (and his loved ones) should make the effort to spend time with Joanna. She is a gifted guide, an insightful teacher..."


"I highly recommend this program to anyone desiring genuine and authentic relationships. Joanna is a brilliant and humble teacher who walks you through the complexity of relating with heart and impeccable intuition. You will be transformed, never look at the OTHER the same way and find home within. I am immensely grateful for what I have experienced in this program."


"I found that Joanna's gentle and loving ways just brought things to the surface naturally. Everything was so opening. It helped me to just find my center and heal, which is really what this is all about for me."


"Soul work comes down to a willingness and desire for personal growth and fulfillment in life. Digging into that adventure through relationship offers the greatest treasures  . . .  and the trip is more fruitful with a guide like Joanna."


"I love Joanna's vast array of experience that she draws on, her attention to each individual, her ability to transfer her wisdom to each person, and her awareness of my needs.  This was a life-changing opportunity!"

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Ecstatic Ecstasy - Where Heart and Sex Unite and Spirit Leads

,"We forget the privilege it is to place our hands, our lips, our bodies upon another body. The deepest ecstasy demands your deepest presence, your true reverence to the sacred one before you. Only when you bring your whole heart, united with your soul, may you enter into divine union with another."


~Joanna Shakti