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January 11, 2017

“Thank you Beautiful Sweet Sister, Divine Feminine in the Flesh!! Thank you for all you are and all you do!! You are a great role model for all women. So many of us today are raised (either on purpose – or by necessity) to be strong and be in our masculine energy. To not rely on men etc etc etc. I was at your Saturday workshop… REALLY I found out that I am not “happily single”, I have just been too hurt to try again. Too hurt to even stand in my feminine energies.

Over the past few years I have been putting on a lot of weight, not dressing up, putting on make up and not seeking out relationships. Unwilling to be feminine any more. Some where along the line- after my divorce of 9 years, I decided it was safer to stand in my masculine energies and just take care of myself. I am not sure this was conscious or unconscious decision but the end of that relationship was just one more in a life long string of abusive controlling relationships with all the men in my life. Father, Step Father, boyfriends, husband…

Your workshop really woke me up to the life long stereo types that I have held about how “”bad”” men are. I did stop trying to have a relationship because all I could attract was more of these “”bad’ men. So now I am working to change my beliefs and be more feminine, and be OK with being feminine and asking for help, and standing in my power as a women – even dressing nicer and wearing makeup again. Thank you for all your help… ” ~ Jennifer”

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