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Unwrap This: 10 Reasons Your Soulmate Can’t See You

If you’re in a relationship, are you wishing to be seen more fully and connect more deeply?

If you are single, are you hoping Santa will deliver your soulmate this year?

Without a doubt, experiencing that spark of connection and passion would put a smile on just about anyone’s face right now… Snuggling by a fire feels amazing… and well, truth be told, sizzling chemistry can light it’s own fire!

Yet, why are so many men and women sitting around wishing for that connection rather than actually experiencing it?

Because you’re hoping to unwrap the wrong present.  

Singles, you’re hoping that the perfect mate is going to show up on your doorstep – or at least catch your eye in the checkout line at the mall – or kiss you at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Couples, you’re spending too much time hoping you’re beloved will wake up passionate, loving, and playful again…

The real problem happens because you are hoping to unwrap your soulmate and you need to unwrap you… You are the real present.

When you’re not unwrapped, you’re soulmate can’t see you, feel you, find you…


Here are the 10 reasons your soulmate can’t find you (even if you’re married)… and why you need to unwrap you…

  1. You’re too busy.  You need to unwrap and unwind you from your hectic schedule.  Love needs space to express itself and blossom.
  2. You’re moving too fast.  Love and attraction are sensual experiences and your beloved can’t feel you if you’re in hyper speed.
  3. You’re bummed out.  You need to leave the “blues-y” thoughts behind.  Find a way to move beyond the loneliness or sadness, because your sexy light gets dim when shaded by those contracted emotions.
  4. You’re trying to find love.  You are love and you’ll never find it outside yourself.  Feel the love you are and your beloved will find you.
  5. You’re too nice.  You may or may not want to be on the naughty list at this time of year, and I can tell you that you definitely don’t want to be on the nice list.  (Nice guys, nice women want to make others happy so badly that they twist themselves into a pretzel and settle trying to get love.  It’s not sexy.)
  6. You forget to be the man or women you are.  It doesn’t matter if you’re masculine or feminine, and it does matter that you express your true sexual essence.  The polarity – the opposites – attract. Masculine attracts feminine.  Feminine attracts masculine.  That’s what ignites the fire of passion.
  7. You leave the wrapping paper on.  Or, more truthfully, you put up walls of protection, or you hide, so you won’t get hurt again.  Walls of protection and intimate love are mutually exclusive.  Take down the walls.
  8. You pretend you like being alone or that you don’t need connection.  Being confident enough to be alone is essential and to attract love you have to admit and feel your desire for love.
  9. You want it to be perfect.  Perfect doesn’t happen when it comes to Soul Love… or, at least our usual definition of perfect doesn’t work.  Soul Love is exquisitely powerful and it’s messy.  Differences, challenges and conflict are normal.  Stop fighting them.  Stop expecting you and the other person to be perfect. It blocks love.
  10. Your Soul Light isn’t on.  When your soul light is on, you’ll be vibrating at your unique frequency and your soulmate can feel that vibration and be magnetized to you. If you don’t know exactly who you are and what you need, want, and desire in relationship you’re sending mixed messages – which means you’re like a radio station with static.  It’s not very entertaining.

If these 10 reasons your soulmate can’t find you sound a bit too familiar…

If you’re not having frequent dates and amazing rendezvous’ with intimacy and passion…

Then you need to unwrap you.

It’s time to leave the past behind, open your heart, turn up your sexiness, and call in the love of your life so the two of you can dance in soul-to-soul love – in bed and out.

If your heart is ready for more… if you’re ready to breakthrough into the deepest, most powerful intimate love and ecstatic passion you’ve ever experienced, then download one of my gifts for men or gifts for women... or better yet, let’s talk privately one-on-one in an Igniting Soul Love Session.

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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