Singles & Couples

~ 21 Days of Sacred Practice ~

Tantric Energy Exploration & Embodiment Master Class

Bring your loving and lovemaking to new heights through understanding and cultivating Tantric Embodiment 

21 Days of conscious practices designed to weave a daily path into the dimensions of love, pleasure, the wordless, and the breathless -- over and over. ecstasy rarely experienced.


21 Days of Tantric Practice and you will... 

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure together
  • Understand the necessity of masculine-feminine dynamics
  • Create sacred and safes space within, between, and around you
  • Explore the gifts of tantric massage and energy exchange
  • Practice tantric breathing, hugging, and lovemaking
  • Discover the art of ecstasy


21 Days of Tantric Practice and you will...

  • Open your heart & body to receive true love
  • Discover the necessity of masculine-feminine dynamics
  • Become the safest space for you and a partner
  • Cultivate tantric energy through breath and touch in service to love
  • Use your conscious sexual energy to magnetize your beloved
  • Share the art of ecstasy with another