what is a soulmate

What is a Soulmate?

When we are moved by our deepest heart to seek for love, we can’t help but ask the question: what is a soulmate? Souls destined to meet in love bring very special gifts to each other and serve a profound purpose. Soulmates, and the soul love that accompanies their connection, awaken something powerful within us. Over time this love provides much beauty and joy. Yet, what many fail to realize is that soulmates can also bring us challenge, and even conflict. This is why it’s so important to understand what a soulmate is and what it isn’t. If we lack this understanding, we may unknowingly walk away from the profound love and transformation available in a genuine soulmate connection. 

What is the definition of a soulmate? Soulmates show up in your life to teach you to know and experience love at the deepest levels. A soulmate helps create the situations and experiences that call you to remove your barriers to love – self love, romantic love, unconditional divine love, and every form of love in between. This means a soulmate relationship will not always be comfortable. By design.  

A soulmate is someone who comes into your life for the specific purpose of helping you evolve your soul. In other words, you attract this person into your life to help you live as the grandest expression of yourself. When we live as the greatest version of ourselves, we are fully expressed in our authenticity, we know great joy and ecstasy, we have true passion, and we know deep intimate love. 

Now that might sound all rosy. Yet, remember beautiful roses also have thorns. And that’s a good thing. 

What is a soulmate connection?

You might be thinking, ”Wait. I thought soulmate connections were magical, wonderful, and forever more happy.” That’s the problem. Most people don’t know the real answer to the question, what is a soulmate. Therefore they don’t recognize these powerful unique connections as such. While soulmate relationships have very magical qualities and do bring great joy, they will almost always bring you challenges right alongside that joy.

While many do, not all soulmate connections result in romantic relationships. Soulmates can be best friends, related family, and professional colleagues. However, soulmate connections do often come into our lives romantically because our long term, live-together, intimate connections tend to have the greatest influence in our lives. 

Again, as we said, the definition of a soulmate is solely someone who has a contribution to make to our soul’s journey. Most commonly, in a soulmate connection each person will have a gift or contribution for the other. On the other hand, a soul connection may occur at a synchronous moment in time where simply a smile offered at the right time or spoken words of guidance forever changes a life. 

Simply put, soulmate connections come to us to change our lives, and most importantly, to change our relationship to love. 

What is a soulmate relationship? 

A soulmate relationship happens when two souls unite for the common purpose of – not living happily ever after, as most imagine – but of becoming whole. Soulmate relationships lead to union, divine union, and they get to that sacred unbreakable union, through the experience of becoming two whole, sovereign, beings that choose to build a strong partnership first. 

As we said, not all soulmate connections appear as romantic partnerships, yet many many do. These precious and sacred relationships invite us into our most vulnerable places. They bring us face to face with love and our fears of it. They show us our fears of intimacy, a necessary ingredient in Soul Love relationships. They teach us about self-love, because when we lack self-love, the resulting self abandonment will insidiously harm our relationship

We are no more naked and exposed – physically, emotionally, or spiritually than in our romantic partnerships. This nakedness – not just of body, but of heart, mind, spirit and soul – and the accompanying exposure of our true and imperfect selves, gives soulmate relationships their great power. 

When you willingly, and usually courageously, meet the inevitable challenges and discomfort that arise in a soulmate relationship, you will be rewarded with a profound love that takes your breath away over and over again. Until, of course, you push each other’s buttons the next time, which you undoubtedly will. Then once again, you’ll be invited to turn your conflict into a communion that strengthens, deepens, and solidifies your relationship. And this leads to unending union.

Calling in Soul Love

If you’re asking what is a soulmate, then your soul is calling you to that deep indescribable love. You might already be in love with your soulmate. They might be on their way to you now. You might be questioning if someone is your soulmate. No matter what, you can rest assured that soulmate relationships get better and better over time because you understand that they are not all roses. The relationships deepen into exquisite ecstasy of heart and body because you know they can be true fairy tales, if you are willing to face your barriers to love and remove those walls of protection around your heart. 

Over and over again. Until you’re left in an unending unconditional love

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