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Whether you're looking for the ecstasy of physical loving… the intimacy of the heart… or the realms of deep soulful love… It doesn't just "happen". It's a path of love… soulful love. And culminates in the ecstatic union of body, heart, and soul.


Ecstatic Intimacy Jumpstart Kit

Ignite Confidence, Connection and Chemistry on the Path of Soul Love

Your 4-part kit starts your journey of soul-to-soul loving
…including the "Soul Love Roadmap" and the Conscious Masculine and Feminine Assessments!


Ecstatic Intimacy Soulful Lover Quiz

Is your romantic & sexual life intimate, passionate and completely satisfying?

Or, are you left wanting more? Are you lonely wishing for passion, more attention and affection?

Or, are you feeling lost, maybe even giving up hope that you'll ever find your way to the deep love and intimate passion you desire?

Use this quiz to find out which Category you fall into on the Soulful Lover Scale…


Masculine - Feminine Energy Quiz

Your primary sexual essence energy sets the stage for who you are attracted to -- and whether your attractive energy is "working" well. We all have masculine and feminine energy, and for most, one energy is stronger than the other. This also means most of us our attracted to someone with the opposite primary energy. So if we're primarily feminine, we'll likely be attracted to someone more masculine and if we're more masculine, we'll likely be attracted to the feminine. But too often in today's world these energies get confused within and between us, and attraction fades, or never happens in the first place.  


Ecstatic Ecstasy - Where Heart and Sex Unite and Spirit Leads

"We forget the privilege it is to place our hands, our lips, our bodies upon another body. The deepest ecstasy demands your deepest presence, your true reverence to the sacred one before you. Only when you bring your whole heart united with your soul may you enter into divine union with another."


~Joanna Shakti