spiritual sexuality

Spiritual Sexuality

Spiritual sexuality takes both partners on a journey into ecstasy. Yes, ecstasy of body, but truly and more importantly, ecstasy of heart, ecstasy of soul, ecstasy of spirit, which makes the ecstasy of body all that much better. In spiritual sexuality, you create the space and opportunity to know yourself and the nature of life in their fullest and greatest expressions through sexual intimacy and exploration.

The practice of spiritual sexuality invites us to bring an uncommon presence and consciousness to our sexual loving. It invites us to bring our hearts, minds, bodies, spirits and souls – wholly and fully – into the bedroom with us. When experienced, spiritual sexuality brings us to realms that the finite human mind can rarely comprehend, where our hearts are opened beyond our usual protections into a wholeness of love and unity, where our bodies move in waves of pleasure they otherwise wouldn’t, and where our souls soar in joy. 

Those who practice spiritual sexuality seek to experience and know the reality of union in human form. 

So, let’s explore…

What is spiritual sexuality?

Spiritual sexuality brings us into direct contact with what some might call the Divine. Some might call it higher self, or the field, or all that is. To fully answer the question, what is spiritual sexuality, we must comprehend the fullness of the meaning of the word spiritual. Spirit is the unifying force that connects every human being with every other human being. 

As much as we might see completely separate and distinct bodies, as invisible as spirit may seem, it still exists, uniting us in and as oneness. Our human desire to experience oneness, our desire to feel true unity, our hunger to lose sight of where one body begins and the other ends, stems from our deep innate knowing that we are not separate beings – no matter how much our minds may say otherwise. 

Spiritual sexuality seeks to reveal that unity that already and always exists. And, while again our bodies appear separate and distinct, they truly aren’t. Human sexuality, when brought to the spiritual realm, offers both a metaphor for divine union and a direct path to experience it. 

Those who bring spiritual sexuality into their sexual practice do so with a desire and intention to experience the reality of union in human form. To be clear, that is much more than the union of our genitals. Additionally, also to be clear, spiritual sexuality is not limited to sex between a man and woman. Any expression of sexual energy, between any two beings, or even in a solo practice, has the potential and capacity to unite us with the divine, the sacred.

Practicing spiritual sexuality makes contact with the sacred within, between and beyond us. In revealing and experiencing the sacred, we come to know the priceless, irreducible, whole and complete, brilliance and fire that is our soul, our essence. 

How to awaken spiritual sexuality?

The question, often asked, how to awaken spiritual sexuality, actually tends to lead us astray. You see, you can’t awaken spiritual sexuality. It does not stand distinct as something in and of its own right. Spiritual sexuality, as you know, unites spirit and sex in intimate relationship. That spiritual relationship, connection and union extends beyond the single, two or, for some, even more, bodies coming together for pleasure. 

But since you can’t awaken spiritual sexuality, what can you do? You practice it. You practice connecting uniting the spiritual and the sexual within and between you. The spiritual and the sexual are never separate – you just may have never noticed the connection before. So, your practice of awakening spiritual sexuality is really a practice of awakening your capacity to sense and feel unity. It’s a practice of sensing and feeling the sacred within you and others – a practice in knowing that the fullest ecstasy occurs in the union of heart, mind, body, spirit and soul – first in you and then with your partner.

Getting started

We’ve used the word practice here, many times. Let’s give that a bit more perspective. When we practice something, we do it with the intention of continuing to improve and build our skill. That’s exactly what we do when it comes to spiritual sexuality. We practice it, building our capacity for love. In it, we build our awareness of what unity really feels like. We learn to recognize when heart, mind, body, spirit and soul align within ourselves as well as how to feel that alignment and connection with another’s whole being. 

So, as in all practices, a few “getting started” tips can help. Here are a few suggestions and a bit of reading that will support you in setting the stage for deeply fulfilling experiences..

First, you might get familiar with spiritual intimacy as it lies at the heart of this united sexuality. 

Then because spiritual sexuality also depends on the union of the opposite polarities of the divine masculine and divine feminine, you will want to deepen your awareness of how they express authentically within you and in those you love, or might love.

Next, because spiritual sexuality by definition, connects us to spirit and opens us to the sacred, you may want to create sacred space in your home. You could set this up only at times that you prepare to practice spiritual sexuality. And because spiritual sexuality requires an integration and alignment of your whole being, you might also want to consider having a permanently set sacred space in your bedroom. What might that look like? Some might call it an altar, but if that language doesn’t feel good to you, call it a space to celebrate love. 

In this sacred space you’ll want to gather objects, images, fabrics, symbols, cards, crystals, jewelry, or anything else that represents your relationship to love and spirit. If you are single, you might include things that represent your love for you and the love you desire to create with another. If you are partnered, it may include objects that represent both of you individually as well as the two of you together in partnership.

How you approach practicing spiritual sexuality actually matters little. What matters is that you practice and that you follow your own inner guidance, which by the way, speaks loudly and clearly when you have a strong bond and relationship with your own heart, mind, body, spirit and soul – united. It’s also important that you create a space within yourself to witness, feel, hold, pleasure, receive and love your partner this way. 

With your spiritual sexuality practice, you will come to know 4-fold ecstasy – ecstasy of heart, mind, body, and spirit. Simply, spiritual sexuality offers one of the greatest gateways to the immensity of peace, bliss, joy and love we can feel as human beings. 

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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  1. Will King on June 16, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    A year ago my partner spent 10 days together. Then a series of complications caused a separation.
    We live 800 miles apart from each other.
    The last couple of months we started talking again. 3 weeks ago we decided to go for it again.
    When we talk we can feel each other’s presence.
    A couple of nights ago we engaged in spiritual intimacy. It was totally mind blowing.
    Researching the subject brought me to your website.
    Intently interested in learning more and developing our relationship.
    Thank you!

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