What Makes Love Hot?

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What Makes Love Hot?

Did you notice I said love and not sex when I asked that question?  Hot love includes passionate lovemaking but that’s only part of the picture.  And, passionate lovemaking probably isn’t like the picture you imagine in your head (although it can be!).

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So what am I really saying?  I’m saying that a relationship is hot when our hearts are on fire with love.  A relationship is hot when we share deeper intimacy than we’ve ever known before.  A relationship is hot when we can totally be ourselves and we’re loved even more for it.  A relationship is hot when we learn and grow together.  A relationship is hot when the sex is frequent, passionate, and full of energy.  A relationship is hot when we’re alive and engaged body, heart, and soul in the loving.

Hot love starts in the simple moments of connection… the simple seconds of intimate sharing. CLICK TO TWEET

So what does passionate sex look like?  Hot sex happens when we lose ourselves in the pleasure.  It happens when I can’t tell where I end and you begin.  It happens when the whole body orgasms in ecstasy.  It happens when your whisper melts the walls around my heart and it bursts in love.  It happens when your touch sends never-ending tingles up my spine.  It happens when our eyes meet and we see into each other’s soul.  It happens in the divine ecstasy of stillness. It happens in the ordinary moments where our body’s meet and our hearts and spirits unite.

Hot Love Isn’t Hard

You see hot love is simple if we’re just connected.  Love sizzles when we take the time to see each other, touch each other, honor each other.

Don’t make hot love harder than it is.  Find the courage for your heart and soul to feel and be felt.  This is the path of the Soulful and Tantric Lover.

Love sizzles when we take the time to see each other, touch each other, honor each other. CLICK TO TWEET

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