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Sacred Tantric Puja

February 9th

Tantric Puja


Singles… Couples… Has your sex life (past or present) ever left you wanting more? …or just different? Have you thought there must be more to sex than this? Is your lovemaking “good”… and you want to know more about this thing called Tantra or “sacred sexuality”?  Are you hungry for something deeper… more powerful… that goes to the edges of ecstasy and beyond?

Do any of these sound familiar? Have you…

Upset in Bed

  • Longed for more intimacy in bed and out?
  • Wanted to spice up your lovemaking?
  • Lost interest in sex or felt like it was a chore?
  • Had a sexual experience you couldn’t explain?
  • Watched love fade and passion fizzle?
  • Had sex when you really didn’t want to?
  • (Women)… Felt like he’s “just not there”?
  • (Men)… Wished she was just more into it?
  • Felt “repressed” in sexual expression?  Or been with a partner who was?
  • Have you “chased” orgasms and painfully wondered why it isn’t working?
  • Wanted to be a better lover?
  • Fought about sex?  about affection?  about intimacy?

If those sound like your sex life (past or present)…


You’re Not Alone

But if you’re saying… “Wait… our relationship is good… we just want it to be even better.”  AWESOME!  Let’s get you on the path of ecstatic life, love and lovemaking right away!

Hormones & Honeymoons

Here’s the thing… much of our society “programs” us, if even unconsciously, to hold great sex as somehow bad or “dirty”. So too many of us hold back… we don’t welcome our full sexual desires… we might even repress our fullest sexual expression… and that leads to unhappy love lives.  Especially when the hormones and honeymoon wear off… or the kids arrive…  the topics of sex and intimacy can turn from pleasure to pain.  


And that’s why eventually… so many give up. 

 Roommate Zone

  • It’s why so many haven’t made love in years.
  • It’s why it’s the one of the top things couples fight about.
  • It’s why singles worry about “first time sex” with a new partner.
  • It’s why orgasms can be elusive or sex is over before you know it.
  • It’s why we can “fall” out of love.
  • It’s why too many relationships end up in breakup or divorce.


And we don’t talk about it!  OMG!  This hugely important part of life goes undiscussed… until we explode in hurt or frustration.  But that explosion doesn’t usually change a thing.   We’ve let off a little steam or shed some good tears, but we go back to life as usual… and our hearts are a little less connected and our sexuality is a little more shutdown.  Then we wonder why we’re not happy and energized about life, let alone our relationship.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Love and passion can last… and get stronger.  

SINGLES… here’s a quick note for you… NOW is the time for you to learn and discover ecstatic and sacred loving.  Why would you want to fumble through “first time sex” with a new love WITHOUT this wisdom?  I honestly can’t imagine a good reason.  You want to bring ecstatic wisdom, skill and experience TO your next relationship.  PLUS, when you step into the power of sacred ecstasy and intimacy… when you unite your heart and sex… and let spirit lead… you will attract a very different and much better partner for you.  Become the best lover and partner you can be now!

Accessing Soul LoveSo Couples and Singles…

I invite you into healthy, hot and happy living and loving. I invite you into a journey of ecstatic intimacy.

If you’d like to know what it takes to create ecstatic ecstasy, deep intimacy, real passion in this relationship or the next… if you want to know what the best lovers know… If you want to discover the connections, pleasures, joys and intimacies of the ancient sacred sexuality masters… then…

Register for a…

Accessing Soul Love Session where you and I, Joanna Shakti, meet privately 1-1, over the phone (or Skype if needed) to (re)ignite your love life! We’ll get clear on your true heart’s desire when it comes to love. We’ll identify exactly where you’re stuck or challenged. Then, together we’ll outline the very best next steps for you to take on your journey of Soul Love™.

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I just attend the Conscious Sexuality workshop. I’ve been married for 12 years and this weekend I had the most incredible sex with this lady, who is actually my wife, but it was like the very first time we ever got together. It was special. It was intimate. We learned and practiced the tools that night. It’s going to be an opportunity to not only change my life, but evolve it. If you are watching this you should be part of it. If you’re missing out your missing part of your life!

Rick January 11, 2017

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