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Prior to the circle I had many of the images of men and women taught to me through our culture – that we are equal, that it is a sign of weakness to depend on a man, etc. My idea of a desirable man was so distorted…I didn’t want machismo, but I also didn’t want a squishy wet noodle. What my heart told was ‘right’ was often at odds with what my mind told me. It was difficult to sort out. Joanna helps put all the man/woman pieces together in a way that makes sense – that maximizes attraction, allows us to be true to our nature, yet does not invalidate us as strong, passionate and purposeful individuals. My feminine is out in the open now in the most amazing way. My walk, talk, what I see, feel and do in regards to men are all different now – and it feels genuine, fun and sexy! I get some awesome feedback from the guys too! I get to claim my feminine. and I’m loving it.”~

S. January 11, 2017

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