When the Feminine Shines

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When the Feminine Shines

Many of you have heard me say this before and it’s always good to have a reminder.  I needed lots of reminders… Honestly, it took me years to embrace the full truth of this. We all – male and female alike – have masculine and feminine energy within us and every one of us embodies some percentage of the full spectrum of masculine energy and some percentage of the full spectrum of feminine energy.  The expression of masculine energy, in its simplest form, tends to show up as presence, while feminine energy tends to show up as light. In the coming weeks, we’ll explore more about masculine feminine energy and its expression.  Today let’s explore this aspect of shining the feminine light.  Men, please keep reading as you’ll learn much about the women in your life.  

This feminine light or radiance has many characteristics and the one that stands out most is its magnetic quality.  We’ve all see that woman walk across the room and she captivates us… not necessarily because she’s especially beautiful or well-dressed, but because there’s “just something” about her that captures the eye, magnetizes you to her.   It’s as if there is a light in her.  Yet, if you look you can’t see a physical light, and there seems to be a light or a glow surrounding her being.  (This light can show up in men too, it’s just more common in women because they typically have more immediate access to their feminine nature.)

Ask yourself men, when a woman shows up full of joy, full of radiance, full of happiness… does it fuel you?  Women, whether we realize it or not, our feminine energy fuels men and it inspires action.  When men are fueled by the feminine, their masculine will do whatever it can to cherish us, care for us, and provide for us.  It’s one of the ways we complement each other naturally… and no one is teaching us this!  

Consider, women, when you are shining, happy, and full… doesn’t it affect the quality of your relationships in all areas of life, whether we’re in a business situation or being a mother, a friend, or a lover?  So the real question for each of you is…  What allows you to bring your female spark and light to life?  The unfortunate truth is… it doesn’t just show up.  First, we have to be present and honor ourselves.  We have to give ourselves the gift of self-care.  When we are taking care of ourselves, the light automatically turns on and we become magnetically attracted not just to our lovers, but to our friends, our business prospects, clients, investors, and partners.

Here are some things that can help that light to shine.  (Men, you can help the women in your lives with these things.  Women, you can just jump in and give them a try.) First, get enough rest.  I know that might seem impossible, given the busy schedules so many of us have and yet, there is nothing more impactful to bringing out our feminine shine and power.  Just notice, how easy is it for us to snap and be less than nice when we are exhausted?  I’m at my worst when I’m really tired.  How about you?

Another way we bring out our light is to create an inviting energy in our presence.  Ask yourself or notice, are you pushing forward, almost forcing things to happen or are you opening and creating an invitation for results?  The invitation is an expression of receptivity, another key ingredient in the female spark. 

So women, I invite you to consider what brings out your spark, what makes your light shine? Is it when you do a certain activity?  Dress or do your hair in a way you love?  Is it when you get to the gym or when you meditate?  Is it when take a walk in nature or sit by a cozy fire?  Is it when you are feeling confident?  Here’s another hint women: slow down.  As strange as it might seem, this is key to your glow

Women, it’s time for us to shine even brighter.  Men, you can begin helping us shine by supporting us to rest, eat well, and do the activities we love.

Let’s all make the world glow with the Feminine Shine this week!

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  • Korina Felkers
    Posted at 23:17h, 19 January Reply

    Thank you, Joanna, for such a lovely and well-articulated synopsis of the feminine light! So often it's hard to define what "feminine" is — especially when so many women have been steeped in the male paradigm & taught to devalue their femininity. We don't even know what it looks like anymore! You do a beautiful job of clarifying these essential differences!

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