Tantra on the Path of Soul Love

Where Heart & Sex Unite… Spirit Leads

Welcome Seekers of Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Sensuality and Divine Union…


“Tantra is the sacred dance of reuniting duality — of restoring that which is separate into oneness.”

~Anodea Judith, Wheels of Light


Singles… Couples….

Would you like to be a better LOVE-r?  Would you like to experience a love – in bed and out – that takes you to the edges of ecstasy and beyond?

Do you wonder wonder what Tantra really is… and whether it’s all about orgies, lots of partners, and the hottest orgasms?

It’s definitely NOT the later…

Tantra unites body, heart, mind and soul in the pleasures of living and loving.  It’s experienced in bed for sure… and better yet, when truly embodied, it’s experienced everywhere, all the time.  Yes.  It is that powerful.

To use other words, you might equate Tantra and Tantric Living with Orgasmic Living.  No, that doesn’t mean having continuous orgasms everywhere, but it does mean living a life filled with bliss, joy, passion, pleasure and a whole lotta love.

Soul Love

Soul Love … When you hear those words, you might conjure up images of magical romance and someone being swept off their feet… maybe you are being swept… maybe you are doing the sweeping.   Maybe it means, “I’ve finally met my soulmate!”

For others, it may touch somewhere deep within the center of your body and spread a warmth that seems to touch every cell and beyond…

And, for some, it can bring up a sense of loss – of good days gone by.

Soul Love like soul sex is an experience.  It’s not something we can define or measure or contain.  When it’s real, it moves us from deep within… it spreads throughout the body and beyond… just like a really good orgasm… it brings us to a place of openness, bliss, trust, contentment and more.

It’s actually the foundation of a relationship built on ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy… and that’s what I most want for people.

Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Sensuality & Soul Sex

Honestly, and you may not want to hear this, but you can’t experience Tantra, or Sacred Sexuality, or Soul Sex without opening your heart, without discovering what real love really is.

Sex and love do go together.  Neither requires the other and when you put the two together, when heart and sex unite, ecstasy ignites, all things become possible.

SINGLES… here’s a quick note for you… NOW is the time for you to learn and discover ecstatic and sacred loving.  Why would you want to fumble through “first time sex” with a new love WITHOUT this wisdom?  I honestly can’t imagine a good reason.  You want to bring ecstatic wisdom, skill and experience TO your next relationship.  PLUS, when you step into the power of sacred ecstasy and intimacy… when you unite your heart and sex… and let spirit lead… you will attract a very different and much better partner for you.  Become the best lover and partner you can be now!

So Couples and Singles…

I invite you into healthy, hot and happy living and loving. I invite you into a journey of ecstatic intimacy.

If you’d like to know what it takes to create ecstatic ecstasy, deep intimacy, real passion in this relationship or the next… if you want to know what the best lovers know… If you want to discover the connections, pleasures, joys and intimacies of the ancient sacred sexuality masters… then…

Register for a…

Igniting Soul Love Session where you and I, Joanna Shakti, meet privately 1-1, over the phone (or Skype if needed) to (re)ignite your love life! We’ll get clear on your true heart’s desire when it comes to love. We’ll identify exactly where you’re stuck or challenged. Then, together we’ll outline the very best next steps for you to take on your journey of Soul Love™.

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I just attend the Conscious Sexuality workshop. I’ve been married for 12 years and this weekend I had the most incredible sex with this lady, who is actually my wife, but it was like the very first time we ever got together. It was special. It was intimate. We learned and practiced the tools that night. It’s going to be an opportunity to not only change my life, but evolve it. If you are watching this you should be part of it. If you’re missing out your missing part of your life!

Rick January 11, 2017

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