Who I Work With

Those hungry for deeper love and intimate pleasure
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Too many great men end up in the friend or roommate zone. Want to turn up your “mojo” in life, love and lovemaking?



Too many smart attractive women can’t find a great guy. With or without a man, too many successful women find themselves exhausted and starved for affection. Would you like to turn up happiness, energy AND love?



Have you lost your confidence in love, wondering if “happily ever after” exists? Wishing for deep love AND passionate ecstasy? Ready to re-ignite your relationship in bed and out?

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Does your bed have an empty spot in it and you fall asleep lonely? Have you wondered if you would rather be alone than suffer yet another heartbreak? Ready to meet your “one”?



Love, heartbreak, loneliness, conflict have no boundaries when it comes to Soul Love. Attraction, chemistry and passion ignite from the same sources. Ready for deeper love and more intimate passion?

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Tantra Seekers

The realms of sacred sensuality and sacred sexuality take intimate loving to new heights… unimaginable heights. Ready for the edge of ecstasy and beyond?



Please give me access to the 4-part Ecstatic Intimacy Jumpstart Kit! I want to have a Soul Love relationship filled with authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.

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Couples Kit