Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

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Sacred Sexuality:  Union of bodies, hearts, souls, minds, in spirit, in the sacred dance of physical loving. 


In sacred sexuality, when we’re deeply aware, we come to know the privilege it is to caress, to pleasure, to enter and be entered by another human body. Yet, when described that way, so many pull back from this precious, potent, and powerful way of loving. 


Why? Because the imagination makes up a story that, “This will be boring.” The mind says, “I won’t be able to just relax and enjoy my orgasm.” “It’s all serious.” “It’s too much work.” The reasons we’re uncertain about embracing sacred sexuality, and it’s companion, Tantra, into our love lives are myriad. And, none of them are true.


Others come to explore Tantra because they’ve heard it creates better, longer, deeper orgasms. That’s true, but only if you bring your open heart along for the ride.  You can’t separate your heart and sex and expect to have the best sex of your life. The two go hand in hand.


The presence of your whole being riveted on the presence of your partner’s whole being… long before you reach the bedroom door… ignites a deep unifying fire of connection, joy and pleasure that can ripple through your whole being. Yes, is Tantra and Sacred Sexuality the realm of multiple orgasms, full body orgasms, for men and women alike. It is. And, again, if you imagine it’s all about sexual technique, you’ll be disappointed.  


Tantra: Many pathways to the divine. You might be disappointed to read that. Maybe you thought Tantra was synonymous with sex. Tantra includes sexuality and it’s more than that. Much more than that. 


Tantric loving, just like spiritual loving, requires your bring you whole being to the dance of lovemaking. And, if that seems scary or intimidating. You’ll be pleased to know that it's worth every scary uncertain step you take on the path, and then some. What you’ll discover, like so many that have walked this path before you, is that you’ll frequently begin to say, “I had no idea it could be like this.” “I’m speechless. This is so much better than what I could have imagined.” The way of sacred sexuality, sacred sensuality, and Tantric loving is not a path well traveled, but it is very much a path worth traveling.  


“In the moment of penetration - the eyes, the heart, the sex - time stops and the divine is - is you, is me, is us, is all” ~Joanna Shakti


If you have the courage to discover and experience what few humans have known in the bedroom and beyond, read on…


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