Ecstatic Intimacy For Tantra Seekers

Beyond the Edges of Ecstasy

You'd like to be a better LOVE-r. You know there is something more to love and to sex. You're awakening to the knowing that you're meant to experience a love -- in bed and out - that takes you to the edges of ecstasy and beyond -- yes.

Wondering what is tantric love -- fearful it may be about overt sexual experiences you're not quite ready for. 

It's definitely NOT that.

***Tantra, an ancient Eastern practice, is known as a weaving. It's a path to weaving together our human and divine natures into oneness.

Tantric intimacy unites body, heart, mind, spirit and soul in the pleasures of living and loving.  It's experienced in bed for sure. And better yet, when truly embodied, it's experienced everywhere, all the time. Yes. It is that powerful.

To use other words, you might equate Tantra and Tantric Living with Orgasmic Living.

Orgasmic living does mean living a life filled with bliss, joy, passion, pleasure and intense love -- in bed and out. 

"Tantra is the sacred dance of reuniting duality - of restoring that which is separate into oneness." ~Anodea Judith, Wheels of Light

I'll meet you there,

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The true definition of Tantra is also the experience of Soul Love

Soul Love … When you hear those words, you might conjure up images of magical romance and someone being swept off their feet… maybe you are being swept… maybe you are doing the sweeping.   Maybe it means, "I've finally met my soulmate!"

For others, it may touch somewhere deep within the center of your body and spread a warmth that seems to touch every cell and beyond…

And, for some, it can bring up a sense of loss - of good days gone by.

Soul Love like soul sex is an experience.  It's not something we can define or measure or contain.  When it's real, it moves us from deep within… it spreads throughout the body and beyond… just like a really good orgasm… it brings us to a place of openness, bliss, trust, contentment and more.

It's actually the foundation of a relationship built on ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy… and that's what I most want for people.

Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Sensuality & Soul Sex

Honestly, and you may not want to hear this, Tantra is not about Tantric sex positions. You can't experience Tantra, Tantric Sex, or Sacred Sexuality, or Soul Sex without opening your heart, without discovering what real love really is.

Sex and love do go together.  Neither requires the other and when you put the two together, when heart and sex unite, ecstasy ignites, all things become possible.

A Note to Singles about the Sacred Path of Tantric Love

Connecting with the sacred. The sacred you and the sacred other "in advance" brings the understanding and possibility of exquisite love and love making to your dating experience(s).  

Sacred presence and sacred honor both dramatically change who you attract into your life and the depth of the relationship(s) you create. 

You see, the only way someone else - a beloved - can recognize you as sacred, and treat you as such, happens when you do it first. "In advance."

You will be bringing ecstatic wisdom, skill and experience -- the power of sacred intimacy and ecstasy. With Tantra, you will you unite your heart and sex -- and let spirit lead.

Be the Tantric Lover before you seek your soulmate and you'll be profoundly attractive in a way you've never considered.

The Tantric Experience

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What is Tantric Sex?

Selfish Generosity. The Tantric lover gives from a place of fullness, completeness. The Tantric lover does not give to get. You give for your own pleasure. We think a good lover takes their partner first. This is the definition of sacrifice - sacrifice that drains us, depletes us, that builds resentment, and destroys connection. Giving when it feels good to give deepens and strengthens love. If you give what you think you should give, you unknowingly sabotage your relationship.

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Sensual Intimacy

Sensuality is not just for the feminine. Discovering and freeing your capacity for giving and receiving sensual pleasure is the gateway to the deepest pleasures you'll ever experience on this human journey. These pleasures begin well before the bedroom, and the more you enjoy sensual pleasures outside the bedroom, the more extraordinary your sexual pleasure will be.

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True Orgasmic Potential

Life - as much as lovemaking - is meant to be extraordinary - breathtaking.  On the Tantric sex journey you discover how to extend and deepen your pleasure, but also, more importantly, you learn to have a "best ever" life. When it's real, pleasure moves from deep within us. It spreads throughout the body and beyond. It's orgasmic potential that brings us to a place of openness, bliss, trust, contentment, and more.

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Soul Sex

Breathtaking. Wordless. Best Ever.  Soul Sex takes you and your partner to the edges of ecstasy and beyond over and over again. Uniting your hearts and bodies in an energetic dance of passion, surrender and depth. Best evers, by definition, have never happened before and your soul will take you there, if you follow it.

"I have never written a testimony, nevertheless about how a "sex ed class" would change my life, my relationship with my husband, my eating habits, and even my faith. It is because Joanna does an incredible job transforming the energy of everything we do on a daily basis like eating, kissing, breathing to mindful acts of love that only exist in the present moment because we are sacred beings.  It is a transformational journey of ... that expands the benefits all the way to bed!"

"I was scared that tantra was only for couples or dating people, but it really starts with me and I will attract what I put out." 

~ S.

"Joanna brings an amazing depth, maturity, and perspective to a topic I have spent decades exploring on my own. She continues to delight and surprise me with the grace with which she stands in her passion and truth - a true role model for us all."

~ R

"Having tried so many processes, I am finding massive growth here that I have never felt before. My wife said after my first weekend retreat that she saw more benefit than when I spent a 2 week intense program in another modality. Also, I have seen fellow participants appear to make massive shifts very quickly. Check it out and if it fits for you, I expect it will be transformative."

~ B.


"... creates a sacred and practical foundation for a deepened experience of the power of our bodies and the sexual energy running through us whether alone or in relationship. Joanna is a gifted teacher that will gently take you into a more authentic expression of yourself."

~ F.

What's your Sexual Essence?

Tantric Love

Tantric Intimacy

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12 Ancient Secrets

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Sex VS Intimacy

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Tantric Practices

Sacred Sexuality

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What Is Sacred Sexuality

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Ecstatic Ecstasy Pathway

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What Is Tantric Sexuality?

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit root tan, which means "to expand," "to spread," or "to stretch". In Ecstatic Intimacy expansion opens the path to Living in Ecstatic Union. With The Self and The Other. Tantra is not the only path for that expansion but it adds something otherworldly when it is embraced in its highest, fullest possibilities.

There is courage in seeking your own expansion. Sexual and Spiritual. There is curiosity, too. The delicious melding of expanded curiosity leads so many of us to our ecstasy. We welcome you. 

See you soon, I hope.

The Journey


Soulful Passion Retreat


Soulful Relating Retreat


Igniting Soul Love Session



He meets her in the passionate depths and throes of all existence. As the physical movement fades they lay, limbs entangled, as they revel in the ravishing and lie open in love. 

His strength and his tenderness, his penetration and his embrace, his caresses and his lust, his power and his openness bring all passion, all sensation, all bliss, all ecstasy to life. She gives herself in pleasure to him...