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“The work I did with Joanna Kennedy helped me heal my thyroid condition… I began seeing her when I was ready to move to a deeper level of intimacy with myself and with a partner. She used a combination of unique techniques and skills combined with her compassionate and supportive nature to facilitate me in moving to a higher level of grace and wellness. It is my humble opinion that the ability to be intimate is highly correlated to a person’s health and well-being. The healthier I have become (mentally, physically, and spiritually), the more intimate I am able to be with a partner. My thyroid condition appeared at a time that I was tested to my limits in intimacy but limited by old beliefs. I put great energy toward healing myself and moving to deeper levels of love with both western medicine and the intimacy work I did with Joanne, and I was able to go deeper in my relationship and heal my thyroid. I am eternally grateful and have a renewed sense of empowerment and connection to the Divine! Thank you, Joanna!!! ”

Heather January 11, 2017

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