Sacred Tantric Puja – Joanna Shakti

Sacred Tantric Puja

A Celebration, Healing & Awakening of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Plus Connecting and Socializing with other Conscious Singles & Couples

Thursday September 13th 7-9:30 pm

Journey for Conscious Living * Arvada, CO 


Tantric Puja

During this powerful, safe, fully-clothed and respectable evening, through powerful guided exercises designed for both Singles and Couples, you’ll… 

  • Learn the essence of the art of Tantric Loving
  • Laugh and open as you celebrate and heal the divine masculine and feminine in you and in others.
  • Understand what holds you back in love and intimacy
  • Explore Tantric Energy Circulation techniques
  • Open your heart to more love, more intimacy, more joy whether you’re in a relationship or not.
  • Meet other conscious singles and couples committed to soul-to-soul loving.

And what that means to you is… you get to attract, create and enjoy love on levels you only imagined before.

Hosted by…

Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor 

Ecstatic Intimacy