The Queen’s Love:

Why Love is Your Greatest Power

An Online Workshop for the Womanspace Community

Saturday May 2  | 10am – 12 noon CT

Womanspace, together with Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor

invite you to an Online Workshop, designed specifically for the Womanspace Community


The Queen’s Love:

Why Love is Your Greatest Power

Brand New No-Cost 2-Hour Online Interactive Virtual Workshop

Saturday May 2nd  | 10 am – 12 noon CT

Joanna Shakti

Hosted by…

Joanna Shakti

The Soul Love Mentor

The Online Workshop starts in…

If you are like most women, you have no idea of the true power you hold in your being.  There is a Queen in you and the world needs her right now.  Maybe you know your Queen well and she leads the way. Or maybe you’re thinking, “Queen?  Me?  Yeah, right.” No matter what, you have a purpose in the world right now and your heart lies at the very center.

In this interactive, completely unique, workshop, you’ll find out how to ignite life and love through deep connection with your heart, and ultimately your Queen.


You’ll also learn…


  • How to recognize and awaken the queen in you…. and get real about all the reasons she’d rather hide.


  • How to step into an unprecedented level of confidence and power by climbing the Diamond of Sacred You.


  • What love really is, the different types of love, and why Love is your greatest power.


  • The 10-heart-centered practices that empower you to navigate any challenge or upset, while honoring both you and those you love.


  • Why the masculine and feminine must reunite during this pivotal time on the planet. 


  • How to walk the Path of Soul love in a way that will bring more love, joy, peace and prosperity than you have ever imagined before.

Meet Joanna Shakti

Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor and founder of Ecstatic Intimacy, is smart, sexy, and a little bit spicy. You can’t miss her passion and warm playful style that both entertains and inspires. No other person on the planet possesses the experience, expertise and ability to transform lives in quite the way Joanna does. She, artfully and professionally, mixes male-female dynamics, leadership training, spiritual awakening, engineering, and even Tantra, along with a whole lot of love, to lead singles and couples who hunger for deeper love and more profound joy. Joanna brings fresh insights and a new level of understanding to the delicate balance of authenticity, intimacy, ecstasy, and even power between men and women in our hearts, culture, businesses, and bedrooms.